Getting a car loan doesn't have to be a nightmare, even with bad credit.

A private party auto loan occurs when a lender gives you money to buy a car directly from an owner. Also, it has lower interest rates and is less expensive than a personal loan. The vehicle will serve as collateral, and if approved, the lender will pay the seller or lienholder the amount owed.

private party auto loan

How a private party auto loan works

When you want to buy a car from a private owner, the lenders will pay the money you owe, and in turn, you will pay them back plus the interest. A contract will be present with details on how to make payments back to the lender. There will be penalties on defaulting depending on the terms you agree on, or the car will be repossessed.

The interest rates will depend on the company or credit union you decide to work with to get the loan. Additionally, private party auto loans have a fixed loan term and an annual percentage term that affects monthly payment. Also, the period of a private party auto loan will range from 12 to 84 months. Your credit score will also determine the type of interest rate you will receive.

Other factors that will affect your interest rate include the loan amount, the loan discount and terms, state of residence too. Furthermore, you may receive customer discounts, and the age of the car will also be a factor. 

Where to get private party auto loans

Large banks offer private party auto loans as well as some smaller banks in the market. Also, some credit unions provide this kind of investment and remember there are restrictions like mileage of the vehicle. Before deciding on the type of lender you want to use, we recommend comparing the prices.

Checking the rates of multiple lenders will give you an insight on which way to move. Find an offer that will work for you and consider more than the monthly payment. Keep an eye on the loan term, fees and penalties, and the APR. Prepayment penalties can affect how much you pay throughout the loan period. A more extended loan period will mean lower monthly installments but higher total loan interests.


As you are looking for a suitable private party auto loan, applying for preapproval is essential. Preapprovals could lower your score because they trigger a hard inquiry. Having multiple hard inquiries will affect or even damage your score significantly. Applying for numerous preapprovals will substantially reduce the damage on your credit as you compare offers.

Keep in mind to apply the preapprovals within the same period. Additionally, multiple inquiries that will fall between the 14 to 45 day period can be counted as one inquiry. However, it depends on the credit-scoring model, which may minimally affect your scores.


Like any loan application, you will have to fill a form with the lender of your choice. And you may need to give information about the car you settle on. The data of the vehicle may include the VIN or identification number, make, and model of the vehicle. Further information may consist of mileage and model year.

The other material will include your personal information like social security number, address, employment, and income. Each information required depends on the lender you are transacting with at the time. After choosing a loan, additional documents that you will give may include vehicle registration, title, payoff quotes, and bill of sale. After everything gets approved, the lender may decide to write you a check or deposit the amount in your account.

Is it worth it?

 You should be aware that an unsecured personal loan has higher rates because the loan doesn’t take the car as collateral. Also, the interest rates may be higher on used dealership cars.

Most people use unsecured personal loans as a way of getting cash for unexpected expenses. They are, in other words, installment loans that are paid off monthly in fixed sums. Furthermore, they are granted based on your creditworthiness. But, the lender will use your assets to recover the losses if and when you default. Your account can be sent to a collection agency to recuperate the balance or sue you in a court of law.

To avoid repossession, it is vital to understand how this type of loan works. Do enough research to know what you are getting into if you have no experience with investments. Your credit score and income are some of the things they will ask you to provide. They will also check your debt to income ratio to assess whether you will be able to repay the loan.

Benefits of a private party auto loan

Private party auto loans get approved faster than conventional loans. With this type of loan, you get through the paperwork more quickly with the minimal underwriting process of standard loans. Furthermore, many auto lenders are flexible when it comes to private party auto loans. The terms issued are also flexible compared to what you might get with traditional lenders.

The best thing about a private party auto loan is that you can get a customized plan to suit you. Moreover, you can be able to get an interest-only loan with your lender of choice for low payment installments each month. Regardless of your situation, there is a plan for everyone. And, you don’t need to have good credit for a lender to give you a private party auto loan.

Some lenders don’t need to see your credit score to approve your loan. Most private auto lenders are not subject to standard ratios and credit guidelines that other lenders are. They treat their customers on a case by case basis then decide whether to give out the cash.

Some of the drawbacks of using private party auto loans are higher interest rates. Depending on the company you use, you could be subject to higher rates than what institutional lenders offer. These individuals are usually people that have extra money to lend. And, this is one of the ways they are assured of getting higher returns on their capital. In addition, finding a lender than can agree to private party auto loans proves to be difficult sometimes. Most of them are, in most cases, allowed to operate within a specific area only.


Unlike the old days, getting a car has become relatively easy, thanks to financial plans. After carefully considering your options, provide the required document the lender may ask you to present. Make sure the car you want to buy is in excellent condition and mechanically sound. Do a thorough background check on the car and read the contract keenly.

Private party auto loans are easy to service thanks to their low-interest rates. Make sure to check the different rates available on the market. You can also be on the lookout for customer discounts from lenders. Cars are an essential part of our daily lives, and everyone should be able to have one.

A private party auto loan is the best option!

If you don’t have the cash to purchase the automobile, go for a private party auto loan. They are flexible, and you will get a flexible plan that will work for you. Remember to do multiple preapprovals at the same time and choose a car that is worth the trouble. Choose lenders with the best interest rates.