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Pickup Truck Accessories

Pickup Truck Accessories

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Pickup trucks have been on the market for over a century now. A pickup’s design is characterized by an open back and a customized truck cab. The open back eases loading and hauling of items on and off the truck. In this post, we shall discuss some of the best pickup truck accessories you may consider for your vehicle.

Pickup Truck Accessories

Can I get Pickup Truck Accessories Near Me?

Yes. However, this depends on where you live. You may want to do your research within your locality and try to identify some reliable service providers, even though they could be limited. If you live near a big town or city, you’ll have a wide variety of shops to choose from. It’s worth noting that the continued evolution of the pickup truck accessories industry has resulted in an influx of service providers. You want to do your due diligence before engaging any potential supplier to ensure that you are getting authentic products.

Which are the Best Pickup Truck Accessories 2019

Are you looking forward to enhancing the performance of your pickup truck? Perhaps you want to augment its resale value. Remember, you should understand what you need before purchasing it. Today, there are numerous accessories in the market. If you’re lost for choice, here are some of the best truck accessories to improve the convenience and functionality of your truck.

Spray-in Bedliner

Usually, the pickup truck bed is designed to tug everything from construction materials to debris. However, owners want to protect it from dents, scratches, and dings. A bed liner comes in handy to cover your pickup’s metal bed and protect it from damage. What’s more, it comes with a slip-resistant surface which protects your cargo from sliding around the pickup.

Types of Bedliners

There are two types of bed liners: drop-in and spray-in bed liners. The latter is better than the former because it offers maximum protection against rust and is specially designed to prevent water, dirt, and any kind of debris from collecting under it. What’s more, it provides better traction especially when you’re standing on top to either clean or haul stuff inside the pickup.

While spray in bed liners come with more benefits, they’re permanent and this means that conducting bed repairs on the truck can be a difficult task. If you opt for a spray-in bed liner, it’s always advisable to have it done by a professional. As much as you may want to do it yourself, it can be a difficult task and you may not have the necessary tools to execute it.

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Running Boards

If you have a large pickup, you understand how much of a struggle accessing the cab from the ground it can be. You can ease this for yourself and your passengers by including running boards. Exercise caution when choosing your preferred running boards because some may be specially designed for cosmetic reasons.

Running Board Attachment

Consider how the running board you choose attaches. For instance, the ones that attach below the body may not be robust enough while those that attach on the frame are the strongest and the best choice for your pickup truck. If you live in winter prone areas, you need to be cautious when it comes to chrome running boards.

This is because some of them may not appropriately blend with salt spray from winter roads. Sometimes the metallic finish is likely to peel off and expose the board to rust. When this happens, you’ll have to replace it within a short time which means you’ll get less value for your investment.

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The Ideal Running Boards

There are various types of running boards in the market and you can choose one that appeals to you while meeting your individual needs. The articulating running boards for instance are triggered every time the door is opened. They outstretch from below the truck’s body and can even go up to six inches to make it easy to board the truck. However, articulating running boards are slightly expensive and if you are working with a strict budget, you may want to look for an alternative.

Tonneau Cover

One of the significant features of a pickup truck in the open area which carries items is the Tonneau cover. When the truck is loaded, pick up owners love protecting items from the elements such as rain, strong winds, and dust. This is where a Tonneau cover comes in handy. This cover offers a weatherproof armor to protect your items.

When it comes to choosing a tonneau cover, a foldable aluminum one is among the best on the market. Not only does it enable you to haul your items on the bed with ease, but it also provides more security compared to its vinyl counterpart, especially because vinyl can be tampered with easily.

What You Need to Know About Folding Covers

The ideal folding cover should be easy to remove and fold when you’re hauling and unloading items from the truck. Often, these covers will become hard to fold and remove which can be inconveniencing and time-consuming. There are various versions of the foldable covers available in the market today.

Some of them can be linked to your electrical system to ease opening, closing, and unlocking which is done via a key fob. These, however, can be quite costly. Tonneau covers are easy to install but if you opt for the electrified models, you’ll need to have it installed by a professional.

Full-Size Spare Tire

If you have a full-sized pickup, you’ll notice that it comes with a full-sized spare tire which is not the case with smaller pickups which come with a small spare tire. The problem with the latter is: if offers limited grip, speed, and range. If you are purchasing a second-hand pickup, confirm whether it has a full-sized spare tire.

