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Is it Time for You to Buy a New Car?

last updated July 25, 2018

Do cars have an expiry date? Not really, but you can tell when a car engine is about to throw in the towel by listening to the sounds it makes. Perhaps your car is exhibiting signs of old age and you find yourself asking, Is it Time for You to Buy a New Car?


Truth is, taking your car for regular servicing extends its use for just a limited period. Just like an aging human being, there are certain parts that can’t be replaced. Using your car beyond a certain age limit turns it into a liability because mechanical problems pop up at an alarming rate. That’s why you need to ask,  When is the best time to buy a new car?

Is it Time for You to Buy a New Car? 8 signs you need to replace your current car

Owning a faulty car that’s beyond repair wastes your time and money every day

1. Is it Time for You to Buy a New Car? 8 signs you need to replace your current car

1. You notice falling parts

Aged parts tend to fall off by themselves. One day you’re speeding down the highway then you suddenly hear a loud bang coming from beneath. When you stop and get out, you notice your rear bumper lying several feet behind your car. You feel a ton of embarrassment dragging it back to your car because other drivers and pedestrians are giggling.


You’ll even notice this problem in the interior. The air conditioner knob drops to the floor unexpectedly just when you were lowering temperatures. Imagine how embarrassing it would be if you were riding with your first-time date to the movies.

2. Strange noises coming from your engine

A car engine that’s in excellent condition purrs gently when driving at low speeds and emits a uniform roar when speeding. A faulty car engine produces screeching sounds when you start the car in the morning. This is due to strained movements between worn-out engine parts that screech due to friction.


When you drive at 60 MPH or higher speeds, you’ll hear strange bumps followed by rattling sounds coming from your car’s hood. It’s an unpleasant experience because these bumps and rattling sounds bring about anxiety among passengers.

3. Your mechanic is tired of seeing you in the same car

Last year, your mechanic suggested that you get a new car. However, you probably ignored his advice because the strange sounds coming from your engine disappeared after your previous repairs. While driving to work in the morning, you hear the same noises from your engine and it’s driving you nuts because you don’t know whether you’ll make it to the office.


If your mechanic suggests that it’s time to buy a new car, that’s because they’ve done a thorough inspection of your engine. Auto mechanics have a responsibility of ensuring drivers’ safety and that’s why you need to obey promptly.


4. Your friends and relatives keep telling you to get a new car

Have you noticed that anytime you meet your friends, they tend to ask questions or make comments about your car? Usually, these comments and questions are about how aged your car is and whether you have plans of buying a new one. Some will directly make fun of your car and this is irritating.


If it gets to the point where older uncles are bothering you with questions and suggestions, just do what they say. Apply for an auto loan and get a better car or else you’ll earn some terrible nicknames.

5. You feel embarrassed whenever you park it in a crowded parking lot

A good car usually brings about a sense of pride. That’s why your granddad and older uncles have photos of themselves leaning on the hoods of their prized set of wheels. A car should represent success and the type of first impression you hope to create when meeting new clients or potential spouses.


On the other hand, a jalopy instills shame because you probably wait until the parking lot is almost empty to hop inside your car and whizz off. You tense up whenever someone asks you for a ride because he or she’ll hear all the embarrassing loud rattling sounds coming from your engine when you start driving at 50 MPH.


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6. You spend most of your weekends at the mechanic

Last week you had problems with your radiator. The previous weekend, you spent a few thousands purchasing and installing a new fuel tank. While dropping your kids off at school this morning, you realize that you need to apply extra force to shift gears. Your heart sinks because you’ll have to spend another long Saturday at your mechanic’s auto shop.


Holding on to such a worn out car doesn’t make sense because you no longer enjoy driving it. You spend a lot of time worrying and this affects your mood and thoughts. In this situation, the only beneficiary is your mechanic because he’s the only one making money out of your misery.

7. It’s getting harder and harder to find new spare parts

If you bought your car more than 10 years ago, then you probably understand this problem. You’ve spent several hours driving from one mechanic to the next but no one has access to the spare parts you desperately need. Perhaps you’ve even tried other neighboring cities but the closest solution you’ve got is settling for used spare parts.


Auto manufacturers usually give 8-10 year product cycles when producing various models. After this period, the manufacturer ceases vehicle and spare part production to push car buyers into upgrading to better models.

8. Your insurance company informs you that you have to pay higher quotes

Auto insurance companies determine the quotes you pay based on your car’s age. Owning a recently manufactured motor vehicle entitles you to pay more affordable quotes because your car has very low chances of developing mechanical problems.


On the other hand, cars produced in the past decade have faulty engine parts that are likely to contribute to a series of engine problems. Your auto insurance company will demand higher quotes because they know that you’ll file for compensation more than once annually.

Is it Time for You to Buy a New Car? Yes, it is!

Owning a faulty car that’s beyond repair wastes your time and money every day. Your professional life takes a hit any time you have to pull up and deal with unexpected mechanical failures because you end up arriving late for important meetings. Potential clients cannot take you seriously when you show up in a noisy and rusty bucket.



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