How to Get a Loan with No Credit

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First, fill out our secure form to see if you are eligible for approval in our network of trusted lenders. It only takes a few minutes and there is help each step of the way!

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Then, a lender will get in touch with you to finalize the details of your approved car loan.

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Finally, head to the car lot and get the car you deserve! You can shop at any dealership of your choosing.

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A good or bad credit car loan approval starts with our solid network of lenders. Are you looking for a car but don’t know where to start because you have bad credit history? Don’t let that get you down. Complete Auto Loans is a consumer resource for people with both a good and poor credit history to get a loan despite their credit history. Our trusted network of lenders can get you quickly for your next car loan.

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Bad Credit Car Loans for New & Used Vehicles

Are you trying to figure out if you can get approved for one of the many bad credit car loans out there? Complete Auto Loans can help you get approved today by connecting you with auto loan lenders who understand your credit standing. We help people just like you receive the loan they need to get a reliable vehicle despite previous bad credit history.

Approval is on your doorstep because we accept 100% of our applicants. There's no fees and you get access to the highest quality auto lenders in the nation when you apply through our loan application portal.

Don't let your credit score get in the way of your next car. It doesn't matter where you currently stand with lenders becauseComplete Auto Loans will help you choose among a range of bad credit car loans with one simple application form. Furthermore, it only takes about 60 seconds to complete. You can get approval in less than a minute and it is free! We serve all states for car loans.

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Here are a few of the different types of credit situations we accept:

  • tote the noteCurrent or past Bankruptcy
  • Students with no credit history
  • Poor credit scores
  • No down payment
  • Auto Loans for people with bad credit
  • Child support
  • Self-employed people
  • No credit buyers
  • Divorce
  • People with other financial issues

Because we offer so much, car shoppers love getting their bad credit car loans with us as their one-stop loan service.

If you're in the market for a new or used car, make sure you take a look at some of the resources we offer. You'll find easy tips, guides, and auto loan tools that can help you calculate your monthly cost of buying a new car.

Follow our used car buying guide and discover the easy way to get your next car without having to go through common beginner pitfalls. Not sure if your car loan will be right for your budget? Take a look at our budget planning tool to learn more about budgeting for your next car.

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Choose Between Bad Credit Car Loanscar loan with bad credit and no cosigner

The secret to our process is how quickly and safely our applicants can get a bad credit car loan. We do this through our nationwide loan network of qualified auto lenders and car dealers. They have years of experience in dealing with people with bad or no credit history.

The key to our network is that we match you perfectly with dealers and lenders who can provide you with a quick solution that's not tagged with huge interest loan fees. This is theComplete Auto Loans guarantee!

LetComplete Auto Loans negotiate on your behalf. Why deal with the hassle of local auto lenders or dealers yourself? We can match your credit score to the lender who can offer you approval for the car you want. 

Some of the different bad credit car loans we offer include student auto loans, zero down car loans, and refinancing for your new or used vehicles (even if your credit is below par or non-existent). One of the best ways to repair or rebuild your credit score is to buy a new or used car. Therefore, we give you access to a network that can help you straight away.

How Car Shoppers Deal With Bad Credit

guaranteed auto financingChoosing bad credit car loans means your interest rates spike and you will have little to no cash flow after getting a loan. Our goal is to help you avoid that. This is why we pre-screen our auto lenders to match you perfectly so you don't pay more than necessary. Our network has thousands of dealers/lenders who can make this happen for you.

Damaged credit scores often make people feel like there is no hope. The reason many car shoppers have been satisfied with our services is because we are able to help people just like you turn around their current situation with a quality network of bad credit auto lenders.

We Make Bad Credit Car Loans Easy bad credit car loans guaranteed approval

Because we've been doing this since 2010, you can be confident that applying through us will deliver the cash you need for the car you want. Our long list of reviews proves we've delivered high-quality bad credit car loans for years. Don't just take our word for it. Listen to what some of our customers have to say about our bad credit auto loan process:

I tried getting an auto loan for years with local dealers in my area but could not get accepted. I was accepted throughComplete Auto Loans right away and I did not even have to leave my house. Thanks guys! Alan B. Hall - New York

I needed to get a new car for college but I had no way to get a student auto loan because I literally had not credit history. I was amazed to see how fast I was approved throughComplete Auto Loans and am now the proud owner of a Volkswagon Bug! Kelly Johnson - Ohiocar dealerships no credit check no down payment