If this is not the case, then you’ll need to purchase one. Before you do so, however, ensure that the storage space can accommodate a full-sized tire. When you’re purchasing a spare tire for your truck, ensure it’s the same make, size, and model as the existing four wheels. This way, you’re sure that the tire will function accordingly.

What Else Should You Consider Regarding the Spare Tire

Before buying your full-size spare tire, you may want to read the user manual for more advice. Often, you’ll find that settling with the factory spare tire is recommended. This is because sometimes when a pickup truck is characterized by an advanced tire combination, then the full-sized spare tire becomes ineffective.

In this case, the non- matching tire could be a base tire that often comes in handy in the event of a roadside emergency. This means you shouldn’t use it as a permanent replacement. Inspect the spare tire’s pressure at least once between and during oil change just to be on the safe side.

Dodge Truck Accessories

The dodge truck pickup recently renamed Ram pickup is a full-size pickup truck that was manufactured and released to the market in 2011. If you’re having difficulties choosing the best pickup truck accessories, check out the following examples.

AutoVentshade Ventvisor Window Deflectors

If you’ve driven amidst harsh weather at high speed, you understand that getting fresh air inside the vehicle can be a daunting task. This, however, doesn’t have to be the case anymore. AutoVentshade Ventvisor Window Deflectors helps you get rid of a smoky and stuffy ride and allows fresh air inside the truck. These accessories are made from rust-free and durable

Acrylonitrile butadiene styrene (ABS) material not only to manage high speeds on the road but also to withstand hits from debris and rocks. These accessories are specially designed to allow for easy installation. All you need is to pre-apply automotive grade tape and attach them. You don’t need to modify or even drill your truck to facilitate the installation process.

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These deflectors are customized to fit your truck for the perfect fit and come with either chrome plated or shiny smoke finishes. The most interesting part of these deflectors is that they come with a lifetime warranty. This is enough to showcase just how robust they are.

WeatherTech DigitalFit Floor Liners

Floor liners come in handy to protect your truck from mud, rain, debris, and dust. The WeatherTech DigitalFit Floor Liners are among the best and most advanced liners on the market today. They are made using HDTE (High-Density Tri-Extruded) material which offers a firm core for extra strength.

They also have high friction exterior surfaces to secure your carpet and provide your carpet with a tangible surface to rake through. These liners feature a deep and advanced multiple level channel structure which helps direct fluids from your feet towards a repository trap. These accessories also feature an over the rocker design which allows you to empty the repository through the door sill.


There are various factors which the manufacturers consider when pickup truck accessories. These include the make, model, and year of the truck. This comes in handy to ensure that they manufacture different liners that best fit your truck regardless of the make or model. The good thing about buying the right liners for your truck is: you get the best coverage and eventual protection of your carpet as well as improve the aesthetics of the pickup. The manufacturers are keen to use good quality materials to enhance durability. What’s more, their design is guaranteed to remain functional amid extreme conditions. What’s more, these accessories come with a lifetime warranty.

Interior Truck Accessories

Here are some of the best interior truck accessories in the market.

Du-Ha Under Seat Storage

The Du-Ha Under Seat Storage accessory is specially designed to fit in the free space beneath your pick up seats. If you have a car, chances are that you’ve placed items beneath the seat before. While this can be an ideal way of keeping your belongings out of sight, it can be dangerous for you when driving.

This accessory comes with a gun organizer where you can keep your guns safely in an upright position if you’re a licensed gun holder. The Du-Ha Under Seat Storage is spacious enough to fit up to 4 guns. Before purchasing this accessory, you want to understand the local laws regarding this accessory. This accessory is made using heavy-duty polyethylene and comes with a lifetime warranty.

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Aries Seat Defender

The Aries Seat Defender helps safeguard your seats from pet dander, spills, dirt, rainwater, debris, and even sweat. This seat defender is easy to fit in your truck seats. All you need to do is slide it through the headrest and cover the seat. The good thing about this accessory is that it’s made from gripper material to ensure it protects your seats without sliding off.

Access 50710 EZ Retriever

The Access 50710 EZ Retriever is specially designed to help you pick things when they fall to the farthest corner of the truck. This accessory is specially designed for short people who may have problems reaching items when they roll over the truck’s bed and those who don’t fancy crawling on the truck’s bed in search for lost items.

Get your pickup truck accessories today!

Pickup truck accessories have been on the market for long and the industry is evolving at a high rate. In the future, the world will see more robust and modern truck accessories which pickup truck owners shall use to transform them and increase their resale value.

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