Getting a car loan doesn't have to be a nightmare, even with bad credit.

The Pros and Cons of ‘Buy Here, Pay Here Dealerships

When you need a car and don’t have the time or money to pay cash through a traditional dealer, one type of dealership that is becoming increasingly popular is known as a ‘buy here, pay here dealership. These dealers offer a convenient and affordable alternative to traditional car buying but come with pros and cons that you should be conscious of before making a purchase. This article will discuss the pros and cons of BHPH dealerships. So read along!

What Is a Buy Here, Pay Here Dealership?

Buy Here, Pay Here dealership is a type of used car lot that allows customers to finance their vehicle purchases through the dealer. The customer will make loan payments on the vehicle loan directly to the dealership rather than to a bank, credit union, or other dealerships. They typically charge high-interest rates but require a small amount of down payment. They also tend to sell used cars with low values.

How Does Buy Here, Pay Here Dealerships Work?

For starters, most people who opt for buy here, pay here dealerships do so because they have bad credit or no credit, and conventional dealers won’t give them the time of day. With BHPH, the dealership is also the lender, which means they’re much more flexible with their financing choices.

Down payments are often low or non-existent, and the monthly payments are usually pretty reasonable. So, while it may be easy to get approved for a loan at a BHPH dealership, you’ll end up paying more in the long run.

Buy Here, Pay Here Dealership vs. Traditional Dealership

Traditional dealerships normally sell new vehicles or used cars that are in excellent condition. Therefore, it is hard to get approved for this dealership if you have a bad credit history. However, Buy Here Pay Here dealerships are willing to work with people with bad credit and offer in-house financing. Because of this, many clients see them as lifesavers.

Pros and Cons of Buy Here, Pay Here Dealership

There are advantages and drawbacks to purchasing a car from a buy here, pay here dealership. Before signing, you must consider all of the variables.


Fast and smooth transaction

Buy here, pay here lots typically have a streamlined process for purchasing cars. In addition, they are able to offer financing choices without the need to go through a bank, which can save time and hassle.

Poor credit or no credit is accepted.

Buy here, pay here dealerships don’t need a credit check and are typically more flexible with their criteria for accepting applicants. Unfortunately, it can be difficult to qualify for a new car loan from other lenders if you have a bad credit history or credit report. However, timely car payments could help improve and build credit scores.

No or low down payments

One of the main attractions of good buy here, pay here car lots is that they require little or no money down. This can be appealing for car buyers who don’t have a lot of cash on hand for a large down payment.

Improves credit score

If you make your payments on time, your credit score will improve. This is because buy here, pay here dealers report payment history to the major credit bureaus. But be careful. Not everyone reports to the credit bureau.

Workable payment plan

The payment plan at pay here, buy here car lots may be more workable than the one offered by traditional lenders. You will pay in installments over a set time, which can make it easier to budget your money so that you pay on time every month.


High-interest rates and fees

Many BHPH car dealerships charge high-interest rate and fees than traditional lenders.

This can make it hard for the borrowers to pay off their auto loans in a timely payment manner, resulting in costly late payment penalties and potentially leading to the repossession of their vehicle.

Hidden fees

It is common to buy here pay here dealerships. Some common hidden fees include initiation, documentation, monthly maintenance, and even a “loan origination” fee. While some of these may be negotiable, it’s important to be aware of them beforehand, so you’re not caught off guard.

Limited financing options

Most BHPH dealerships offer limited auto financing choices, which can make it difficult for people with bad or no credit to get approved. In addition, you may end up paying higher interest rates on a used car and pay more in the long run if your auto loan is not secured by collateral or a co-signer.

Limited warranties

Many BHPH dealerships typically offer limited warranties on purchased cars, which may not cover all of the vehicle’s repairs in the future.

Requires tracking device

As a result of the high default and repossession rates, around two-thirds of these dealerships require vehicle tracking equipment. For some people, this may be an invasion of privacy.

A customer misses payments may be threatened with the installation of a device that makes it difficult to start if they do not pay again. If consumers fall behind in their payments, this makes repossession easier for the dealer.

Local pay here, buy here car lots near me.

Local BHPH dealers can help car buyers purchase their dream car regardless of their location. In addition, there is a variety of pay here buy here car lots near you, which can offer financing options that traditional lenders may not be able to provide.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does returning my car to a buy here pay here hurt my credit?

If you have a loan through a buy here, pay here car loans, then returning the car to the dealership will not hurt your credit. The dealership may report the return to the credit bureaus, but your credit will not be affected as long as you don’t have any outstanding payments.

Can you buy a car with no payments?

It is feasible to acquire a vehicle with no down payment, but you run a higher risk of increasing interest rates. However, if you have one in good shape and want to reduce your rate, there are several ways to do so.

What is it called when you buy a car and pay monthly?

It is called a lease. You pay monthly installments for an agreed-upon time when you lease a car. The exact terms will depend on the agreement between you and the seller.

What is a tote the note car lot?

Tote, the note dealers, finance automobiles they sell rather than financing them through a bank or credit union. This implies that instead of applying for a loan at a bank or credit union, you apply for one at the dealership. In addition, because the dealer makes the financing decision directly, also tote-the-note financing is easier to arrange.

How can I find the best buy here, pay here car dealerships near me?

The best way to find a reputable BHPH dealership is to ask friends or family members for recommendations. You can read some online reviews to get an idea of which dealerships have the best reputation. And try to check with the Better Business Bureau to see if any complaints have been filed against the dealerships you’re considering.

Final Thoughts

When considering buying a new car from a ‘buy here, pay here car dealerships, it is important to analyze the pros and cons of these types of dealerships. On the one hand, this BHPH dealer can often offer more flexibility when it comes to credit history and income levels, which may be appealing for those who have struggled with financing in the past. Ultimately, the best final decision for you will depend on your individual circumstances and financial situation.