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Best Station Wagons

Best Station Wagons

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Station wagons are not as popular today as they were in the late 80s and 90s. However, this model still lives on to this day. As competition in the auto industry grows, this category also has very strong contenders. Here is a list of the best station wagons in 2019.

Best Station Wagons

Station Wagons That Deliver Value for Money

Subaru Outback

Classified as an SUV by the manufacturer, the Outback is a typical station wagon. It is a family car that suitable in the highways and off-road.

With large tires providing for a large ground clearance, the Outback will capably handle rough terrains without strain. It’s spacious for bulky cargo and off-road trips parking and also roomy around the seats allowing for both comfort and relaxation for the passengers and driver as well.

The Outback’s fuel consumption is very good. Both on the highway and off the road. It does not guzzle fuel as much as other station wagons do and is therefore suitable for the driver on a budget.

Besides its space and room, its interior is curated simply and the infotainment systems is highly advanced and functional. In terms of safety, the outback is highly rated by regulators and peers. It has highly advanced and accurate sensors and its emergency braking system is speedy and automatic.

Depending on the features and customization preferences, the /Subaru Outback price ranges from $27,000 to $39,000.

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Pros of the Subaru Outback

  • High safety standards
  • Off-road capability
  • Affordability

Cons of the Subaru Outback

  • Stiff steering
  • Not a Wi-Fi hotspot

Audi A4 Allroad

Another station wagon in contention for the top station wagon for 2019 is the Audi A4 Allroad. As its name suggests it is not only suitable for highway drives but will also handle competently on off-road travels.

The Audi A4 Allroad, is a station wagon worth its salt. It has a large ground clearance for proper and effective handling while off-road. The Audi is an all-wheel drive station wagon that makes it a powerful and a fun and easy drive.

The interior is spacious and comfortable with the seats designed in the well-known Audi design for comfort and health. It has a spec-filled infotainment systems that not only provides information and entertainment but is also the car’s user interface.

The A4 Allroad is a fair fuel consumer and this makes it a darling of many.

It has a large cargo space that allows the owner and family to pack as heavy as they like without needing extra haulage space.

Its safety features are highly sensitive which hinder a smooth drive on the highway. Even so, they can be switched off calling for high driver alertness.

The Audi A4 Allroad is quite pricey. Depending on the type of engine you choose and additional customization this station was on costs between $44,000 and $55,000.

Pros of the Audi A4 Allroad

  • Highly responsive safety features.
  • Good handling off road
  • Uses technology efficiently.

Cons of the Audi A4 Allroad

  • Pricey compared to other wagons of its type.

Mercedes Benz E400 4MATIC

The Mercedes Benz E400 4MATIC is a Mercedes Benz station wagon. True to its brand name, this station wagon oozes luxury and class. It is as expensive as you would expect from Mercedes but handles very strongly and is a station wagon to die for.

With a V6 engine and strength to power a small village, the engine in this machine is strong and will easily get you where you are going off road or on the highway. Its 9 speed transmission leads to greater speeds of travel and increased fuel consumption capacity.

Its interiors are beautiful and exquisitely furnished. IT has lots of head and legroom for the tall passengers.  The indoor entertainment system is highly modern and easy to use and control. With the now common steering wheel controls.

The price of the Mercedes Benz E400 4MATIC is on the higher side.  Mercedes Benz is a premium brand and the station wagon itself is a premium type of car. Its car ranges from $60,000 up to about $80,000.

Pros of the Mercedes Benz E400 4MATIC

  • Strong and sturdy vehicle
  • Roomy interiors for more passengers
  • Large cargo space.

Cons of the Mercedes Benz E400 4MATIC

  • Very expensive

Buick Regal Tour X

The Buick is a well-known American brand. This particular model is its latest station wagon and does not disappoint.

The interiors are elegantly and tastefully designed. It has a minimalistic design and is highly comfortable and roomy. It is spacious enough and will provide elegance and comfort during any particular journey.

It has an 8 speed transmission powered by a 4l 250hp engine. This means it is as fast as you can possible drive and handles as competently as possible.

IT has made good use of technology and used it efficiently to ensure that with its strength, the station wagon is highly efficient and safe. The safety sensors are highly active and its emergency braking system is highly effective and efficient.

It handles well both on the highway an off-road. With large ground clearance this is bound to be the best off-road vehicle you could ever acquire.

Its cargo space is large and can carry lots of luggage for the family.

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Pros of the Buick Regal Tour X

  • Built to be strong and sturdy
  • Fast car
  • High safety standards

Cons of the Buick Regal Tour X

  • Low resale value in the market

What car companies still make station wagons?

