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Uber for Trucks

Uber for Trucks

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There is a misconception that pickups can only be enjoyed by cattle ranchers which has clogged our minds. Anyone can enjoy this strong, tough and dependable machine. To save many from this completely obsolete thought, let’s check out uber for trucks.

Uber for Trucks

How can I make money with my pickup truck?

Like any other car, pickup trucks consume fuel and need servicing now and then. Maintaining your pickup truck as a symbol of status with no intention of using it to make money from heavy duty work is unecessary. Below are ways to make extra earning with your pickup truck;

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Snow Plowing

During winter seasons most people get stuck as the snow covers almost the entire region. Investing in a snow plow attachment would cost you some deal but considering the many winter seasons it can be used makes the investment worth. Attach the snow plow at the front of the pickup truck and use it to clear driveways for the locals at a fee.

Truck advertisement

Companies are seeking to advertise themselves as much as possible to counter competition in the industry. If you’re the kind of person who spends a lot of time on the road with your truck, here is a smart side hustle. Get your truck covered with branded advertisements from these companies and earn some extra cash. However, you’ll be required to always clean your truck for the adverts to be visible.

Towing services

Pickup trucks are known for being powerful and tough. Almost each and every day we’ve vehicles breaking down on the roads. To offer a solution for such emergencies, buy a tow cable and use your pickup to tow these vehicles. To make even extra cash consider registering the business and advertise it on social media as well as on local papers. Having an insurance cover is also important since the business is faced by several risks.

Business deliveries

Some business owners offer free deliveries to their customers as an after sale service. Pickup owners can link up with such owners to offer delivery services at a fee. These trucks can also be used to distribute products to other branches making an earning for the owner.

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Hauling services

Owners of pickup trucks living near residential areas can make a huge amount of money by helping people to move. When vacating from one residential area to another or from one office to another, people carry with them furniture and other forms of luggage. In this case, the hauling business provides you with a big payday. Registering with sites that offer insurance for what you’re shipping and handle payment services means a big boom for your business.

Large appliances repair pickup and delivery

Large appliances such as refrigerators are stressful when they break down and require some repair especially to those who don’t own vehicles and those with small-sized ones. Pickup owners can grab such opportunities to make an earning through delivering them for repair and back to the owners.

Does Uber have pickup trucks?

Today, everything from food delivery, booking of cabs and appointment with doctors are in terms of the on-demand model. Uber for pickup trucks is among the latest additions in the on-demand economy. An app is installed in the smartphone and from this app, you can search for a pickup truck that will ferry your luggage. Some of the benefits include increased efficiency, time-saving and cutting on the cost incurred in the entire ferrying process.

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Working of Uber pickup trucks

Using various apps that have been developed, people willing to ship their belongings access pickup trucks and make a booking. Through the driver’s app, owners of pickups receive bookings and send the quotation for their charges or accept bookings at predetermined rates. Once the delivery is made, shippers pay pickup owners. Uber gets its share from the payment received by the truck owner because of digital matching of truck drivers and commercial shippers.

How are charges for Uber pickup trucks set?

Unlike truck owners who offer shipping services independently and have to negotiate the shipment fee with shippers, Uber shipment depends on charges that have already been determined so no chance of being misunderstood or misstated. When determining Uber freight charges the company considers distance, type of cargo and location of delivery. However, these charges vary depending on the dynamics in the market as a result of forces of demand and supply. For guarantee, all Uber pickup truck charges are paid after delivery.

Is there an app like Uber for trucks?

The official launch of Uber for trucks has ended the international nightmare of transportation process which was really strenuous. Shippers can easily link up with truck drivers willing to offer shipment services through mobile apps. The following are Uber-like trucking apps that you may require for efficient transportation;


A new way of shipment is being offered by this on-demand trucking mobile app where shippers using a technology known as one-click can book truckers. Immediate notification is sent to truck drivers informing them of a job that is available. It takes a few seconds for the shipper to book a truck and receive a quotation using this truck sharing app. This app is easy to use enabling shippers to track the movement of their cargo on the basis of real time. To the truck drivers, the app is a ‘savior’ to them because job opportunities come knocking at their door-step and transparency is observed in that there are no hidden charges.


There are two apps that are offered by this logistics company i.e. shippers app and drivers app. Using the Cargomatic shippers’ app, shippers post shipment opportunities giving all details that are required. A virtual dashboard receives the information and identifies truckers around the area. Drivers through the Cargomatic drivers’ app receive and accept the booking and acceptance notification is sent to the shipper. From time to time the shipper can track the location of their shipment and once the delivery has been made the carrier takes a photo and sends it through the driver’s app as a proof that freight has been accomplished.

Kenchain logistic app

This app aims at minimizing exploitation of shippers by brokers by avoiding commissions for conservative brokers. It matches with truck drivers with private clients and booking of carrier is allowed. The app considers prices of fuel, location and mileage for the delivery in summing up the final cost.

Trucker path

The target group for this on-demand app is the truck drivers offering commercial shipment services whereby it guides these drivers to the nearest hotels, areas of parking, truck mechanics and truck stops. Indeed, the trucker path app is the future of trucking as it not only helps truck drivers save on time but they also save a substantial amount of money. Information provided by this technology has made the company grow rapidly providing an avenue for it to connect more truck drivers to shippers.

Uship app

This app features advanced technologies such as estimation of prices, notifications and secured in-built system of payment for truckers, businesses in the trucking industry, brokers and shippers. This online shipping technology links shippers with carriers, may it be those offering shipment as solo truckers or as trucking companies making it the most popular and rapidly growing app.

Goshare app

It’s quite difficult to rent a pickup truck since there a lot of formalities required and the process involves a lot of paperwork which may even be misplaced. To get over these headaches, Goshare app provides experts who help you ship your luggage within a short period of time. The package offered by the app is appealing since they not only offer loading and offloading services but also cover your property against damage during the shipment process. The scheduling for shipment if very flexible, guaranteed pricing is observed and convenience is assured.

Features of Uber for truckers apps

For Uber for truckers apps to remain relevant here are some of the essentials they require;

Registration and login

To easily access the apps an automatic registration and login from the email or ones social media account is recommended.

Shipment details

Uber for trucker apps should provide detailed information on the kind of shipments they make in terms of maximum weight, location, time and charges to avoid inconveniences.

Alerts and reminders

Due to the busy schedule most people have, it’s easy to forget about the bookings made and deliveries required. This makes it necessary for these apps to have an alert that reminds them of what is required after every couple of hours.

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Vehicle tracking

Shippers would like a reassurance that their cargo is being shipped as per the schedule. Therefore, apps should be made in a way the location of the driver can be tracked through the GPS.

Proof of delivery

To prove to the shipper that the delivery has been made Uber for truckers app should have the ability to take a photo and upload it.

Shipping some contents today?

Are you planning to ship anything and wondering how to do it? Worry no more because a solution has been provided for you by the various Uber-like trucking apps where convenience, efficiency and more so your satisfaction are prioritized.

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