Getting a car loan doesn't have to be a nightmare, even with bad credit.

First Time Car Buyer Loans Without a Cosigner

Last Updated August 29, 2018

Are you planning to apply for a first-time car loan without a cosigner? That’s fantastic because it’s a direct step towards getting your own car. Despite the responsibility that comes with repaying a loan, the benefits of owning a personal car last for several years. Auto loans with no cosigners exist to enable people with […]

How to Remove a Co-buyer from a Car Loan?

Last Updated April 4, 2019

When purchasing a car, you need either to have good credit with solid proof of a certain income or have the cash at hand. When the primary concern is your income, then a dealership might require you to have a co-borrower or co-buyer. Over time, your income might improve to a point of not needing […]

Can a Cosigner be Removed from a Car Loan?

Last Updated March 27, 2019

Removing a cosigner from a car loan is not easy especially if you have bad credit. However, the one sure way you can remove or change a co-signer is by refinancing. However, you are stuck with your co-signer unless your credit has improved since taking out the loan to a point where you can equally […]

How Second Chance Car Loans at Dealerships Work

Last Updated March 22, 2021

If you have a bad credit rating, second chance car loans may be the best option for you. There are car dealers at who are willing to take the risk on people who have a poor credit score. Even if you are now in a better financial situation, auto dealerships will most likely not […]

Do I Need a Short Term or Long Term Car Loan?

Last Updated November 19, 2019

Do you need a Short Term or Long Term Loan When Buying a Car? We are going to help you make the right choice so you can avoid a financial disaster. Both first-time and frequent car buyers ask themselves this question when saving up for a car. Obviously, because you want the best option that […]

Lease Buyout Loan

Last Updated April 15, 2019

If you are leasing a car, it is easy to fall in love with it and get attached. When this happens, you may find yourself not liking the fact that you have to return the keys at the end of your lease. Lucky for you, a lease buyout loan is all you need. What is […]

Should I Buy from a Dealer or Private Seller?

Last Updated March 28, 2019

Are you in the market for a used car? If yes you may be wondering about the best place to go. If you want to buy a used vehicle there are two approaches available.  Should I Buy From a Dealer or Private Seller?  Let’s find out. What you need to know before buying a used […]

How to Get a 6 Month Car Lease No Deposit

Last Updated December 6, 2018

Do you have to put a deposit down when leasing a car? No, you don’t. However,  a $0 down payment car finance is also possible with the right dealership.  Buyers usually pay 20-30% of the car’s price upfront with a traditional loan. Which is one reason why you might be considering a lease with a lower […]

What to Know When Buying a Car out of State

Last Updated October 22, 2018

Imagine returning home from a business trip in a different state and you happen to pass by a dealership with excellent cars. You decide to step in and the prices are so affordable that you can’t fight the urge to buy your dream SUV. Can you buy a car in another state? Yes, it’s legal. […]

What’s a Rebuilt Title…Should You Buy or Avoid Them?

Last Updated November 28, 2019

Have you ever spotted a sign that says, rebuilt title cars for sale, and wondered what that means? It refers to a car that’s restored after losing more than 50% of its value in an accident. Falling objects, adverse weather, and riots also fall in the same list as accidents. However, each federal state has […]

Private Party Auto Loan

Last Updated January 2, 2021

A private party auto loan occurs when a lender gives you money to buy a car directly from an owner. Also, it has lower interest rates and is less expensive than a personal loan. The vehicle will serve as collateral, and if approved, the lender will pay the seller or lienholder the amount owed. How […]

Can You Buy a New Car With a Credit Card?

Last Updated December 17, 2019

Can you buy a new car with a credit card? Some auto mobile dealers allow buyers to make partial payments with their credit up to a certain limit. For instance, you could pay your initial $7,000 via credit.  Let’s look at the bigger picture, shall we? Is it a Good Idea to Buy a Car […]

Car Loans for Unemployed Smackdown!

Last Updated March 25, 2019

While it may not be easy to get approved for a financing without a job, there are ways of getting car loans for the unemployed. All you need to do is show lenders that you are capable of making the car loan repayments. Having a car while unemployed is essential as you are more guaranteed […]

Should I Buy a New or Used Car?

Last Updated November 5, 2019

Should I buy a new or used car? Many vehicle enthusiasts struggle with this question. Before you start window shopping, you should understand that there are pros and cons regardless of your choice. While new cars are more costly, chances are that you’ll get what you’re looking for.Let’s look at new vs used cars. New […]

Is Getting a Secured Car Loan Hard?

Last Updated December 10, 2018

A secured car loan is whereby a buyer pays a down payment and hands over an asset in order to obtain financing for his or her new car. Unlike a typical auto loan where the dealership or credit lender holds a lien, secured auto loans allow creditors to hold on to houses, stocks, and title […]