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Used Auto Parts

Used Auto Parts

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Having a car is convenient. You are able to have full control of where you want to go. Family outings are more interesting and you can take a ride anytime you need it. However, at some point, you will need to make some repairs on your car to maintain its efficiency. It’s desirable to have the repairs done as fast as possible and inexpensively. If the repair is done on a budget, buying used auto parts for the repair would be very ideal. Moreover, purchasing used car parts is eco-friendly because recycling them reduces waste disposal to the environment.

Used Auto Parts

The availability of used car parts is not an issue, what bothers most people is what they should pay attention to when buying the used car parts to avoid making a purchase that will later bring more problems. This article focuses on the tips you should focus on when buying used car parts.

Tips when buying used auto parts

1. Research on the place to buy the parts

There are several places where you can buy used car parts, it could be on the online platforms, auto parts stores, and a junkyard or a wrecking yard. However, you will need to choose a trustworthy seller before making any purchase. It’s sometimes difficult to tell which seller is trustworthy and who is not. This means that you will need adequate research for the best results.  From the three possible places, you can use different ways to check their trustworthiness.

  • For the online sources

Most of the online platforms that sell these parts have options that allow consumers to rate the seller. This is one way that you can use to determine the trustworthiness of the seller. You may also go through the reviews provided and evaluate the satisfaction of the customers.

  • For auto parts stores

Most people prefer this since you’re physically present in the store and you can evaluate the part just by looking at it. However, to avoid con men who make it hard for you to detect the quality of the item you’re purchasing, consider checking with your local Better Business Bureau, to confirm their reputation. Moreover, you may ask around and end up getting valuable information relevant for this purpose.

  • For junkyard or a wrecking yard

The advantage of purchasing a car part from these places is that you may end getting a high-quality material at a cheaper cost. Nevertheless, the people in the yards may at times over price the item, hence you should check the prevailing prices in the auto part stores and E-commerce platforms to get a rough figure of how much you should buy the used car part.

2. Be sure on the exact car part that you need

Ensure that you are aware of the specifications of the part you intend to buy.  The car part may be available for many vehicles, but it’s important to purchase one that fits your model completely.

  • If the part is small in size, you may carry it to the store for accuracy, and you may also be in a position to detect an original one and duplicate ones.
  • You can also use the Vehicle Identification Number to do thorough online research on the specifications of the parts you intend to buy. If this identification number is not present, you can use the chassis number.
  • Another suitable approach is to use the manual of your vehicle. You will get all the necessary information you need about that particular part.

3. The history of the used car part

Seek to know the history of the part you intend to purchase. This is crucial as you will be in a position to determine the durability and efficiency of the part.

  • You may ask how old the part is. Some of the car parts may be too old to be recycled. Hence, when purchased they may provide a very low performance than expected. Be aware of the mileage of the item. The seller may not be honest in this, but you can check on how definite he or she is in the answer. Another way would be checking the price of the car part. When it’s too cheap than expected, you can doubt its effectiveness.
  • You may want to know if the parts have undergone any modifications. Some of the modifications may be done to hide the defects of the parts which when purchased they fail very fast. One way you can determine the effectiveness of the part is the warranty or refund policies provided by the seller. When they fail to offer this, don’t consider buying from them

4. Ask about the warranties being provided

Most of the car parts should be accompanied by a warranty when purchased.

  • Ensure that you have read and understood all the provisions in the warranty before making any purchase.
  • Ensure that all the statements in the warranty are very clear to avoid any contradictions in the future. If you fail to understand any part of the statements, seek clarifications from the representatives. Don’t ignore anything as every line and text in the warranty is crucial.
  • Some online sellers may provide warranties with catchy words, but don’t be swindled, read and understand the warranty carefully.

5. Check the return policies of the seller

it’s advisable to buy used car parts from a store with return and refund policies. Ensure that you are aware of these policies before making any purchase.

  • Most auto part stores offer a return policy in a printed form, where you may fail to read some provisions. While you may fail to read the whole print out, read keenly the exceptions in the policies, for instance for how long a refund is accepted by the seller.
  • Pay close attention to the return policies on the online platforms, as some of them provide high fines when you purchase the wrong product by mistake.
  • Making returns after purchasing the wrong item can be avoided by having the right specifications of the car part as discussed above.

6. Have an expert with you when purchasing the used car part

In some cases, you may fail to understand clearly the right item for your car even after following the tips provided above. This where an automotive expert comes in as they have in-depth knowledge of the car part and will help you make a wise decision by purchasing the correct and original car part.

Nevertheless, ensure that the expert is trustworthy, especially someone you may have known at a personal level. some of the automobile experts may have wrong intentions of getting more gains and may end up giving you the wrong advice. If he or she accompanies you and fails to check for more options from different stores, then there is a probability that he is interested in the transaction.

7. Have in mind that some car parts perform well when replaced with new ones

Although you’re working on a tight budget, it’s sometimes wise to buy brand new car parts for certain repairs rather than replacing with used ones. The car parts that wear easily should be replaced with new ones to avoid buying the same item now and then. Some of these parts include brake pads, starters, and brake rotors.  As for the larger automotive parts, you may consider used car parts but ensure that their warranty is not less than 12 months.

8. Consider the original color and style of the car part

Consider the aesthetical influence of the car part towards the overall appearance of the car.


This is very important as purchasing a part that is different from the original color of the car by either being darker or lighter can affect the appearance of the car.

  • Style

The style of the used car part you intend to buy should blend well with the rest car parts. The style of the car part can also be a way of determining if a car part is the correct one for your car or not.

9.Ensure you’re able to detect an original and fake car part

You may have the right specifications of the car part but should be aware that the parts are not from the manufacturers themselves.  Most fake car parts have botched logos, missing critical components, misprinted words and many more.  A mechanical professional could be very helpful in this as highlighted above.

10.Consider the safety of the used car part

If the car part you consider replacing plays a crucial role in the overall safety, then be keen when purchasing a used car part. You may consider buying from a dealer or buy a brand-new car part.

There are various benefits of buying used car parts rather than brand new parts. They include;

Benefits of purchasing used car parts 

  • It is cost-saving. Brand new parts are often more expensive than used car parts compared to used car parts. The used car parts may, however, perform as effective as the new ones especially when well selected.
  • They are eco- friendly. Purchasing a used car part decreases the number of car parts being disposed to the environment hence very environmentally friendly.
  • They are readily available. You can easily get used car parts from the E-commerce platforms, local auto parts stores, and junkyards. The place should, however, be selected carefully as discussed above.
  • When used car parts are purchased, the need to manufacture new ones is reduced, hence more materials are saved and the amount of electricity being consumed is also significantly reduced. This also plays a huge role in maintaining the environment.


Utilizing used car parts is beneficial when the right part is selected and carefully purchased. Have the above tips in mind when purchasing car parts, for you to reap the benefits and avoid unexpected negative outcomes.

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