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It is always recommended that you get a new vehicle if you can afford it rather than buying a second-hand one because of the warranties offered by auto manufacturers to buyers. These warranties vary in duration and coverage from one brand to another. In this article, we have looked at the various warranties being offered by different brands to help you get the best new car warranty.

Best New Car Warranty

How to Choose the Best Car Warranty

Finding the best car warranty for your car is a very important step in having peace of mind when on the road. We have created a simple guide to help you get the best warranty for your car. Read on to find out more.

Finding the Best Car Warranty

Different brands offer varied warranties with each brand trying to outdo the other in terms of the coverage and incentives that they offer. You should consider all car manufacturers and the warranty offers that they have so that you can pick the one that suits your need as well as financial capabilities.

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Know What You’re Going to Pay

Once you have identified the warranty that you are comfortable with, ask how much you are going to pay and the repayment options available. Most manufacturers will allow you to make monthly installments or to pay all the money at once.

It is of essence that you read the fine print and learn if you will be required to make any out of pocket payments during the repair. Some warranties may be comprehensive but ask you to pay some money every time you need to repair or service your car.

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The best warranty is obviously the one that will last you the longest. A few years back, only the standard 4-year warranties were available but nowadays manufacturers are offering warranties of up to 10 years.

The duration of a warranty is unusually quoted as the duration of time and mileage covered. This implies that you will be covered for the number of years or the specified mileage- whichever comes first. If you intend to use your car more often or for long distances, then you might consider settling for a warranty that lasts longer.


Some warranties don’t allow the car owner to get repairs done outside the manufacturer’s auto shop. It obligates you because if you break this clause you may lose your warranty. However, there are warranties that are flexible allowing you to choose the dealer shop that you want to handle your car and make the repairs. The best warranty is the one that allows you to choose where you want because this provides with the opportunity to consider a location that is near you for convenience.

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Warranty Transfer

If you don’t intend to keep the car for long, it is recommended that you consider transferability of your warranty. Some warranties are transferable while others are limited to original owners of the car only. Having a transferable warranty is good as it will be a good selling point when you decide to sell off the car.

It is also important to inquire about the procedure of cancellation of the warranty before the specified time has elapsed. This will come in handy in case you take up a warranty that is not transferable and you decide to sell the car before the period expires.

Scope of Coverage

Warranties cover different parts of the car. It is therefore important that you inquire about the scope of coverage of the warranty before you sign those papers. You can ask your broker to help you identify the car components not included in the warranty.

New car warranties are divided into two; powertrain and comprehensive coverage. Powertrain coverage covers the only repair of mechanical parts of the car such as the engine and axles. This warranty is usually subject to some conditions like the part should have no been changed or it should be of a certain type and make.

Comprehensive cover, on the other hand, offers full coverage on the car. This means that you will be offered free repairs of all car parts as long as the damage is not determined to be caused by improper use of the car. Car parts like brake linings and filters that are classified as wear and tear items are not included in this cover and might require you to foot the bill for their repair or/and replacement.

It is also crucial that you ensure all the car parts are new because most manufacturers limit the coverage only to new vehicle parts and they can use this clause to deny you servicing, repairs or maintenance.

 What cars have a 10-year warranty?

For the longest time, new car owners have always gotten a standard four years warranty that is limited to the number of kilometers covered. Things are, however, changing with some car manufacturers offering longer warranties which are not limited to the number of kilometers covered. Some of the manufacturers that offer 10-year warranty are;


Hyundai has come to be well known in the market for its 10-year/100,000 mile warranty which is not common among car manufacturers. It covers servicing of the car and repair of powertrain components of the car as long as they are the original ones bought with the car. The cover also protects any damage to the body of the car if it determined that these damages have been caused by an error in the manufacturing and assembly of the body parts.


Kia boasts of being one of the few car manufacturers in the market that are offering a 10-year warranty. This warranty includes round the clock roadside assistance where Kia technicians come to your rescue and fix the car on the spot. If the problem is so extensive that it can’t be fixed on the road, the warranty covers the towing fees of the car to the closest Kia auto shop.

The 10-year warranty ensures that you will have all your car repairs done at a Kia auto shop or an approved dealer to the standards that your car needs to serve you longer. This warranty, however, is not available for commercial vehicles which are given a 5-year warranty.


