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Best Snow and Winter Tires

Best Snow and Winter Tires

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Snow tires are also referred to as winter tires. They’re specially designed to run on ice. Unlike summer, these wheels feature a tread outline complete with huge gaps to promote traction on ice and snow. Tires specially designed for winter are suitable for temperatures varying between 7 degrees centigrade. In this post, we’ll discuss the best snow and winter tires.

Best Snow and Winter Tires

Do winter tires help on ice?

While winter tires perform well in snow, they may not be as effective when it comes to ice. Even for the most experienced drivers, winter tires are likely to slide on the ice. What’s more, you want to exercise caution and drive as slowly as you can on snow to avoid causing accidents.

It’s important to mention that winter tires come with unique rubber compounds as opposed to the metal studs which bulge from the tread, and which comes in handy to provide traction during icy weather. The rubber is effective in cold temperatures and the reason why many manufacturers prefer it is because it enhances flexibility rather than hardening them when temperatures are below zero degrees.

Does this mean that Winter Tires are Ineffective in Icy Conditions?

If you’re driving in icy conditions, studded tires will come in handy to enhance stability. However, using studded tires in areas where icy roads are not common can be challenging. Apart from the inconveniences that come with changing them often, studded tires are illegal in some states seeing that they cause damage on the roads. What’s more, the tread in studded tires will have a minimal encounter with the road surface and this will result in poor dry weather management.

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Are M S tires good in snow?

If you want to establish the traction capability of your winter tires, there are two grading systems you can use. Have you noticed the M and S marking on the side of some tires? Did you ask yourself what that meant? Well, tires which have undergone and passed the winter tire traction tests, Mud and snow, and mountain/snowflake symbol feature the M and S symbol.

While these tests are part of the regulated tire industry testing, there’s a huge difference in the traction levels and the level of testing needed for tires to qualify for each symbol. Of course, these symbols will help you identify your preferred tires but you’ll still need to understand the difference between the two tests, especially when you’re searching for tires for different vehicle models.

The Display of M and S on all Season Tires

M and S is a tire marking system whose introduction was done to carve a difference between ordinary rib treads from the knobbly bias-ply tires on early light truck and radial car tires. M and S would later be adopted as an indication that the tire had a particular all-season capability as opposed to summer tires.

However, M S can only be effective when it comes to calculating traction in stuffed mud and snow which makes it a one-dimensional test. M S can’t be used to measure traction on slush, ice, or even on cold but dry roads. This is why this marking system can’t be used to analyze the functionality of winter tires when driving in winter conditions.

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Are snow tires better than AWD?

If you’re torn between an all-wheel-drive vehicle over snow tires, you may want to first understand that choosing the right rubber for your vehicle is critical for your vehicle’s enhanced performance.

While an all-wheel drive can help you during snowy conditions, it’s worth noting that a front-wheel-drive car fitted with snow tires will be more effective if you’re driving during snowy weather. If you already have an all-wheel-drive car, you may want to purchase winter tires to improve your driving experience and enhance safety in snowy weather.

Which are the Best Snow and Winter Tires?

There’s a wide range of winter tires in the market. As a vehicle owner, choosing the ideal set of tires for your vehicle can be an arduous task. To ease the process, there are various factors you should put into consideration as seen below.

Your Area of Residence

Where you live will have a huge impact on the winter tires you choose. For instance, if you live in areas prone to lots of snow but fewer hills, you’ll need robust tires to provide traction on flat and slippery roads. However, if you live along with the mountainous areas, you should choose a set of high-performance winter tires for enhanced safety.

Master Braking and Handling

The winter tires you choose will influence the way you brake and handle your vehicle. Remember, all-season tires lose the flexibility and traction you require for safety when the temperatures are below 7°C. By choosing the ideal tires, you enhance the braking capability of your vehicle and improve its handling.

Your Vehicle Model

Do you have a four-wheel-drive car and feel like it’ll help you during winter? Of course, the vehicle will be of help but you’ll still need winter tires. These come in handy to enhance a vehicle’s traction regardless of the model. The ideal winter tire size and type will depend on the make and model of your vehicle. If you’ve no idea how to pick the best tires for your vehicle, you may want to consult an expert who’ll be in a position to determine the size and type of tires for your vehicle needs.

Your Budget

If you’re looking for ideal winter tires but aren’t in a position to afford new ones, you can choose to purchase used ones. Better still, you can target the winter tire sale and purchase them at subsidized prices. Whatever you do, all you want is to find the ideal winter tires within your budget. Remember, used winter tires can be a great deal but you’ll need the help of an expert to help you choose the best type and size for your vehicle.

Here’s a review of some of the best winter tires you can choose for your vehicle.

Yokohama BluEarth Winter V905

Generally, Yokohama tires are a classic representation of excellent quality and great pricing. Of course, these are some of the critical factors that people consider when choosing winter tires. The Yokohama BluEarth Winter V905 come with triple 3D sipes for enhanced road grip and enhanced traction for maximum vehicle handling and control, especially when you’re driving on slippery roads.