A few years ago I got a divorce which devastated my credit score. Two years after the divorce I was in need of a reliable car to get to and from work. I was able to get a car because of the service that Complete Auto Loans provided me with. I'm so happy I tried them out before going to all the local dealers in my area. John Evans - Michigan

My brother told me about Car Loan Cash Now and to be honest I was really skeptical. I've been to all the local dealers in an attempt to get approved for a loan and after trying 7 different dealers and getting turned down, I was ready to quit. However, that's when I found the Car Loan Cash Now website and applied. I was able to get approved in 30 seconds and was driving my brand new Chevrolet the next day! Neal Hendricksen - Chicago

My son has no credit and I was able to quickly get him approved for a student car loan with Car Loan Cash Now. Thanks for the service guys. I literally tell everyone about you. Ben Hanson - New Jersey

Feeling confused when buying a new car or finding a new finance provider? Complete Auto Loans is here to end the chaos with its huge network of reputed bad credit auto lenders. As one of the few credit auto finance companies, we understand the situation of every customer.

Not every customer has the same financial history. Similarly, financial providers can’t be the same for every customer. Therefore, Complete Auto Loans offers a guide that helps you with the entire process of automotive credit. With us, you will secure a direct auto loan without any hassle. So, come and get all your bad credit related issues and frustrations resolved by the experts at Complete Auto Loans today!

Because we offer credit for both new and used vehicles, our company helps end all the issues that bad credit holders have. Regardless of your credit history, we are ready to refinance your existing loans. As a result, you can get all these services without any application fee. With us,  you also get tips, loan tools, and reviews along with a used and new car buying guide.

Know Your Credit Score First

Know your credit score before applying for bad credit car loans. The United States Federal Trade Commission’s website offers a free credit report that can help you get an insight into your credit rating. The lenders look for credit history and credit reports before lending you money.

Bad credit auto lenders do follow a certain criterion to decide if you’re approved:

  • You must be a resident of the United States or Canada.
  • You must be able to insure the vehicle
  • Your monthly income should be more than $1,500.
  • You must have proof of residence and an existing phone number.
  • You must have a credit card statement.

All these stipulations are a representation of your capability to make a loan payment. Unfortunately, this is not the case when leasing as lenders are more dependent on your past credit records. Hence, it is recommended to opt for bad credit car loans.

Our Bad Credit Car Loans

Our auto loan provider service has a wide network of bad credit money lenders. These lenders are experts in handling car loans and providing quick services, without high-interest rates or rush fees. Consequently, thanks to our years of experience and expertise, we can help you get some of the best bad credit car loans out there. As we believe in assisting you throughout the loan process; we've prepared a complete guide that will assist you in making the right decision from the start of your car buying journey.

Our high-end services include auto refinance, student car loans, bad credit car loans, and zero down car loans. With so many options available with us, you will get your credit repaired in no time.

Customers and Bad Credit Car Loans

Bad credit does not mean that you cannot buy a car. Using our strong bonds with dealers will enable you to improve your credit score. We make every possible effort to provide you with the best interest rates and the most viable payment options. We use unique algorithms to deliver you the most efficient and quick lending services. We stay in contact with the most reputable money lenders from around the United States. As a result, our well-laid network will help you find the best bad credit auto loans to suit your needs.

No matter what your credit history says, you will get the best interest rates with the easiest payment methods. Our experts make every possible effort to bring you a magnificent bad credit auto loan deal. Whether you want to refinance or get a new car, we are always here to help you find what you need.

Improve Your Poor Credit with Us

If you are looking into bad credit auto loans, we will do everything they can to help you improve your credit score. Being one of the nation's most respected poor credit loan providers, we ensure that your poor credit does not get in the way of you being a candidate for one of our bad credit car loans. We have been working for the betterment of our customers for years and our team is capable of tackling all the credit issues you come to us with.

Just fill in our simple loan application and you will no longer have any credit problems! Because of our experience and deep insight into common credit problems, we have successfully served thousands of our clients.

We even provide credit to people whose credit has not been accepted anywhere else. With us, you can choose the car you want as well as pay off your previous loans. Moreover, our approval process is faster, more secure, and more convenient than ever. In short, our business is the best place to put all your bad credit car loan nightmares to bed.

So, get in touch with us to learn more about bad credit car loans with the lowest interest rates and the most efficient payment options.

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Secure Your Future With the Best Bad Credit Car Loans

Going to buy a new car? Congratulations! It is always fun to surf through the multitude of swanky car options. Perhaps you're surfing through local websites and have seen the exact car you want? Whether you are looking for a brand new luxury car or a used one, we will be able to get the one that suits you thanks to our network of bad credit auto lenders.

