Getting a car loan doesn't have to be a nightmare, even with bad credit.

Sign and Drive Loans

Unfortunately, those with bad credit do not have the opportunity to get easy sign and drive loans. If your credit score is low, your options are severely limited. At Complete Auto Loans, we strive to educate our customers and give them the tools they need to get their credit on track and into the car of their dreams.

Sign and Drive Loans Explained

Sign and drive loans are vehicle finance programs designed for new car purchases. The only upfront cost to the buyer is the taxes, title, and licensing fee. There is no down payment required. You will often see commercials touting “sign and drive event” in order to cull in new business and sell the most current models. These are often for leasing cars and not for actually buying the vehicle. So, be aware of the small print and terms.

Not only are sign and drive loans not available to those with bad credit, but leasing is only usually for those with very good credit. Of course, sign and drive loans are appealing to those needing bad credit car loans “not a lot of money to put up front.” For those with bad credit, however, dealers are far more likely to require an upfront amount in order to show the borrowers ability to pay the monthly payments.

At Complete Auto Loans, we offer an alternative to these sign and drive loans. We can offer high risk loans from one of our many lenders. Their loans and terms are created specifically for those with bad credit. With our loans, each on-time payment you makes takes you one step closer to good credit. By paying in agreement with the loan’s schedule, you will be on your way to getting other good credit loans. When you are buying the next car, you may even qualify for a sign and drive loan. Benefits are earned through wise spending and careful saving of finances.

Complete Auto Loans is a provider of national car and auto financing. We specialize in auto and car loans for no credit, bad credit, good credit, and student auto loans.  No matter what the condition of the borrower’s credit at the time of the application, Complete Auto Loans qualifies almost 100% of loan applicants.