These winter tires also feature directional tread pattern complete with wide slanting grooves to facilitate great drainage which is necessary to avert hydroplaning. If you’re looking for balanced winter traction and enhanced safety during winter, you’ll get it from the Yokohama BluEarth Winter V905.

Dunlop Winter Maxx Winter Tires

The Dunlop Winter Maxx Winter Tires come with a nano-fit rubber which combines rigidity and flexibility to ensure that the rubber tread clings on the ice surface. When it’s wintertime, you know you want to be extra cautious on the road, especially if you’re traveling with your entire family. Finding the ideal tires, therefore, is of utmost importance for your safety.

Dunlop has incorporated the digital rolling simulation technology to provide make your tires durable and strong enough to withstand stress on the road. These tires come with an exclusive tread pattern to facilitate proper performance on the road regardless of the weather conditions. The manufacturer has gone a step further to ensure that these winter tires feature an appropriate rating for dry, wet, and convenient performance.

Unique Features

The Dunlop Winter Maxx Winter Tires comes with wide lugs and grooves to facilitate wet handling and snow traction. The Maxx sharp edge completes with Miura Ori Sipes is ideal for improved blade density. They also promote tread to ice contact and help prevent distortion.

The Dunlop Winter Maxx Winter Tires is durable with some owners saying that they’ve managed to use them for between three and five seasons. Are you looking for a set of reliable and durable winter tires? Then these Dunlop tires are guaranteed to do you justice. Another good thing about these winter tires is that they’re available at affordable prices.

Pirelli Winter Cinturato

The Pirelli Winter Cinturato is not only durable but they’ll also give you maximum performance on the road. One unique factor you’ll discover from using these tires is the fact that they come with a wide footprint, leveraging on almost the entire tread pattern to facilitate contact on a snowy road. This way, you get better grip especially when you’re making wide and tight turns.

You’ll also enhance high-speed functionality during extreme winter conditions. The manufacturers of these winter tires have gone a step further to provide these tires with slush and tread pitch cycle that enhances your tire’s grip while clearing the road to guarantee control, flexibility, and contact with the road. These winter tires are sturdy enough to guarantee increased stability and safety

Yokohama Iceguard

The Yokohama Iceguard has a BluEarth designation, an indication that it met the criteria required to be an eco-friendly winter tire. This winter tire comes with a high-density triple action compound made with a combination of resin and silica-coated microbubbles complete with multiple layered carbons.

The first compounds come in handy to enhance snow and slippery performance while the others facilitate the tire’s adaptation to fluctuating weather conditions and temperature. Yokohama has incorporated advanced technology to ensure that these tires are ideal for extremely snowy conditions. The Yokohama Iceguard is studless yet it offers ice shoving and traction benefits similar to their studded counterparts. The good thing about these winter tires is that they don’t damage the road.

Unique Features

The Yokohama Iceguard comes with slush grooves which come in handy to help shove away the muck from the road to make it passable. They also help you maintain flexibility and stability during rainy weather. It’s worth noting that you can use these winter tires during dry conditions when the winter season has subsided. It’s prudent to say that these tires are versatile.

Firestone Winterforce UV

If you’re looking for value in terms of pricing and quality, the Firestone Winterforce UV winter tires are the way to go. Driving during overly snowy conditions can be an arduous task and this is why you’ll need robust tires to enhance your flexibility, stability, and overall performance. The Firestone Winterforce UV fulfills the snow service needs of the RAC (Rubber Association of Canada) andRMA(rubber manufacturer’s association). These tires are pinned for 12 studs to give them enhanced traction potential.

Unique Features

The manufacturer outdid themselves by incorporating directional tread pattern which comes in handy to optimize dry and wet performance via tread design. The tread design is critical and facilitates a better grip on the road. These tires are among the most durable thanks to their ability to apply a wider contact pad when encountering the road, a process which plays a huge role in prolonging the tire’s lifespan.

Michelin LTX Winter

Some poor quality winter tire’s traction will not last beyond one winter season. The good thing about the Michelin LTX winter is that they come with robust traction that lasts from one winter season to the other. What’s more, the ice traction is critical when it comes to guaranteeing your safety on the road.

The onset of winter can be stressful for drivers especially if finding the ideal winter tires in your area is a daunting task. With the Michelin LTX Winter, you don’t have to go through such stress anymore. These winter tires come with an exclusive slush shoving treadline and a great eco-rating. This comes in handy to help you drive through snowy roads with ease and stability.

Unique Features

Enjoy a broad maximum load capacity with the Michelin LTX Winter tires, which are used for both SUVs and large trucks. These winter tires feature multi-grooves, open shoulder slots, and a broad contact point to make to help you make sharp and wide turns with ease. What’s more, high-speed handling will also become more manageable especially when you hit snow or black ice patches unexpectedly. With these winter tires, you are guaranteed safety and enhanced stability.


Finding the ideal winter tires for your vehicle should be easier with this guide. Whatever you do, exercise your due diligence before purchasing your tires for credibility purposes. Remember, there’s an influx of winter tire suppliers in the market today and you don’t want to be a victim of substandard products.

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