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13 Big Reasons to Buy a Small Car

Did you know that Mark Zuckerberg’s everyday ride is an Acura TSX? It’s a compact car worth $30,000 that’s approximately half the size of a Mercedes S350. Despite the prestige that comes with owning a big car, it also draws unnecessary attention.

Buy a Small Car

Are you considering switching to a car with smaller dimensions than your current one?


Why should you own a small car?

1. Low insurance premiums

Insurance companies determine monthly premiums based on a car’s value. That’s why someone who owns a Cadillac Escalade pays twice more than a 2018 Honda Accord owner. On the other hand, the price of a new compact car ranges from $18,000-$30,000.

2. Economical fuel consumption

Compact cars have smaller fuel tanks than typical vehicles. Due to their compact sized engines, you’ll notice a huge difference in fuel consumption. This economical nature makes small cars ideal for college students.

3. Ideal for single people

When you’re in college or just started your career after school, you’ll spend most time alone. You just need a car with enough space for you and your dates when going out to different places.

4. Contains features found in high-end models

BMW launched the 1 series in 2004 to provide luxury brand compact cars globally. Mercedes debuted the A-class edition in 1997 however, the second and third edition became more successful.

These cars contain leather seats, woodgrain dashboards, and unparalleled safety features.

5. Enhanced safety features

Nowadays, you’ll come across subcompact cars with front and rear intelligent sensors that help prevent accidents. They also contain a lane departure alert system to help you overtake safely. Plus collision mitigation braking systems to stop the car when the driver in front halts abruptly.

6. Spacious interior

When you compare compact cars manufactured today with those produced a decade ago, you’ll notice a huge leap in interior design. The car seats are wider for better comfort and really low to ensure every passenger has enough leg room.

7. Affordable annual maintenance costs

The price of a car determines your recurring costs. Since subcompact cars are moderately priced and plenty in the market, spare parts are affordable compared to most cars. This makes it easier for you to save on service.

8. Wide variety

Global auto manufacturers are taking the subcompact industry more seriously than they did during the 90’s. Why? Because it’s now easier to afford a car than it was 20 years ago. That’s why you’ll come across compact editions ranging from Honda, Toyota, BMW, Mercedes, Peugeot, among others.

9. Less parking challenges

Most apartment buildings have narrow parking spaces. Sometimes, one can easily scratch another neighbor’s car while trying to park between two cars. In addition, it’s hard to open the door when you’re almost squeezed. Owning a compact car helps you avoid conflict because your car requires less space compared to a saloon or SUV.

10. Enhances your mobility

Have you ever seen how motorists with compact cars maneuver traffic faster than saloon or SUV owners? Owning a compact car makes it easier for you to switch lanes faster and this reduces time spent in traffic jams.

11. Affordable monthly car payments

Do you want a car monthly payment that doesn’t exceed $500? The first step is buying an affordable car that costs less than $30,000. Since most compact cars fall within this price range, you’ll get a car that matches your finances.

12. Easy to sell

Compact cars enjoy high demand due to their affordability and fantastic features. If you want to upgrade to a better model, you’ll find a private buyer within a week.

13. Low appeal to car thieves

Car thieves tend to ignore compact cars because the price doesn’t appeal to their greed. The ring of thieves targets luxury models because they fetch a better price and contain valuable accessories.

Now you know the top 13 reason to buy a small car! Check out these other useful tips on buying your next vehicle: