Getting a car loan doesn't have to be a nightmare, even with bad credit.

How to Create a Healthy Budget for Your Car Loan

Last Updated May 2, 2018 by

Planning a budget for your car loan can often feel like a lot of unnecessary work. You may think that you instinctively understand how much money you can afford to spend every month – so why should you bother? But there are many benefits to managing your budget and carefully accounting for your car loan. […]

Will Refinancing My Car Affect My Credit Rating?

Last Updated May 1, 2018 by

Everyone likes to save money and one of the ways to save money is to refinance your car. This is an option that many people like to take thanks to the large savings which can be made! However, there are a lot of questions you need to ask yourself to make sure that refinancing is […]

When Should You Refinance Your Car Loan?

Last Updated April 27, 2018 by

Car refinancing is an option that you might be considering if you’re looking to save money. Of course, refinancing your loan may not always be the best option for you It’s important to investigate whether you will stand to benefit if you choose to go ahead with it. We are often asked the question “When […]

Should I Use a Credit Card to Pay Off my Car Loan?

Last Updated April 24, 2018 by

One of the most frustrating aspects of paying off your car loan is knowing that a size-able portion of your monthly charge is going towards paying the interest. It’s rare to find anyone who doesn’t look at their car loan and think “if only I could pay this off today!” Unfortunately, short of winning the […]

Is Car Loan Refinancing Right for You?

Last Updated April 19, 2018 by

There are lots of good reasons for you to refinance your car loan and if you’re reading this article it’s likely that you have been thinking about doing it. You can save a lot of money if you do it at the right time and it can really help you out if your circumstances have […]

Can a Car Loan be Transferred to Someone Else?

Last Updated April 17, 2018 by

One of the biggest worries for people with a large car loan is the worry that circumstances may change and they may be left with a loan they cannot afford. It is important to prepare for these situations to make sure that you have options if your circumstances do change. Unfortunately, many people do not […]

Top 10 Most Reliable Used Car Brands of 2018

Last Updated April 10, 2018 by

When purchasing a car, especially a car that will be financed over the course of several years, reliability is vital. Nobody wants to get stuck making payments on a car that spends all its time in the shop, so getting the best value in auto loans also means getting a good deal on a reliable […]

Tote the Note Dealership’s Dirty Secrets May Be Costing You $1000’s

Last Updated March 29, 2018 by

Lots of borrowers with bad credit are now turning to something known as tote the note dealerships to facilitate their auto financing needs. This is because, if a person has bad credit, they are likely to be turned down when trying to get traditional financing for a vehicle. In addition, there are those who believe […]

The Super Quick Checklist for Cheaper Car Insurance

Last Updated March 28, 2018 by

  Looking for a new or used car but you’re stuck on how to get cheaper car insurance? Don’t worry. Here’s a few quick tips that will help you get the right car insurance at an affordable rate. 5 Steps to Cheaper Car InsurancePage Contents5 Steps to Cheaper Car Insurance1. Bundle2. Review3. Usage-based insurance4. Deductible5. […]

How to Buy a New Or Used Car Without Getting Ripped Off!

Last Updated March 26, 2018 by

Car buyers can find auto financing to be difficult and intimidating. Why? It’s easy to get ripped off! Also, buying a car is one of the most expensive things you’ll ever do. New or used, cars just cost a bundle. On average it costs $15,000 for a used car and $28000 for a brand new […]