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Driving for Uber vs Lyft

last updated July 10, 2019

The taxi-hailing industry has experienced huge growth in the past year with the development of many applications such as Uber and Lyft, which help to link riders and drivers. The access to the different applications can sometimes prove to be a challenge in deciding which app to use. Let’s look at Driving for Uber vs Lyft.

Driving for Uber vs Lyft

Elements to Put in Consideration

Before deciding whether to drive for Uber or Lyft, it is important to put the following factors into consideration.


Although Uber and Lyft offer similar pricing, the companies are always in a competition and are involved in pricing undercutting in an attempt to kick the competitor out of the market. The difference in the pricing of these two rideshare applications is experienced when there is a rise in clients. Both companies increase the standard pricing of the ride at such times so as to lure more drivers to offer their services in the locations with more customers.

The increase is known as surge pricing in Uber and Prime time for Lyft. Although they both increase the prices at peak hours, research has shown that Uber rides are more expensive. Therefore, as a driver you will be compensated highly when working for Uber than when working for Lyft if you take advantage of the surge pricing.


The competition being experienced in the taxi service industry has helped to maintain the returns earned by drivers per hour at a relatively constant rate. This is because the drivers tend to switch to the application that is paying better whenever they feel that they are not satisfied with the pay they are currently getting.

Uber, however, gives a guarantee to the drivers of earning more than the other rideshare applications because of its various levels of taxi services. It is more likely to get more tips when riding Uber Black which is used by rich people. This assures Uber drivers that they can make more when driving for Uber than Lyft.


Uber and Lyft were launched almost the same time and the only difference between the applications is that Uber gives the estimated arrival time when requesting for the ride while Lyft gives you an estimate after the trip has already began.

Uber has worked on upgrading its application and giving the rider more control in terms of choosing the type of car they want as well as the gender of the driver. However, one of the things that clients expressed displeasure with is the extensive cross selling that Uber does on the app for services such as Uber eats and delivery that ruins the user experience.

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Vehicle Options

After doing an in-depth research between Uber and Lyft, I am convinced that the one factor that sets apart Uber from Lyft is the availability of vehicle options for riders to choose from. Uber has a wide range of cars at different service levels when compared to Lyft.


The target market for Uber is mainly business people which makes its services more professional when compared to Lyft. The slogan behind the development of the Lyft application was ‘Your friend with a car’. This is why you will find that Lyft drivers are more chatty and friendly unlike Uber drivers who try to minimalize their interaction with the client.

Driving for Uber vs Lyft…Can you make good money with Lyft?

Lyft has come to be one of the most sought-after employers and this can be attributed to the fact that one can make good money when driving for Lyft. The drivers who are able to remain profitable apply the following techniques;

Tax Deductions

When driving for Lyft, you are an independent contractor and not a permanent employee. Therefore, you are responsible for filing your own taxes according to the regulations of your state. You will only be issued with a form where you are expected to fill all the expenses that you incur while driving for Lyft. What many drivers don’t know is that recording if the expenses enable one to qualify for tax deductions which will help you to make good money at the end of the month.

Sign-Up Bonus

Lyft offers it new drivers a bonus for signing up with the company and this enables them to make good money on their first month of driving for them. You can also earn more if you recruit other drivers to join Lyft. You just give them your referral code and when they sign up you will have a percentage of their bonus credited to your account.

Increased Tips

Lyft allows its drivers to be friendly towards the clients which increases the probability of getting a tip at the end of the trip. The application is also developed in a way that accommodated in-app tipping making it very easy for customers to give tips after a satisfactory ride. After talking to a number of Lyft drivers, we have gathered that you can increase your tips by keeping snacks and water in the car and offering them to customers and allowing them to charge their phones in your car. Calling the clients when you can’t locate them on the application is also another proven way of earning tips as it reduces the wait time and total cost of the ride.

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Is it worth to drive Uber?

Having sampled a number of rideshare applications as a driver, I can confidently say that Uber is amazing. You’re able to work at your own pleasure and meet different people on every ride. That said, it is important to note that your experience as an Uber driver will differ according to your location and how you apply different strategies to remain profitable. You also need to put into consideration a number of elements before deciding to becoming an Uber driver.

Factors to Consider Before Driving for Uber


Many people join Uber as drivers with the expectations to make lots of money as advertised in the media. However, the truth is that the amount of money one makes in a week is dependent on the amount of time spent on the road. If you want to earn more, you have to spend a lot of time behind the wheel. It is also important to factor in the expenses one incurs on every ride so as to determine actual profitability.

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Before driving for Uber, it is important to familiarize yourself with the peak hours of your locality. This will be very helpful as you can strategically place yourself in areas that have surge pricing during peak hours.

Supplementary Income

Being an Uber driver might not provide you with adequate income especially if you bought the vehicle using a bank loan. This is why it is important to find supplementary sources of income that you can work on in-between rides. Uber has no problem if you use your car for other purposes as long as you meet the minimum hour cap per week.

Support Group

It is likely that the Uber drivers in your area have a group which meets up to discuss various issues that affect them. Being part of such a group is very important as you get access to fast hand information regarding your area of operation. You will also get support from this group incase you run into trouble.

Clean Environment

You shouldn’t consider being a driver for Uber if you aren’t a people’s person or if you have a tendency of littering your car. This is because reviews play a vital role in the service industry and a dirty vehicle will be dissatisfying to your customers. You will also have zero chances of getting tips if your car is not clean.

Vehicle Option

As you may already know, Uber has a number of vehicle options from which clients can pick the model that they want to ride in. Before becoming an Uber driver, it is recommended that you decide the Uber service level that you want to work in as it greatly determines how much money you will make at the end of the week and your flexibility to use other rideshare applications.

Final Thoughts

As far as Driving for Uber vs Lyft, we have highlighted the differences in an attempt to inform your decision on which company you should drive for. It’s, however, important to note that Uber is an established brand with reach to people in more states than Lyft. As a driver, you should put into consideration the performance of both application in your locality alongside the factors mentioned in this article before deciding which company to join.

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