Having been kicked to the back in terms of popularity and sales over the last few decades, station wagons are making a comeback fuelled by the wealth and new money families that want to stand out from the crowd on the road.

They appreciate the beauty and functionality of the stations wagon and prefer it to the common SUV and crossover that everyone else is buying.

Station wagon buyers are acquiring them for their elegance, consumption sense and their strong off-road capabilities. Thy also come with roomy interiors for the large families and have more than enough space for all the baggage that they may have on an out of town trip.

In addition, station wagons in the market today make good use of technology. As a result of technology, safety is well addressed and are among the safest cars one can drive.

For more than nostalgic reasons, traditional vehicle manufacturers are leading in the comeback of the station wagon back to our roads, parking bays and garages.

The following are the companies leading the onslaught on SUVs with station wagons:

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Volvo was known for its station wagons. It had specialized in building and selling station wagons and once their popularity waned, they struggled to regain a foothold on the car market.

Over time, Volvo has fought for space and visibility in the car market with new and creatively designed SUVs and is now standing almost toe to toe with other entrenched automakers that have existed for as long as it has.

With the reemergence of the station wagon, its previous mainstay, Volvo is leading the onslaught from the front with vigor and determination.

They have several brands but the most common of their station wagon now parked in almost every parking space you pass by is the Volvo V 90.

With a design based on the traditional and popular Volvo vehicle brands, this station wagon has been modernized and is a now a sleek and beautiful car.

It has accepted modern vehicle manufacturing and design standards and brings together the traditional Volvo functionality with modern technology that builds a car that is taking over markets and homes by appealing to lovers of style, design and functionality.

The Volvo V 90 is fairly priced and within range for most middle class family.

2.Mercedes Benz

Mercedes Benz are not only popular for inventing the car, no. They are also popular for bringing to the market highly reliable, comfortable and easily recognizable vehicles.

Even with their cars being highly reliable, they are regarded as a status symbol. Mercedes Benz vehicles are trusted world over for their great quality and handling.

When it comes to station wagons, Mercedes has not just delved into the segment. IT has been producing high quality and well accepted high level station wagons for years.

Its range of 4MATIC station wagons are highly accepted and known for the unique Mercedes Benz quality and easy and safe handling while on the road.

With their long history and reputation for excellence, Mercedes Benz brands are quite pricey with a premium price for a good reputation and pedigree. Their station wagons are also quite pricey and are currently a preserve of the rich and wealthy.

In addition, Mercedes Benz station wagons are a sight to behold. They are elegantly crafted to be sleek, noiseless movers while on the road. They also have the strength not found in many premium brands and can competently handle difficult terrain with their large ground clearance and sturdy tires.


Audi has been a quality car manufacturer for decades. They are popular for their sedans now but their station wagon is also becoming more popular as many more people acquire it and experience it for themselves.

Proper and intense marketing campaigns are also creating an impact in the car manufacturer especially in the growing station wagon sector.

The Audi A4 Allroad is currently the leading Audi station wagon offered to the market. It is suitable off-road as it is in the highways.

Its consumption levels are highly acceptable and is very fast becoming the family car of choice.

In terms of price, it is fairly priced but still on the higher side. With fewer options and customizations, the basic Audi station wagon can be easily acquired by a middle class family for them to have a taste of the new station wagon vehicles in the market.

As an extremely fit all-terrain vehicle, it will be a good addition to an adventurous family that values family experiences as a way of creating memories. With the spacious Audi Allroad station wagon, they can make more memories in the car and in the places they travel to.


Volkswagen has been a mainstay in the auto industry. IT is popular for its affordable family cars. Its cars are reliable, well designed and functional.

With the increasing popularity of station wagons, Volkswagen have raised the profile of one of their popular sedans the VW Golf and redesigned it to make it a station wagon marketed as VW Golf Alltrack.

It is higher than the normal sedan, giving it a high ground clearance that enables it to be a great highway driving and off-road driving vehicle.

In addition, it is beautifully designed with elegance and style that catches the eye of other road users. It has a fairly rated fuel consumption rate and thus will not put a dent into your wallet.

Volkswagen, like their main rival, Mercedes Benz, also have a reputation and pedigree that has been gained over their long existence and production of high quality vehicles.

With the recreation of the their popular sedan brand into a station wagon, they are telling their customers and the market at large that they are changing with the times and willing to risk their good name in the now growing station wagon sector.

