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How to Sell Your Car on eBay

last updated April 25, 2019

If you wanted to sell a call a few decades back, you had to be prepared to go through an exhausting process of finding a buyer through word of mouth or by creating a listing on print media. Today, things have changed and today we’ll look at How to Sell a Car on eBay safely.

How to Sell Your Car on eBay

The biggest problem however on trading online is being prone to cyber-crime which has become widespread with the evolution of technology. Are you looking to sell your car safely on eBay? Read on to find out more on how you can avoid transaction fraud and protect your personal details.

Can you ship a car through eBay?

Online trading has evolved in the recent past and the introduction of the shipment option by various sellers has made it possible for you to buy anything over the internet without leaving your house or the office.

Long gone are the days when car dealers had you coughing heavy amounts of money for them to ship a car for you. Technology has simplified the process of buying a car online as you can now easily ship a car through eBay.

Some of the factors to consider before shipping a car through eBay include;

·Availability of the shipping option

Before you decide to ship a car that you have bought on eBay, it’s also of utmost importance that when browsing through eBay for the car of your choice, you pick a seller with the shipping option so as to facilitate the shipment.


Shipping a car through eBay tends to be more expensive when compared to other options such as flying or driving to pick up the car. Having the help of a personal broker can help you analyze different quotes and settle on one that is within your budget.

·Car Model

The make and age of the car that you buy tend to determine the availability of the shipping option as well as the cost that you may incur. Luxurious and brand-new cars may require closed and separate shipping which may not be easily available to many sellers listed on eBay.

Many online buyers are now swaying with the trend of shipping cars through eBay and this can be attributed to the following advantageous reasons;

·Saves on time

Shipping a car that you have bought on eBay is time -saving as you don’t have to take time off work to fly and pick up the car from the seller. You also don’t have to go through the tedious process of filing paperwork and clearing with the relevant authorities as the car is delivered to your doorstep.


You should consider shipping a car that you bought through eBay as it allows you to ship the car alongside other purchases that you make. This may allow you to make use of quantity discounts which will allow you to save a few dollars. It has also been noted that shipping your goods during winter is cheaper compared to other seasons as the road traffic is relatively low.

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How do I sell my car on eBay Classifieds?

Are you a new eBay user and wondering how you are going to sell the car parked in your garage? Worry no more as we have created a simple guide on how you can sell your car on eBay Classifieds.

Despite the fact that eBay Classifieds was shut down in 2016, eBay users can still create eBay Classifieds Ads which can be easily searched and viewed by the millions of eBay users. The eBay Classifieds Ads belong to different industries such as business, technology, travel among others which creates a huge target market for your car.

You should consider selling your car on eBay Classified if;

  • Your car is too big such that it can’t be shipped hence requiring the buyer to pick the car in person.
  • Your payment options are cash only.
  • You are considering offering an after-sale service to the buyer.
  • You are selling to a specified location only.

Steps for creating an eBay Classifieds Ad

Log in to an eBay account

To be able to create an eBay Classifieds Ad you need to login into your eBay account. If you don’t have an account you will need to create one.

Access the advanced listing form

After signing in into your account you will have access to the advanced listing form. This is the form that identifies you as the seller and enables you to sell your items on eBay.

Item Details

The next step to selling your car on eBay is searching on the search bar for a similar product that has been listed on eBay. If the search yields no results, then you need to fill the item specifics by yourself. You need to provide correct details about your car so as to inform the buyer of the car specifics.

Filling the Details

The details that you fill out in the item details the on the item details section determines how you fast you sell your car. Giving an interesting and detailed description about your car can help increase the number of traffic viewing your eBay Classifieds Ad translating to a much higher sale.

Selecting the Ad format

When you click on the ‘selling details’, you will be asked to fill in the eBay Classifieds Ad format where you specify the payment method that you want the buyer to use as well as the price range at which you are selling your car.

Listing on eBay Classifieds

If you have gotten to this point, then you are ready to sell your car on eBay Classifieds. The last step in this very simple process is double-checking all the information that you have entered and then clicking the ‘list’ button to list your car for sale.