Mitsubishi is another car manufacturer offering a 10-year warranty to give you a piece of mind on the road. Offered for a number of their vehicle models, this warranty offers you roadside assistance for the full length of 10 years to original owners of the car.

It covers the repair of powertrain components and engine replacement. Any subsequent owners of the covered car receive the warranty for the remaining years automatically. In addition to this warranty, new Mitsubishi car owners receive a warranty against the restraint system of the seatbelts and airbags as well as their adjustments.

It is, however, important to understand that these warranties are only viable if you service the car regularly as recommended by the manufacturer. Most of them will ask you to service your car at their auto shop so that you enjoy the wide range of incentives that they offer. You can also have an opportunity to choose your own mechanic that is near your location.

What luxury car has the best warranty?

The good thing about buying a new car is that it comes with a warranty of about three years. These warranties vary in the scope of coverage and duration with some manufacturers being recognized for providing the best warranty for their buyers. We have compiled a list of some of the best luxury car warranties available in the market.


Cadillac has been termed as one of the best luxury car warranties as it gives you a 6-year limited powertrain warranty that can be transferred on top of its standard 4-year warranty. The warranties include roadside assistance as well as towing of the car which allows the car user to drive knowing that someone got your back in case of anything.


Buick offers the 4-year warranty as well as the additional 6-year roadside just like every other car manufacturer. What makes this warranty special is the fact that they provide coverage for a car with hybrid systems by giving 8-year assistance which includes the replacement of very expensive components such as the battery.


If you get yourself a brand new BMW then you qualify for their 4-year standard warranty that includes an unlimited 24/7 road assistance. All cars manufactured after 2017 also qualify for free maintenance up to 3 years after buying the car. This is one of the things that make BMW one of the best luxury cars warranties as servicing and repairing a BMW can be very expensive.


This list of the best luxury car warranties would not be complete without Audi. This is because they offer additional benefits alongside the standard 4-year warranty. These benefits include payment for the first servicing of the car, 4-year roadside help and mileage perforation for 12 years. These benefits are meant to inspire new car owners to hold on to their cars for longer so as to enjoy more of what Audi has to offer.


Jaguar stands out from the other luxury cars as it offers a 5-year standard warranty for new cars, unlike all the other brands that offer a 4-year warranty. On top of that, you get to enjoy 4-years warranty against corrosion and a cover of the paint surface to ensure that your car maintains that glossy brand new look. The warranty also includes free servicing of your car as recommended by the manufacturer for 5 good years and this is what makes Jaguar one of the best luxury car warranties.


Maintaining an electric car can be very expensive as most of the components are fragile and tend to wear out very quickly. Tesla has ensured that this not on the list of your worries by providing an 8-year battery warranty on top of the common 4-year warranty.


Lexus, like all other luxury car manufacturers, provides its buyers with the standard 4-year warranty. When you get a new Lexus, you should also expect an additional powertrain coverage and mileage perforation coverage for six years to ensure that you get the best out of your machine.

Are extended warranties worth it on cars?

Extended warranties are recommended for people who buy cars from unreliable brands as it reduces the amount of financial pressure in case of a breakdown. Extended warranties can be acquired through insurance companies or dealerships. Before deciding to take up an extended warranty, you should inquire about the price, duration and what kind of repair is covered and what is not.

Research has shown that people who have extended warranties end up with fewer benefits than the money they pay for the coverage. This is why it is recommended that one sets aside a portion of their money to cover for any car damages that may arise instead of taking up extended warranty. This savings account can enable you to get a new car in the future if you don’t exhaust it on repairs.

How Extended Warranties Work

Extended warranty is actually not a warranty but a service contract provided by a seller or manufacturer allowing the user to receive a range of services for a specified time duration. Extended warranties are acquired after the warranty that comes with a new car has expired; which is usually after three years.

Extended warranties vary in the kind of repairs that they cover as well as the duration. It is therefore recommended that you read in between the lines to ensure that you get a cover that is not limiting. The cost of taking up an extended warranty depends on the value of the car as well the extent of coverage that you want for your car. On top of paying your extended warranty coverage cost, you have to pay some money every time that you go for repairs of your car.