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Off-Road Accessories

Off road accessories

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Off roading can be a gratifying, albeit overly disheartening hobby. If you want to make your trip more exciting, you’ll need proper gear. You don’t want to be stuck in the jungle with a stalled car and hardly anybody to assist. We’ll discuss some of the best off road accessories you may need to maximize your experience. 

Off road accessories

Basic off roading tips

Off roading is as exciting as it is challenging. It also comes with various risks and you want to be safe regardless of how courageous or adventurous you are. Here are some tips to promote your safety and ensure that you get back home safely.

  • Avoid traveling alone. Travel in groups of either two or more off road rigs
  • Ensure your family and friends know the trail you’ll be taking and when you plan to get back home
  • Carry with you basic off road gear and accessories. Carry enough emergency food and drinking water too
  • Always have good communication tools. This way, you can keep in touch with your family and friends. Further, they can come in handy to help your family trace you in case of an emergency. 

What off road accessories do you need for your upcoming trip?

Did you know that small, seemingly trivial accessories can play a huge role in improving your off roading trip? While you may not use your off road truck accessories often, having them can be all you need to transform a bad situation and make it more manageable. 

Compact shovel

 Have you ever noticed that off road rigs come with a shovel fixed somewhere either at the rack or hood? Have you ever asked yourself their purpose? Perhaps you thought they’re there for fashion purposes. Shovels can come to your rescue when your car gets stuck along the trail even though many people hardly realize it. There are numerous folding shovels available in various off road truck accessories retail shops to choose from. Shovels with a deeper and wider blade are ideal and can help you rescue your off road vehicle faster. 

SOG Survival Entrenching Folding Shovel

This shovel measures 10 inches making it one of the most compact options you can choose. It’s also lightweight, sturdy, and durable. Its handle is made of carbon steel while the head is made of tempered steel. These materials prolong its lifespan amid heavy usage over the years. SOG Survival Entrenching Folding Shovel comes with extra features such as the saw tooth edge which means it can come in handy as a spade and saw head which you can modify and use as a hoe. 

Its smooth edge head can also be used as an ax which you can use to chop firewood while on camp. It comes with an appropriate triangular handle which makes it easier to use. Its frame is designed to collapse through a tri-fold design up to the size of its head. This makes it portable and easy to transport. Further, it features a nylon sheath which you can utilize to pack your shovel together with the rest of your gear. 

Traction Mats

Are you adventurous and planning to pursue rugged trails on your next trip? If you do, then you’ll need appropriate off road truck parts such as tires. While some off roaders opt to switch their tires, others are comfortable towing their rig on a trailer, and using heavy-duty tires. Regardless of the tires you choose, you’ll need traction mats for every trail run. Consider your terrain to determine the ideal traction mats for your rig.

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MAXSA escaper buddy traction mat

These traction mats are easy to use and come with a non-directional surface. They’re also cost-friendly and designed to offer excellent traction for your wheels to get out of mud, snow, or sand. They come with a user-friendly design that facilitates easy storage. MAXSA escaper buddy traction mats are made from polypropylene which guarantees durability without making them overly heavy. They measure 14.4 inches width wise and 48 inches long. Treads are included on both sides of the mat which come in handy when securing them in sand, mud, or snow to enhance gripping power for your tires. 

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Offroad accessories for tires

Tire deflator

Tires are some of the most critical components in an off road rig. They offer great traction to maneuver the vehicle forward regardless of how challenging your conditions are. Having the right tires and keeping them balanced and rotated is critical for ultimate trail performance. However, you’ll need to deflate your tires especially when you strike soft surfaces such as mud or sand. Deflating makes the contact lot larger and helps spread out vehicle weight. This is an ideal trick which stops your tires from getting submerged regardless of the surface you’re driving through. 

ARB ARB505 E-Z deflator

Without a deflator, releasing air from a 32-inch tire can take a long time. These off road parts allow drivers to remove the valve core to release air from your tire fast. They come with a fixed gauge that alerts you when it’s time to place the core back. The ARB ARB505 E-Z Deflator offers you a fast and accurate way to deflate your tires. It fastens on a tire’s valve stem enabling you to detach the valve core. Later, you can move a stopper that removes air fast before pushing the pin inside. Monitor pressure on the go using heavy-duty gauge adjusted to accurately read at lower pressures. Once you’ve attained your preferred pressure, all you need is to fasten your valve back in place before proceeding to the next tire. 