Is it easy to sell a car on eBay?

The line determining whether it is easy or hard to sell on eBay is very thin as this is determined by how well prepared you are to make the sale. You should not worry however as this article is designed to ensure that you are able to sell your car without experiencing any problems. The four main steps to make it easy to sell your car on eBay include;


This includes doing comprehensive research on the market you want to reach and devising advertising and marketing methods to reach them. You should make use of the advice from friends and family who have sold their cars before on eBay as this information is very helpful as eBay regulations differ according to different locations.


Having really colorful and clear pictures of your car can really ease the process of selling your car. This is because the buyer will be able to ascertain the status and viability of the car by scrutinizing the pictures. It will also minimize the number of obvious questions that the potential buyers raise regarding the car you are selling.

·Listing management

Listing an item for sale on eBay allows you to establish contact with potential buyers so as to determine the most suitable buyer. While doing this, you can also edit the pricing chart if there have any significant changes such as damage to the car or engine failure.

You should ensure that the phone contact and email address listed on your eBay account is correct so as to enable potential bidders to get into contact with you. You can also get the contact information of the people interested in your car by selecting the ‘Find Contact Information’ search option. This information can also be obtained from the History Section associated with your car.

Completion of Sale

Once you have identified a potential buyer for your car and settled on favorable payment terms, the next step is completing the sale. This is characterized by receiving of the deposit payment to initiate the sale via the agreed means; although eBay recommends PayPal.

After the payment has been made and confirmed, the car is then picked up or shipped according to the buyer’s specifications. It is very helpful in the case of shipment of the car if you have an existing relationship with a courier service provider to cut down on the cost of outsourcing one.

It is important that you transfer the title of ownership of the car to the buyer in accordance with the buyer’s locality laws. This is very crucial as different states tend to have different laws and regulations regarding car ownership and transfer of the same.

·Second Chance Offer

If the auction period provided by eBay closes and you haven’t found a suitable buyer for your car, don’t give up as there is an opportunity for you to give a lower price offer to the second highest bidder. You can agree on any amount of money with the new buyer as long as it’s lower than the closing bidding price.

If that doesn’t work, you can relist your car for sale by choosing the relist option which can be easily found on the bottom of your item page. You will, however, pay an insertion fee if and when you sell the listed car via eBay.

How much does it cost to sell a car on eBay?

The online business has grown tremendously in the recent past with every industry jumping on the train. It is, however, advisable that you familiarize yourself with the cost associated with online trading and today we take a look at the cost of selling a car on eBay.

·Sales license

As a registered online seller, you will need to get a sales license from the relevant authority in your state so as to be allowed to trade legally on eBay. Lack of these licenses may create some barriers in the transfer of the car from you to the buyer. This also means that you will pay online sales tax once you get a buyer for your car.

·Standard charges

eBay charges all its online sellers a standard charge depending on the number of sales that you make in a year. This means that if you sell just one car you will pay less standard charge compared to a seller with many trades. Subscribing a licensed eBay vehicle dealer can enable you to save huge amounts of money by being charged less standard charge.

·Payment Charges

Another cost that you should expect to incur when selling your car on eBay is the payment processing fee that is usually charged by PayPal. Other payment options such as credit card and wire transfers are available for your choice but you should be on the lookout for fraudsters when using either of these payment options.

·Shipping Cost

If your buyer chooses to have the car shipped rather than them picking it up, you will have to incur shipment cost. This is usually very expensive especially if the shipment is being done to an overseas country. You might want to include the shipment cost in the pricing of the car so as to transfer the cost to the buyer.


You now have all the tips and procedures of listing your car successfully on eBay and making a good sale. Selling small items prior to selling your car on your eBay account can be a good start as it will allow you to create a good customer base and get positive reviews. This will, in turn, boost your image as a seller attracting more bidders.

Posting clear, quality and detailed pictures of your car has proven to be a good way to get your car noticed on eBay search. You should be honest and specific about any flaws and damages that the car has so as to avoid legal issues with the buyer. Having read all the steps highlighted above, you are ready to comfortably sell your car from the comfort of your home. Go and make some money!

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