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Portable Tire Inflator

Portable Tire Inflator

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Portable tire inflator

To many, portable tire inflators aren’t necessary especially with modern vehicles fitted with systems for monitoring tire pressure. The last thing that one could ever think of while driving is a flat tire. A solution for such an emergency is a portable tire inflator, a device meant to inflate wheels of cars and trucks.

Portable Tire Inflator

What is a portable tire inflator?

There are adverse consequences that accompany the use of a vehicle with tires that are overinflated or underinflated. Fuel usage is affected and tires wear and tear within a short period of time which is very uneconomical. Investing in portable tire inflators is a great idea since it helps you to maintain the tires of your vehicle in good condition.

There are various types of portable air compressors. As a matter of fact, there is no big difference between them but how they’re manufactured determines their reliability and durability.

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Best air compressor for truck tires

Trucks are used to transport contents from one place to another. It would be such a great inconvenience if their tires run out of pressure. Portable air compressors for truck tires are recommended for such situations. The following are some of the tire inflators for trucks that are available in the market;

Viair 00088 88p portable air compressor

This is one of the best air compressors for truck tires because it has the capability of inflating them at a very high speed since it has PSI of 120. It’s important to consider the size for your truck tire because it works best for tires of a maximum of 33 inches. Viair 00088 88p is fitted with a LED power indicator and a power cord of 10ft. It can pump the truck tire at the furthest end because it has an air hose of 16ft.

Viair 40047 400p-RV Automatic portable compressor

It’s a lightweight air compressor for truck tires making it possible to carry it from one place to another. This air compressor can be powered by a truck battery, has a maximum PSI of 150 and a pressure switch that is built-in. It has a gun for tire inflation, a case to carry it around for maximum protection and a gauge.

Life AAA 300 PSI 12 volt DC air compressor

High quality makes this air compressor one of the best for truck tires. It has a DC and a power cable of 10ft making it easy to pump truck tires at whichever end. There is storage for the power cable in the compressor saving on space which is in turn used for other economic benefits. Using this pressure inflator is very easy since it’s a matter of plugging the power cable into the DC.

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GNPSCN heavy duty truck air compressor

GNPSCN heavy duty truck air compressor is a 150 PSI pressure inflator that pumps truck tires at a high rate. This compressor has its bottom fitted with rubber to ensure its stability while in use. It’s technologically advanced since it has the ability to reduce noise when being used. It has a battery clamp of high quality and an air hose extending up to 12ft.

Jaco smartPro 2.0 AC/DC digital tire inflator

When the maximum pressure is pumped, this portable air compressor for truck tires automatically goes off. It can be conveniently used anytime since it has LCD digital display making it easy to see its setting. This compressor also has a PSI of 100 and a flashlight ensuring one is safe when using it.

Factors to consider when purchasing a portable air compressor for truck tire

Different portable air compressors for truck tires have different features. Here is a guide on factors to consider when purchasing;


The PSI of a portable air compressor determines the speed at which it can inflate the tire. The higher the PSI the faster it can do it and vice versa. When buying a pressure inflator for a truck tire it’s of great essence to consider PSI required by the tire.

Source of power

Portable air compressor for truck tires depends on power in order to operate. Before purchasing one, it’s important to ensure that the source of power is available. Some air compressors have AC/DC as their sources of power enabling one to use the power provided by the truck itself. There are other air compressors that have their own battery from which power is generated.

Stability technology

For efficiency, one requires a pressure inflator for truck tires that can remain in one place when in use. If the machine keeps on moving around it leads to an inconsistent flow of air because one has to stop it when it moves then start it again. The capability of an air compressor to remain stable also means that less noise and vibration is produced reducing noise pollution.

How is a portable air compressor for truck tires used?

The process of inflating a truck tire using air compressor isn’t complicated. First, determine how you’ll charge the compressor i.e. if it has its own battery or uses AC/DC as its power source then plug it to the truck. Move the air compressor to the tire that needs to be pumped. Some compressors have a long air hose, therefore, moving them won’t be necessary. Fix the nozzle that fits best to the valve of the tire and using the pressure gauge regulates the pressure to be pumped. Turn it on and give it the time required to fill the tire with pressure.