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Tire inflator

If you’ve to deflate your tires along a soft trail, you’ll need to inflate them once you return to solid ground. While you can do this manually, it can be a time-consuming activity. This is where an inflator comes in. To ensure they always have their inflators with them, some off roaders choose to fasten these off road accessories on the cargo section of their vehicles. This prevents them from causing destruction every time you hit a bump or pothole. 

 Slime 40026 2X heavy duty direct drive tire inflator

This tire inflator is designed to be resistant. It features straightforward drive dual cylinders which enable it to inflate your tire in a record two minutes. While it’s quiet, it comes with a thermal break component that prevents overheating. This inflator comes with an LED light for ease of use during the night, a tire pressure gauge which has a 30 feet reach to make it heavy-duty. 

Offroad accessories for medical emergencies

Injuries are likely to occur along the trail. You can easily manage cuts and bruises with a basic first aid kit. You can even get an advanced medical kit depending on how complex the trail you’ll be pursuing is. 

Expedition first aid kit 

This kit is specially designed for 4X4 off road Vehicles. It features various essential items such as normal aspirin tablets, extra intensity aspirin tablets, ibuprofen tablets, insect bite or sting relief pads, antibiotic ointment packs, castile soap towelettes, Antiseptic cleansing wipes, Alcohol cleansing pads, First aid tape roll measuring ½ inch x 5 yd, finger splint measuring 6-inch x ¾ inch, prime grade moleskin measuring 2-inch x 2inch, butterfly closures for wounds, a trauma pad, and a sterile eye pad. 

You’ll also get gauze dressing pads in different sizes, knuckle fabric bandages, fabric bandages for your fingertips, gauze conforming roll bandage, adhesive junior plastic bandages, and plastic adhesive bandages. Also included are a knee and elbow plastic bandage, a one-time use thermometer, good quality exam vinyl gloves, cotton-tipped applicators, scissor, tweezers, a medium-size safety pin, and a first aid guide manual. 

Cargo straps

Also known as ratchet or tie-down straps, these accessories are versatile and ideal for binding down and transporting diverse products. They’re convenient, easy to use, robust, and an ideal tie-down solution for your off road escapades. These straps are cost-effective and will keep your cargo well secured when driving along a rugged trail. 

Rhino USA ratchet straps 

Rhino is a popular name in the truck and trailer strap industry worldwide. The company’s tie-down kit is specially designed to give you a great combination of convenience and intensity. This gives off riders an effective and safe method of transporting their cargo. This kit comes with four flexible tie-downs and four ratchet straps. Each strap comprises a 1,700-pound capacity making them great for heavy cargo such as motorcycles. Rhino USA Ratchet Straps come with superior break strength and stretching. 

This means that off roaders don’t have to worry about the straps becoming loose. Each strap is designed with Rhino’s unique silk/poly webbing structured to balance strength perfectly with softness. These straps come with rubber coated S hooks and a gentle finish to assure you that your cargo won’t be damaged along the way. The S hooks come with a safety clip to guarantee maximum strength. 

 Fire extinguisher

A fire extinguisher is a must-have off road accessory not only for your rig but for other vehicles as well. Remember, your vehicle carries with it highly flammable liquids and you can’t afford to take risks. You could be susceptible to electrical fire especially if you’ve carried various off road electrical accessories such as auxiliary lights, an inflator, or a winch. 

Did you know that your catalytic converter and tailpipe can easily cause thicket fire? A fire extinguisher comes in handy during such unfortunate moments. You can easily use them to stop flames before they can spread. A fire can emanate from electrical components, or the fuel, or engine system of your rig which means you’ll need a C-rated and a B-rated fire extinguisher. Some fire extinguishers are small and can easily be fixed on your ride’s A-pillar. 

Kidde FA110 multi purpose fire extinguisher

This UL rated 1-A:10-B:C rated fire extinguisher is specially designed to help you manage common fires at home. These include fires involving wood, plastics, fabrics, electrical equipment, and flammable liquids. It comes with an easy to monitor pressure gauge that alerts you when the extinguisher is charged. Further, it has an instruction label that indicates the steps you should follow to operate it. 

