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Simple Tips to Help You Save Money on a Road Trip

last updated July 28, 2018

If you’re online searching for Simple Tips to Help You Save Money on a Road Trip, you’ve come to the right place. The success of your road trip depends heavily on proper preparation. You’ve probably heard the saying that if you fail to plan, then you’re planning to fail. This post will highlight the mistakes to avoid in order to stay within your budget comfortably while on the road.

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Proper preparation ensures that you enjoy every moment of your road trip.

1. 10 Simple Tips to Help You Save Money on a Road Trip

1. Carry water from home

Driving for long hours in the sun causes dehydration at a high rate. Both you and your passengers require water to compensate for this rapid rate of dehydration. Despite the availability of bottled mineral water at convenience stores, it’s too expensive to keep on purchasing water at each stop.


Make sure you purchase a 5-gallon portable water cooler if your group consists of four members. Since each person just needs one liter of drinking water per day, you’ll have enough supply for 4-5 days. It’s also advisable to carry water bottles instead of purchasing disposable plastic cups.

2. Avoid buying several varieties of snacks

Snacking while driving is one of the best pleasures of a road trip. You may notice that each group member has different preferences when it comes to snacks. It can be really expensive trying to cater to each individual choice of sweet treats.


Smart road trip pros limit their snack choices to just two or three types. For instance, potato chips, assorted nuts, and soda. Buying these items in bulk will save you a lot of money compared to buying five or six different types of snacks.

3. Consider carrying homemade snacks

The thing about snacks is that they always leave you craving for more. One can end up spending gas money while trying to satisfy cravings for foods rich in enhanced flavors and processed sugars. Moreover, consuming more than three types of snacks within a short duration brings about bloating and long periods of discomfort.


You can keep homemade popcorn fresh for several hours by storing it in an airtight container. The same method applies to homemade cookies. If you have a portable ice cooler, it will enable you to preserve several liters of homemade lemonade and freshly squeezed orange juice.

4. Eat fresh meals at local diners

Your body still needs real food in order to provide enough energy required to drive for long hours. Most people tend to ignore vegetables while on road trips but they end up with bloated stomachs and Irritable Bowel Syndrome. Consuming snacks exclusively clogs your large intestine.


Why should you eat at local diners? There are two important advantages. Local diners always prepare fresh food every day. They cook moderate quantities of food because they serve a small clientele. At the end of the day, all cooking pots are empty. Second, you’re guaranteed of getting fresh food at really affordable prices. A nice double cheeseburger at a diner costs half the price of a Burger King equivalent.

5. Consider camping instead of booking hotel rooms

If your road trip involves exploring a distant town or city, you need decent accommodations. The first thing that comes to mind is looking up good hotels in your destination. While there’s nothing wrong with this idea, you’ll save more money by looking into other forms of accommodation.


Camping sites are ideal for one-week road trips. They’re also fun because living in the outdoors is an exciting experience because you enjoy fresh breezes and an amazing view of the night sky while chilling by the campfire.

6. Map out the cheapest gas stations

Smart drivers budget wisely by identifying all gas stations in their road trip destinations. Proper preparation ensures that you spend fuel efficiently by knowing how much each station charges for a gallon of gas. You also won’t waste precious fuel driving several miles in search of an affordable gas station.


If you have friends in these destinations, ask them to send you a map of all the gas stations. If there’s a national franchise in the area, make sure you get a fuel debit card because you get discounts when you fill up your tank.

7. Carry swimming gear

If you’re heading to a beach, make sure you carry swimming gear from home. It’s wrong to assume that you’ll easily find a costume or swimming trunks at the beach. The beachside stores slap high prices on swimming gear because they know visitors are desperate for a swim and there’s no alternative nearby.


Apart from expensive prices, you’ll have to settle for what’s available at the stores. You may be forced to buy an oversized or tightly fitting costume because it’s the only closest match to your body size

8. Avoid long routes

If you’re planning a road trip that involves more than three days, you need to mind your fuel consumption. Proper preparation requires you to visit the area in advance or reach out to people that are familiar with your destinations. By mapping out your routes while relying on credible information, you’ll be better placed to know which routes favor low fuel consumption.

9. Carry spare tires

Never assume that you’ll easily get spare tires in your road trip destinations. Even if you’re traveling to an urban area that has several auto mechanic shops, the prices vary significantly. Car tires in a popular tourist destination are expensive because the huge number of driving tourists keeps the demand for car tires high.

10. Carry your car anti-theft devices

If you’re not certain about the security of where you’ll park your car, it’s important to carry all your car anti-theft devices. Otherwise, your auto insurance company can refuse to compensate you on grounds that you refused to take necessary safety measures when intentionally parking your car overnight in an unsafe area.


Make sure you have a good set of anti-theft tire lug nuts to prevent loss of car tires. These lug nuts keep your car tires where the parking lot is too far to hear your alarm.


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2. Share these 9 Money saving road trip tips

Proper preparation ensures that you enjoy every moment of your road trip. You’ll also have enough money to cover unexpected emergencies when you have enough accommodation, food, and gas money.


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