 Portable compressor for car tires

Nothing is as uncomfortable as riding on a car with less pressure in the tires. On top of this, there are other risks associated with driving a vehicle in this condition which includes getting a puncture and causing accidents. A portable air compressor is, therefore, an essential partner in your day to day activities. Some of the best ones include;

Kenson portable air compressor

Kenson portable air compressor is one of the best as it has the best output of power since it’s packed with dual motors making inflation swift. This compressor can be used anywhere whether at home or far from home. If you’re far from home the compressor needs to be connected to cigarette lighter providing it with 12V power. In case you’re at home it is plugged to a socket powering it more. Nozzles of Kenson portable air compressor are of different sizes making it possible to get one that fits your car. It’s lightweight, fitted with a handle for easy portability and comes with a bag to carry it around.

EP Auto 12v DC portable air compressor

One unique feature of this portable air compressor for car tires is its ability to automatically shut off once the optimal pressure required has been attained relieving one the risk of having a tire burst. This compressor is easy to use as it requires a cigarette lighter to turn it on. It has four units that are displayed differently ensuring that care needed is catered for. The machine also has a wide variety of nozzles making it fit for different types of cars.

Best tire inflator with gauge

Inflator gauge is used to regulate the amount of pressure to be pumped in the tire such that one remains calm without worrying of overinflating or underinflating of the tires. Facts about some of the best tire inflators with gauge are highlighted below;

Astro 3018 digital tire pressure gauge and inflator

This tire inflator has a hose braided with steel making sure it can withstand high levels of pressure. The hose has a length of 21 inches and a rubber padding such that there isn’t any discomfort when holding it. It uses power provided by the AAA batteries which can keep it running for 140 hrs. The machine has only one button which when pressed once it turns on, if pressed twice it turns on the LDC light and for the third time it allows you to select the unit mode. It also has a gauge that helps prevent excess pumping.

AstroAl digital tire inflator with pressure gauge 250

AstroAl features a maximum PSI of 250 and has a gauge that is used to control the pressure pumped in the tire. This inflator automatically shuts off when optimal inflation is reached. It’s a heavy duty machine due to the high-quality padding and has a display that is large enough to enable you to control it with ease. In case a tire has excess air, one can deflate it using this machine with the help of air bleeder valve.

Milton (S-506) original dual head chuck tire inflator gauge

Milton is a durable tire inflator with its gauge and valve being replaceable in case they breakdown. It has an air hose of 15inches making it possible to inflate tires at a distance. This air compressor is known for being cheap hence affordable to many people. To access the inner valve that faces inwards, the machine has S-506 dual head chuck to facilitate it.

PI Auto store-tire inflator 12V DC air compressor

A digital gauge is one of the key features of this tire inflator enabling you to preset the pressure required. Its design is compact and is accompanied by a case to carry it around. The machine has a PSI of 30 and 12 volts current can run it with AC/DC being the source of power. It features a LED flashlight and air hose that is long making it convenient for use.

Best tire inflator 120v

120V air compressors are essential equipment for car owners and those who operate garages. The market provides different types of these tire inflators making buyers have a hard time in determining the best they can have. Here is a quick review of some of the best tire inflators 120v;

Porter cable 150 PSI compressor

This is an oil-free tire inflator that’s very light and has rubber feet for easy portability. Some tire inflators fail to start when the weather is cold but with this, one is assured of using it in the cold or hot season. Enough air is stored in its big tank and water is drained out through the valve. The machine produces less noise providing a conducive environment while operating. Good news to garage operators is that it’s mountable on the wall saving on space.

Slime 120V garage inflator

Storing and carrying of this machine is not a problem since you only have to coil its hose around it and as the name suggests it’s lightweight. The tire inflator is very fast as it takes four minutes to fully pump a standard tire. Units of pressure can be easily read since it has a built-in dial gauge fitted at the hose.

Bon Aire 18000 Goodyear 120V direct drive tire inflator

Power to run this electric tire inflator can be tapped easily from a 120V socket. It features a PVC air hose of 17ft with a variety of nozzles fit for nearly all sizes tire valves. The machine has an analogue pressure gauge that is in-built enabling one to read the units of pressure accurately. The inflation rate of Bon Aire 18000 is very high since it has the capability of pumping a standard tire in 2.5 minutes.

Need a portable tire inflator?

A portable tire inflator is a piece of vital equipment for a driver and time is a resource we all can’t afford to waste. The details above will simplify your search for the best portable tire inflator so hurry up and get one. Feel free to call us for more information.

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