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Car Refrigerator

Car Refrigerator

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A car refrigerator is an electronic appliance fitted in cars and is used to store food and drinks such that one is able to carry them when they’re still cold and fresh. Fixing a cooling apparatus in a car saves one from the mess and stress that is associated with perishable commodities. It isn’t difficult to work with a car refrigerator since once it has been fitted, it’s a plug and play process.

Car Refrigerator


There are many types of car refrigerators which differ in designs, shapes and sizes. It’s important for one to explore these models in order to get the cooling apparatus that’s best for their car and which is within their budget. The way all car refrigerators work is the same only that they differ in design and structure of the body. Below, are some guidelines that one could use in order to save on time and energy spent looking for the best car refrigerator.

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What is the best car refrigerator?

First, let’s go through the important factors that one has to consider when purchasing car refrigerators in order to get the best. The following is a list of these factors;

· Total capacity

When purchasing a car refrigerator it’s important to consider the number of contents you need to store. If a car is used for commercial purposes, it means that various items are carried and a large car refrigerator would be ideal. In case the car is just used by one or a few people one can opt for the small sized refrigerator.

·Options of controlling

Different contents have different temperature requirements. One has to consider the options available in the car refrigerator that enables them to control it. This is to ensure you can easily shift from cold to hot when need be.

· Indoor / outdoor use

Car refrigerators are ideally meant to be used inside the car. However, there are times when need to use them outside the car may arise. For this reason, a cooling apparatus is enjoyed most if it can be used both inside and outside the car. Therefore, it’s important to ensure that the refrigerator you purchase can serve you in either situation.

·Cooling performance

To avoid disappointment from manufacturers and sellers who give false information in order to promote the car refrigerators they’re selling, it’s advisable to spend more of your time checking how cold the refrigerator can keep your contents. In fact, one can request for a test before settling for a particular car refrigerator.

·Space requirements

Car sizes differ from one car to the other. It’s therefore important to consider the size of your car before purchasing its cooling apparatus. For small cars, you go for a small sized refrigerator and for big cars you can go for a big one. For accuracy, one needs to measure the size of both the car and the refrigerator being considered.  This is also important in order to save on space such that it’s possible to ferry other content that doesn’t require cooling at the same time with those that require cooling.


One key thing to consider when choosing a car refrigerator is installation. When purchasing one, it’s important to consider if you can access an expert to install it or you have the technical know-how of installing it. Remember that poor installation may result in malfunctioning of the car refrigerator. This results in losses being incurred since contents being ferried end up spoiling and more cost is needed to fix the problem.


A warranty is a guarantee given by the manufacturer to the buyer of a commodity in a specified time where the seller promises to replace or repair the commodity. Normally all electronic appliances have a warranty and for this reason, a car refrigerator is not an exception.


Some car refrigerators, just like any other refrigerators produce noise. This noise may cause distraction and deny one comfort while in the car. The noise may also lead to hearing impairment if one spends a lot of time driving. It’s therefore important to take into consideration the amount of noise produced by a given car refrigerator. Manufacturers are working to solve this noise problem. Due to this, it’s advisable to check what is being offered at the market at a particular time.


Every time one decides to purchase anything, the reliability of that product has to come first. One should, therefore, check how reliable a given car refrigerator is.

Can we put a refrigerator in the car?

In today’s world, it’s very odd to walk around claiming the contents you’ve been transporting got spoilt yet car refrigerators exist. You can put refrigerators in the car with the help of a technician or by yourself. The following are some of the best car refrigerators in the market.

Cooluli 6 can ac/dc portable thermoelectric system mini fridge

It’s a car refrigerator that is portable and can hold six cans. This cooling apparatus has a button that enables you to control it easily. It’s also fitted with a USB adapter.


  1. It offers the best cooling effect.
  2. Its portability makes it convenient for one to carry it around.
  3. Efficiency is assured.


  1. The fridge is noisy.

Zorbes 6L car cool and hot dual use mini refrigerator

The cover of this cooling apparatus opens from the top hence easy access to the content that is stored. Since it’s a dual use car refrigerator, one can use it to cool food and drinks during summer and warm them in the winter time. It can heat up to 65 degrees Celsius and has fans for heat dissipation that are inbuilt.


  1. The fridge is not noisy.
  2. It is lightweight and portable hence easy to carry around.
  3. It can last for a long period of time.

Coleman 30 quartz cooler

In case you are going camping or any other form of event that you’re required to have some cold drinks then this is the ideal car refrigerator. This fridge accommodates around thirty-eight cans and has a height that fit bottles of 2 liters.


  1. It’s the best for events due to its huge capacity
  2. The fridge is portable


  1. This cooling apparatus can easily get damaged.


How do car refrigerators work?

Basically, a car refrigerator is a small sized cooling apparatus. The type of car refrigerator determines how it works and the similarity of their working is that they depend on insulation. Car refrigerators vary from ice chests to thermoelectric to those that are compressor powered.

Ice Chests

For ice chest car refrigerators, heat from the products being ferried leaks in causing the ice to melt. This refrigerator remains in the freezing mode so long as all the ice hasn’t melted. The length that products can be stored in such a refrigerator depends on the heat of your products and availability of ice. In other words, you should keep things that are not hot in ice chest refrigerators for a longer period of storage.

Thermoelectric car refrigerators

These car refrigerators cool the contents being transported by use of Peltier effect. Electric current moves between two types of conductors that are connected together. Heat differential is created as a result. One end of Peltier cooler gets heated while the other one remains cold. The cold Peltier end is put into the refrigerator causing some cooling effect whiles the end that is heated up remains outside for radiation of heat to take place. The disadvantage of thermoelectric car refrigerator is that they drain a lot of energy from your car battery.

Compressor powered refrigerators.

This car refrigerator is fitted with a pump that pumps the refrigerant fluid into a chamber known as condenser. This chamber is usually under high pressure. Through the valve, the refrigerant is then pumped into the evaporator which is a chamber under low pressure. The evaporator is in the inside of the cooling apparatus while the condenser is located outside. The pressurized refrigerant in the condenser results to temperature increase forcing excess heat to leak out. Refrigerant under low pressure in the evaporator results to a decrease in temperature forcing excess cold to break into the evaporator which then cools the contents in the refrigerator.

Seasonal car refrigerators

Seasons keep on changing. As such, car refrigerators have been modified to cater for these seasons. They include;

Summer car refrigerators

During summer many people tend to have extended road trips. Fitting a summer car refrigerator in the car is the best decision that one can ever make. One can store a variety of foods and drinks to use throughout the trip and save on cost that could have been incurred in purchasing them.

Winter car refrigerators

In most cases, car heaters are switched on during the winter season. Winter car refrigerators are therefore used to ensure that your drink remains cool and isn’t affected by the prevailing temperatures in the vehicle.


We all need to keep up with the current developments for us to enjoy an easy way of life.  Our mobility shouldn’t be restricted by issues such as perishability of commodities or temperature changes. One shouldn’t be kept off from enjoying events because of food and drinks. It’s therefore vital for us to fit our vehicles with refrigerators to avoid inconveniences. Reach out to us if you need any help fitting a cooling apparatus on your vehicle.

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