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13 Best Compact SUV

Last Updated May 27, 2019

13 Best Compact SUV 13 Best Compact SUV·Nissan Rogue·Kia Soul·Jeep Cherokee·Ford Escape·Subaru Cross Trek·Chevrolet Equinox·Ford Explorer·Honda CR-V·Nissan Kicks·Honda HR-V·Mazda CX-3·Jeep RenegadeBest luxury comfort SUV·2019 BMW X1·2019 Porsche Macan·2019 Mercedes-Benz GLC-ClassSubcompact SUVWhich Compact SUV Suits you? Nothing beats a weekend getaway or road trip with your family in the right car. Some factors to consider when […]

What are The Signs of Worn Brake Pads?

Last Updated May 23, 2019

Knowing the signs of worn brake pads is very important for any driver because continuous driving with worn pads can cause damage to other components of the brake systems and the vehicle. So what are the signs of worn brake pads? Read on to find out more. Brake warning light Brake warning lightPungent smellVibrationsMalfunction of […]

Bad PCM Symptoms

Last Updated May 22, 2019

Powertrain Control Module (PCM)  is the engine control unit can be found on almost all latest vehicle models. Its main function is to translate the performance of the engine to a language that can be understood by human beings as well as the drivability status of that particular vehicle. It is  important for every driver […]

Waterless Car Wash

Last Updated May 20, 2019

Waterless car wash refers to the use of a concentrated formula that has high lubricity to clean car surfaces by saturating the dirt which allows one to wipe it off easily without leaving any marks. A dry car wash, however, can only be used on cars that have little dirt and is recommended for use […]

How to Jump Start a Car

Last Updated May 16, 2019

If you own a car, it is likely that you will experience a battery failure at one given time. This makes it very important to know how to jump start a car as it comes in handy. You can jump start a car with or without cables and in this article, we are going to […]

I Accidentally Put The Wrong Gas in My Car

Last Updated May 13, 2019

Different types of vehicles are designed to use a specific type of gas. Gas stations use labels and different nozzles to ensure that you don’t put the wrong gas in your vehicle. ‘I accidentally put the wrong gas in my car’ is a common phrase at many gas stations and in this article, we’ll try […]

How Do I Know if My Car Has Pothole Damage?

Last Updated May 9, 2019

Potholes are formed when moisture sips into the tarmac and expands unevenly causing the tarmac particles to break apart. Potholes can easily cause damage to your vehicle if not well maneuvered and shock absorbers are installed in vehicles to cushion important components against damage when one hits a pothole. This leads to a very common […]

Best New Car Warranty

Last Updated May 6, 2019

It is always recommended that you get a new vehicle if you can afford it rather than buying a second-hand one because of the warranties offered by auto manufacturers to buyers. These warranties vary in duration and coverage from one brand to another. In this article, we have looked at the various warranties being offered […]

Best Ceramic Coating for Cars in 2019

Last Updated May 2, 2019

Ceramic coating is the new trend in the market for many cars owners as they switch from the traditional waxing and sealants to protect the paint on their new rides. Do you want to give your vehicle a ceramic coating but not sure which product to use? Worry no more as we have listed below […]

Best Leather Conditioner for Cars

Last Updated May 1, 2019

A lot of focus is usually put to the cleaning and maintenance of the leather seats as they add value and appeal to your car. Technological advancement has led to the creation of leather seats that are more durable and not prone to wear and tear caused by daily usage. We have dived deeply in […]

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