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Factors to Consider When Buying a Car Stereo System

last updated July 29, 2018

Are you planning to pimp your ride with a new stereo system? That’s a smart move because a good stereo system brings about a lively atmosphere when going on road trips or driving to school. Today, you’ll learn about the important Factors to Consider When Buying a Car Stereo System.

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How much are you willing to spend on a car stereo system that fulfills your entertainment?

You need to learn these Tips for choosing a new car stereo in order to get value for money. You’ll also understand the mistakes to avoid to avoid coming off as a total newbie. Are you ready to learn?

1. 8 Factors to Consider When Buying a Car Stereo System

1. Do you want Component or full range speakers?

If you just want a modest car stereo system, the full range speaker set is suitable for your car. It comes in one unit that consists of a subwoofer, midrange speakers, and twitters. Component speakers resemble each other and they’re popular in newly purchased cars within the $15,000-$18,000 range.


A full range set of speakers produces louder and more distinct sounds because it contains separate components. Pioneer Electronics has a long history of producing full range speakers. They’re also expensive. You can clearly distinguish the subwoofer from midrange speakers and twitters. Purchasing this set enables you to install components according to your preferred setting. Like installing the subwoofer in the trunk to enhance bass.

2. Speaker Sizes

Are you looking to draw attention whenever you arrive at school or parties? You’ll need large speakers to achieve this objective. Speakers come in several sizes starting from 8 inches going up to 12 inches. Nowadays, you can get custom made speakers that are as large as 16 inches.


Large speakers are ideal for large sedans and SUVs because they have enough space for installation. You need enough space because installing large speakers on small car doors causes cracks in the car windows due to frequent rattling.


3. Compatibility with your electronics

If you don’t listen to radio stations 24/7, you need a car system that allows you to plug in several media devices. Sometimes you want to listen to a podcast but surrounding traffic noises are so loud that you can’t concentrate even when wearing earphones. However, if your car stereo has a 3.5mm auxiliary jack, guess what? All you need to do is plug in your phone and turn up the volume!


If you already have a car DVD player, you need to look for a car stereo system that’s compatible with your unit. Why? Because a good car stereo system enhances your movie watching experience by channeling audio through a surround system just like a movie theatre.

4. Power handling

A full range set of speakers may require an external amplifier. Amplifiers enhance audio clarity and help you to regulate power flowing to woofers, midrange speakers, and twitters. For the best audio performance, each speaker should receive optimum power consistently.


Larger speakers above 10 inches have a high power consumption rate. So, you’ll need a high capacity amplifier to get your speakers pumping. Obviously, you’ll need to budget for a long lasting car battery to match your stereo’s needs.

5. Anti-theft features

You’ve heard countless stories of car burglars invading neighborhoods then fleeing with stereo systems worth tens of thousands of dollars. Perhaps you wondered whether the car owners had good car alarm systems in the first place. However, a car alarm system deters theft in areas where security guards are nearby.


Modern car stereo systems have detachable components to minimize the risk of burglary. For instance, a detachable faceplate makes it hard for thieves to steal a stereo because it will fetch a bad price on the black market. Some digital stereos require the owners to key in a security code in order to play music and access various features.

6. Increase in auto insurance quotes

Your auto insurance provider expects you to notify them after installing a new car stereo system. It’s considered a car modification and therefore your car needs a new valuation. Obviously, you end up paying higher quotes because you’ve added an expensive modification to your car.


Start by calling your auto insurance agent and ask about their company’s policy on newly installed car stereo systems. If you don’t like your new premiums, consider shopping for a more affordable auto insurance provider.

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7. Analog or digital system?

The smartphone wave has taken over mobile communication and entertainment systems. Nowadays, you’ll spot digital car stereo systems running on various Android operating systems. Are there any special advantages to owning a digital system? Yes, there are several. They’re easy to use because they have a touch screen menu that resembles a smartphone.


Perhaps the biggest advantage is you can download various apps. For instance, Google Maps turns your stereo’s screen into a map for better navigation. You can easily sync your phone to the car stereo system in order to share playlists with your friends.


Analog car systems only feature an LED screen to indicate channel frequency and a set of volume and channel tuning knobs. Nowadays, analog car systems have USB ports for drivers to enjoy listening to their favorite albums stored inside flash drives.

8. Price

How much are you willing to spend on a car stereo system that fulfills your entertainment? If you’re planning to purchase a brand new system, then you need a definite savings plan. Remember, your car stereo’s price influences your auto insurance quotes.


Budgeting for a used car stereo takes less time and money. That means you won’t feel the effect of your auto insurance company revaluing your car. However, purchasing a used car stereo is risky because the seller doesn’t offer any warranty.

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Now that you know the Factors to Consider When Buying a Car Stereo, sly salesmen won’t dupe you. Make sure you test out a system before buying it. Go for a car stereo system that has strong anti-theft features to lower the risk of theft. You might consider buying a good car alarm system to scare off car burglars and alert security guards manning parking lots at your frequent destinations such as work, school, and the mall.


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