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How to Maximize Uber Profit

last updated July 4, 2019

Some drivers give up ride share driving after a day or two without realizing some strategies they can apply to remain profitable. Today, let’s look at how to maximize Uber profit.

How to Maximize Uber Profit

Learn how to maximize Uber profit with these tips

Mileage Tracking

Most Uber drivers don’t know that by keeping a record of the mileage driven per day can enable them to correctly classify themselves filing their taxes. In most countries, Uber drivers are required to pay rideshare taxes and by tracking mileage, they qualify for tax deductions which helps them to maximize their earnings.

Uber Guarantee

Have you ever heard of hourly guarantees offered by Uber? If not, it refers to an incentive offered to drivers at certain hours to encourage them to offer their services and reduce the duration a customer has to wait before they get a ride. This is a very good strategy to ensure that customers don’t switch to competitors and it can enable the drivers to increase their earnings if they maximize on the hourly guarantees.

Surge Pricing

Surge pricing occurs when there is a high demand for Uber rides at a certain location. Uber increases the standard pricing of every request made from that area in an attempt to get more drivers to offer their services to clients from the said location. An Uber driver can, therefore, maximize their profits by watching out for areas with surge pricing and taking advantage of the increased prices.

Knowledge of the Area

If you’re driving for Uber in an area that you aren’t familiar with, it’s recommended that you familiarize yourselves with all the gas stations and public restrooms that are within the area. This is important because you can park for free in these areas as you wait for your next customer. It will help you to save greatly on the parking fee that you would be paying on a daily basis and might also prove to be a great place for you to get ride requests.

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Driving for Uber

Are you considering joining Uber as a driver and are wondering what are the minimum requirements to be accepted into the lucrative business? We have compiled a list of some of the conditions that you must meet so as to drive for Uber. Read on to find out more.

1.Uber Driver Requirements

For you to get on board, you need to meet the following requirements;

  • Be a licensed driver for at least two years and have no record of careless driving or major accidents.
  • Have an insurance policy with your name as the principal policyholder.
  • Have a car with at least four access doors. The car should meet all the Uber vehicle requirements.
  • Have a valid driver’s license and in-state registered number plates.

2.Uber Vehicle Requirements

Uber has certain standards for the vehicles that are accepted into the company. These requirements vary depending on the Uber service level that you want to work in. It is important to familiarize yourself with the minimum Uber vehicle requirements before buying a car to ensure that your car meets the requirements. These minimum requirements include;

  • The vehicle shouldn’t be older than 10 years or have any noticeable dents.
  • It should have four doors and seat belts for four passengers excluding the driver.
  • The title of the car shouldn’t be restored or salvaged.

To compare the minimum requirements per service level, kindly visit the Uber offices in your state. It is also possible to drive for Uber even if you don’t have the financial capability to buy a car at the moment. This is made possible by the partnership programs that Uber has that links drivers and investors and allows the driver to drive a car that is not theirs at a small fee.

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How Much do Uber Drivers Make?

The amount of money that every Uber driver takes home at the end of the day is determined by their ability to take advantage of surge prices, save on gas as well as their knowledge of the area of operation. That said, the average earning of an Uber driver is $ 25 per hour on a normal day if the driver has been working full time. You can earn more when driving for Uber by applying the strategies highlighted above and also offering exceptional services which will earn you tips from your clients,

However, the fact that when driving for Uber you are your own boss, you can earn more by enrolling on other taxi-hailing companies and offering services such as delivering goods to private residences.

Uber tricks for drivers

Many people are buying cars and listing them for Uber as the business grows each and every day in the number of customers it offers its services to as well as the returns achieved. It is necessary for Uber drivers to familiarize with themselves with a few tricks that they can use to ensure that they are able to remain profitable over time. Some of these tricks include;

Save on Gas

If you own a car, you will agree with me that one of the biggest expenses you incur on a daily basis is fueling your car. This is why it is important to save on gas by using one of the many applications available on the internet to track your gas usage. Some of these apps like GasBuddy also allow one to see the various gas stations available in any given location and the price of fueling at any given time. This way, one is able to choose the gas station retailing at the least prices which reduces the amount of money spent fueling the car.

Another technique that an Uber driver can use to save on gas is by tracking how they spend time in between trips. If you drive around aimlessly before you get another request, you will end up draining your gas tank whereas you haven’t made any money. Tracking the distance and fuel used driving without a customer is one of the ways of how to maximize profits for Uber drivers.

Watch Out for Events

When there is an event happening in a particular area, there’ll be a surge in the prices of Uber rides as the demand will be higher than the supply of vehicles. That’s why it’s recommended that Uber drivers should watch out for any events happening near them and strategically place themselves near the event so as to be easily visible to the huge pool of clients.


One advantage that experienced drivers have over new drivers is the thorough knowledge of traffic patterns in a certain state. This is why you’ll find that many Uber drivers only work for a few hours and are still able to maximize their returns. Identifying busy hotels and high-end apartments that have heavy traffic of customers will enable one to get a higher number of clients compared to driving around waiting for them to request for a ride.

Now you know how to maximize Uber profit

The strategies highlighted above are useful for improving your cashflow as an Uber driver. It’s important to understand how you can make an extra coin without having to work full time before enrolling as an Uber driver. You should also ensure that you treat  customers with the utmost respect, keep your car clean, and drive within the set limits to maintain positive reviews from your clients. This might also increase your chances of getting a tip at the end of the ride.

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