In the future of station wagons

These four companies are some of the leading car manufacturers that have decided to reintroduce the station wagon into the market. By rekindling the memories of days past, combining them with modern vehicle design and technology, they are banking on their experience to attract discerning customers to their products and grow and bring back an almost forgotten high value vehicle, the station wagon.

With their increased efforts in technology use and marketing, the station wagon is increasingly becoming a status symbol as it only holds a small percentage of the market. Over the next few years, we will see a growing acceptance and higher purchase rate of the station wagon.

Is a hatchback a station wagon?

The hatchback and the station wagon are very close in design. They can often be confused as the same car but there are significant differences that once captured can help you identify a hatchback from a station wagon.

A hatchback, can be referred to as a car design that features a sloping back onto which a rear door is hinged. This door encloses the cargo area. Often, like station wagons, hatchbacks may also have an extra foldable seat that allows for more passenger capacity when unfolded or for more baggage capacity when folded.

A station wagon on the other hand can be defined as a car design that elongates the body of the car to have distinct areas of the car, the front which houses the engine and the back which houses the passenger and cargo area. It has a backdoor referred to as a tailgate that is covered by the roof of the vehicle that is used to access the large cargo area.

Similarities between the hatchback and the station wagon

Both the station wagon and the hatchback vehicle have a tailgate door. This is a door used to access the cargo area of the vehicles.

Another similarity between the two types of vehicles is the fact that they both may or may not have and extra row of foldable rear seats that enhance the load carrying capacity of the vehicle. Where there is not an extra row of seats, the available row of seats is foldable enabling a large load capacity.

Differences between the hatchback and the station wagon


The station wagon is different in design from the hatchback as it tends to have four easily identifiable parts of the car. This design is often referred to as the D pillar as hatchbacks tend to go up to C and do not have a D pillar.

Station wagons tend to have a boxy shape that is well streamlined on hatchbacks. As a result you can easily visualize the distinct parts. In a station wagon, the A pillar defines the front part that holds the engine. The B pillar is the driver and front passenger part, the C pillar is the back passenger seat. The D pillar is the baggage part.

In a hatchback the D part is not available as it tailgate tends to be part of the well contoured car body while in the station wagon, the body is much longer and the tailgate is under the roof of the car thus a D pillar.

Shape of tailgate

Another difference of the two car designs is that the tailgate in the station wagon tends to be more vertical as it is under a roof which is not the case with a hatchback whose tailgate is part of the well streamlined design of the car.

Cargo floor design

The station wagon is a cargo friendly vehicle compared to the hatchback. Primary in its design, is the cargo floor design that is mostly flat to ensure that the vehicle has a higher load capacity. The hatchback on the other hand, has a contoured floor on which cargo is arranged. By having a contoured floor, it thus has less capacity compared to the station wagon.

Rear suspensions

Rear suspensions are common in station wagons to enhance the load capacity. This is a rarity in the hatchbacks.

Station wagons also feature a two door tail gate referred to as a split gate. Picture a two door fridge and you can consider it a station wagon.

Windows on the tailgate

Station wagons also have windows on the tailgate that can open and close independent of the tailgate. So, if the cargo being stored or removed from the vehicle is small and does not need for you to open the whole tailgate, the window provides the convenience of easily lifting out or putting in the small load into the car.

Third row seats

Station wagons also sometimes feature a third row of seats which could be forward or rear facing. They can be folded to enhance the load capacity or when there are more passengers, they can be accessed from the tailgate.

Ground clearance

Over time, with efficient car designs, it has become quite difficult to differentiate between the two car designs as they have become very similar. Even so, modern station wagons are raised and have a higher ground clearance setting them apart from the hatchback that is often a poor off-road vehicle unlike the station wagon.

Off-road capacity

Unlike many hatchbacks, station wagons have great off-road capacity due to the nature of their design. They have large tires that allow them space from the ground and can therefore venture further away from highways and proper roads unlike hatchbacks.

Now you know the top station wagons in 2019

Station wagons are highly versatile cars and that they are making a comeback is testament to their longevity and practicality of their design. They are superior vehicles with capacity to carry lots of cargo and passengers at the same time. In addition, without passengers they can easily carry more cargo.

For off-road drivers, the station wagon does not disappoint. With its large ground clearance, adventurous wagon owners are not hindered from venturing into the unknown just because their car may get tangled in the grass.

Finally, station wagons safety ratings are quite high. They can be safely driven in the city and off the highway. They incorporate technology in their design that helps enhance their safety features and their highly developed automatic braking system.  For this reason, they are favorable for daily driving to and from work and also for longer and adventurous drives that are difficult and uncomfortable to make in other types of cars.

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