This fire extinguisher comprises a multiple purpose agent that’s designed to fight Class C, B, and A fires. This accessory has received backing from the NFPA (National Fire Protection Association) According to the organization, every home should have at least one basic fire extinguisher. This should either be 2-A: 10-B: C UL Rated, or higher. off roaders should always carry their fire extinguishers for added security. Remember, when an emergency strikes, you’ll need a robust UL-rated and technology proven fire extinguisher complete with a visible pressure gauge, handle, and the suitable capacity and size to extinguish a common fire. 

These characteristics make the extinguisher an ideal accessory for putting out a fire. Some of the commonly used aerosol fire products are not dependable when it comes to protecting you against fire. This is because their shelf life is short, they don’t come with a UL rating, and they hardly offer a gauge to demonstrate preparedness. If you can respond to small fires when they start, you can easily put them out using the appropriate fire extinguisher. Ensure that your fire extinguisher is readily available and well pressurized to handle emergencies. 

Ease of use and durability

The Kidde Fire Extinguisher is convenient, easy to use, and made to last. This accessory comes with a six-year manufacturer’s warranty and features a pressure gauge to help you determine whether it’s fully charged and ready to utilize. This off road accessory is corrosion resistant and durable, comes with a lightweight albeit durable aluminum cylinder, and features a metal handle. You’ll also get a huge bilingual nameplate which offers easy to read, and understand instructions which come in handy in case of a fire. 

Compact awning

Now that we’ve discussed some of the tools you’ll need for recovery and safety, you’ll still need some tools to enhance your relaxation. After your escapades on a rugged trail, you may need to take a short rest to munch on your snacks before embarking on the journey back home. This is where a compact awning comes in handy. Often, this accessory comes in a UV resistant durable casing bag and you can easily set it up without assistance. All you need is to get it out of its storage bag, unfold it, and bend its legs before fasten them on the ground for enhanced stability especially during strong winds. 

With a superior awning such as Batwing by Rhino-Rack, you can be safe from the elements such as snow and rain. This awning is designed to offer UPF 50+ sun ray protection. A great way of enjoying the outdoors is to mount your awning either on lowland or on top of a mountain. A short rest or even an overnight stay in your compact awning could be all you need to make your subsequent off roading escapade worthwhile. 

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Rhino-rack 33300 batwing compact awning 

This compact awning is made using heavy-duty mold and water-resistant materials that come with a 50+ UPF rating for maximum protection against the sun. It’s also been tested to guarantee quality. It’s easy to use and you can easily set it up within a few minutes. You don’t have to be a seasoned camper or off roader to set this awning up. This off road accessory comes with everything you may require such as poles, pegs, ropes, and a fitting kit to facilitate mounting of the awning on your roof rack. This compact awning is designed to guarantee off roaders comfort both during the rainy season and in summer. 


The Rhino-rack 33300 batwing compact awning encloses 68.9ft²/6.4m² to offer 270 degrees of shade. It’s designed using good quality materials that make it lightweight. It’s also mold, and water-resistant and has been approved by the Cancer Council. Inside the casing bag, you’ll find guy ropes and pegs for easy fastening. This awning’s legs are lightweight and adjustable and can fold out from its arms to facilitate easy access. 

You won’t need to separate the rope bag, peg, and leg. You can easily pack it either at pre-set or fully protracted length on your rig. The casing bag is spacious enough allowing you extra storage for your additional items. You can replace the bag if it gets damaged or worn out. Its double-stitched Velcro comes in handy to enhance durability. This accessory is available in a bright orange color to promote visibility and can fit all Thule and Rhino-Rack roof sacks with specialized fitting kits. 

Get your off road accessories today

Are you an off roader? Are you planning an off roading trip with friends? Regardless of the trail you’ll be taking, having proper off road accessories guarantees you a better experience. If you’re having problems deciding what to choose, this list should help you make an informed decision. Remember, off roading can be challenging. Take time to research your trail before embarking on the trip.  Plan accordingly and prepare the appropriate accessories you may need, and make sure they’re in good working condition. 

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