It’s easy to hunt down cars, but the main problem is usually the payment. Things get more chaotic when you are in need of a bad credit car loan. Purchasing a car is a huge investment, so it is better to do your research before moving forward.

There are two options available when you want to buy a vehicle and are searching through the various bad credit car loans available. These are leasing and financing. Both of these have different advantages and disadvantages. So, before you make a decision, check out our insider tips below:

Leasing or Financing, What’s Best With Bad Credit Car Loans?

The answer is simple: it's completely down to you! Selecting between leasing and financing is not as tough as people think. You just have to be specific and clear with your needs. For both pre-owned vehicles and new ones, there are different specifications so you need to make a decision based on what is best for you.

Pre-owned Vehicle Options for Bad Credit Car Loans

Buying a pre-owned vehicle is straight forward as it only comes with the option to finance. You either have to make a down payment or go for a “rent to own” loan. On the whole, we recommend you opt for the cash payment option which is an option that bad credit car loans support. This way, you can afford to get the car you want with a competitive monthly payment plan.

Key Differences Between Leasing and Financing

Leasing and financing are two different types of loans. When you lease a car, it means you have to return it after a certain period of time. On the other hand, financing provides ownership of the car once the loan terms are over. The difference is quite clear, financing offers ownership, whereas leasing is essentially borrowing.

If you take on a car for a short period of time it is a lease. It will meet your financial needs, but in the end, you will not own a car. In any case, if you want to own a car for at least 10 years, leasing may not be for you.

How Can You Make Payments with Us

Payment methods do vary for both financing and leasing. Here are the various options available for bad credit auto loans:


When leasing you are required to pay smaller deposits than with financing. You will need to pay a security deposit, the first payment, and the taxes. Usually, this amount is smaller than the second option as you only need to pay the fees relating to the contract. The primary benefit is that you only have to pay for the period of time that you "own" the car.


Obviously, financing will cost you more money. But, don’t worry as bad credit auto lenders will make this process easier for you. Having ownership of a vehicle is overwhelming and it is worth paying a bit more for. The monthly payment is more when financing as you have to pay the entire price of the car within the course of the loan terms. This payment option includes taxes, registration charges, and various fees.

Down Payments is Not a Worry with Us

One of the reasons for choosing to lease is the lack of down payments. Most leasing agreements do not require down payments, therefore, buyers take it as an easy option. Companies require down payments in order to reduce the chances of making a loss. In addition to this, if your credit score shows bankruptcy, repossession, or late payments of any kind, the chances are you will need a down payment.

This said, there are certain benefits of making a down payment. Think of it as getting closer to owning the car of your dreams. When financing, if you make a down payment, your monthly payments will be low which, means you are closer to owning your new car.

Factory rebates, incentives, and cash backs could assist you if you need to make a down payment. However, these are not always necessary if you are dealing with bad credit car loans. Three ways to go without making a down payment include:


Whenever you go for a loan do not forget to inquire about incentives, especially if you are looking at bad credit car loans. Most of the time, these incentives are advertised, so you won’t miss the opportunity!


If there is no incentive option available, ask about trade-ins. You can use a trade if you are trading in a new vehicle. Many lenders do accept trade-ins as a replacement for down payments.


If you do not get an incentive or the option of a trade-in, there is one more choice available to you which is to roll down the down payment on the loan. This situation is labeled as Upside-Down. This means the monthly payment increases and it gets more difficult to finish buying your dream car. However, if this is the only way you can get your new wheels and if you are able to pay the higher monthly fees, it may be the best option for you.

We have been serving people in the United States for years and have developed a secure base for customers looking for bad credit car loans. Buying a car is easier than ever with us because you are instantaneously a part of our team. We have made the task of providing bad credit car loans to our customers hassle free.

Whether you need a used car or wish to own a brand new one, just get in touch with us today. With our lenders you will not just get one of our bad credit car loans. We'll set you up with a personal advisor with great resources. Consequently, you'll get quality advice relating to vehicles on our website.

Our resources page can help you in your search for the best bad credit car loans out there. It will also tell you on how to plan your purchase, give you information on financing and refinancing, as well as provide you with safe driving tips.

For years, we have maintained our position as one of the most reputable bad credit car loan providers. With us you will learn about the various payment methods and be able to make your payments simply, with the best interest rates. Fill in our application form today to get one of our bad credit car loans!