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GPS Tracker

GPS Tracker

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What’s a GPS tracker? It’s a navigation gadget often installed in a vehicle or carried by a human being. It uses the GPS(global positioning system) to monitor the gadget’s movement and establish its location. You can access data tracking software for smartphones and other gadgets that come with tracking ability.

GPS Tracker

Factors to Consider when Looking for a GPS Tracker for Car

While there are numerous GPS trackers in the market today, choosing the ideal gadget can be an arduous task. Here are tips to ease your search.

Figure out Why Your need the GPS Tracker

Before you choose a GPS tracker, you want to determine what tasks you’ll want it to execute. Will you want to install it in your car, do you have a fleet that you want to monitor, perhaps you specifically want the GPS tracker to facilitate road navigation. Knowing why you want the tracker will help you understand the features you’ll be looking out for in your ideal gadget.

Determine Your Budget

Your budget will play a major role in determining the gadget you can afford. With a budget at hand, you can start looking for the best tracker that fits your budget. One thing you should understand is that while GPS can cost anything from $5 to $50, the cost hardly has any effect on the gadget’s accuracy. This simply means that an expensive GPS tracker is not necessarily the most powerful.


The GPS tracker size you choose depends on why you need the gadget in the first place. Regardless of the purpose, you want to ensure that the gadget is compact enough to be carried around. If you need the tracker for surveillance reasons, you may want to ensure it’s small and discreet.

SOS button

The distress button is a must-have feature in any GPS tracker you choose. You should be able to press the SOS button when in danger to let your loved ones know that you need help.

Car Essentials You Ought to Have

How much does it cost to put a tracker on a car?

If you’re looking for a good quality tracker for your car, you’ll spend anything from $25 to $899. The prices vary depending on the features you’re looking for.

What are the Advantages of Real-time GPS Tracker for Car?

Often, real-time GPS trackers are used in the transportation industry to manage a large fleet of vehicles. Today, many transportation companies are using GPS technology to develop and enhance their business systems. Why should you adopt real-time GPS tracking in your business?

Saves you Money and Time

A GPS tracker allows you to manage route planning data for your fleet with minimal struggle. Adjusting your data in real-time depending on the traffic status plays a huge role in cutting down fuel consumption. Further, determining efficient routes for your fleet is critical when it comes to reducing wear and tear on your fleet. This way, you can make huge savings.

Enhances Driver Responsibility

GPS trackers can monitor idling, speeding, as well as determine when the engine is started and stopped. This not only helps you save money, but it also plays a huge role in helping you enforce policies.


Other benefits of using GPS trackers are:

Helps you make savings on insurance

They reduce vehicle downtime on your fleet

Helps you evaluate data to determine your business growth

What is the best tracking device for a car?

If you’re struggling to find the best GPS tracker for your vehicle here is a list of some of the best GPS trackers for your car to choose from.

Spy Tech STI GL300 Mini Portable Vehicle GPS Tracker

The Spy Tech STI GL300 Mini Portable Vehicle GPS Tracker comes with real-time GPS tracking to give you an almost 100% vehicle location accuracy. This gadget also features a three-axis acceleration meter which facilitates a high pinpoint vehicle location detection. You can configure the gadget to relay updates as often as possible depending on your preferences.

This gadget allows you to set up geofencing which ensures that vehicles owners receive alerts every time the vehicle leaves the zoned area. This tracker comes with a robust battery and you can use it for up to two weeks and sometimes even longer without having to recharge it. One of the best things about this tracker is that you can receive alerts and reports both on your mobile gadgets and desktop.


While the AMERICALOC GL300W is slightly expensive, it offers you a detailed tracking capability which you may not find with many of the other trackers. For this tracker, you’ll receive updates for $25 each month and you can still cancel your subscription anytime. If you’re looking for the best GPS tracker with prolonged battery life, then this is the ideal gadget of choice.

Users can proceed to use it as soon as they purchase it because there are no activation fees. The AMERICALOC GL300W allows you to track your vehicle from any tablet, computer, or even smartphone. You can configure this gadget to relay one

minute location updates when the vehicle is in motion.

MOTOsafety GPS Vehicle Tracker

Once you purchase the MOTOsafety GPS Vehicle Tracker, you can easily plug it in the ODB outlet in your vehicle. You don’t need wiring to achieve this. This GPS tracker gives you an influx of services which you can enjoy making monthly subscriptions. The MOTOsafety GPS Vehicle Tracker relies on 3G networks to guarantee effectiveness.

With downloadable iOS and Android smartphone applications, users can easily configure the geofencing option on the GPS tracker and track the gadget’s location with minimal struggle. This gadget also comes with the route replay option which comes in handy for you as a parent especially if your child has been using the car. You can use it to monitor your child’s driving behavior and routes. Get the ODB support with this compact and portable GPS tracker.

ABLEGRID GPS Vehicle Tracker

The ABLEGRID GPS Vehicle Tracker comes with a robust 33mAh battery that gives you 180 days of standby time. This means you can use the tracker without recharging it for up to two weeks. This gadget is bigger than many of the trackers available in the market today. One of the interesting facts about this gadget is the fact that it’s portable enabling you to move it from one area to the other and you don’t need wires for the installation.

BrickHouse Security Spark Nano

The Brickhouse Security Spark Nano comes with characteristics that are similar to what other GPS enabled trackers offer. With this tracker, you’re able to get minute by minute vehicle location alerts. You can choose to increase the frequency of these notifications depending on your preferences. This gadget relies on its GPS protocol through cellular networks. This means its less susceptible to interference. To enjoy the effectiveness of this gadget, get the monthly subscription contract.

Cancel Your Contract at Will

The good thing about this contract is that you can cancel it anytime you want without incurring any penalties. The gadget comes with an SOS distress button enabling you to alert your loved ones and security authorities in case of emergencies. One of the reasons why you should consider purchasing this gadget is because it comes in a magnetic, rugged, and water-resistant case which isn’t the case with many of the other gadgets available in the market today. Due to its portability, you can move this gadget from one vehicle to the other with ease.

Mileage Ace Car GPS Tracker

The Mileage Ace Car GPS Tracker is a unique gadget. Unlike many of the available trackers which are often used to protect vehicles from theft, it’s often used for logistics and accounting reasons. This tracker is effective when it comes to generating mileage logs which are said to be approximately 99% accurate.

The Mileage Ace Car GPS Tracker starts functions as soon as you ignite your vehicle and proceeds to upload comprehensive data via WiFi connection on its online custom software which eventually creates mileage logs for each user. Each report comprises of a start and ends time, date, and address. You can access the total amount of miles driven as well as determine the route your drivers took just to be sure that drivers aren’t wasting time on the road.

Optimus 2.0 GPS Tracker

The Optimus 2.0 GPS Tracker is a small, compact, and portable GPS tracker which you can easily transfer from one vehicle to the other. Its discreteness allows you to hide it conveniently anywhere in your car. It features a paid monthly plan which you can leverage on to enjoy various features. Remember, you can cancel the subscription anytime at no charges or penalties.

This gadget will avail text message and email alerts regarding geofencing, vehicle movement, low battery, and speeding. This gadget comes with a distress SOS button to help you call for help in case of an emergency. The Optimus 2.0 GPS Tracker comes with an internal battery which can last between one and two weeks before needing a recharge. Of course, this will depend on how the usage.

Spy Tec STI GL300 Real-Time Vehicle GPS Tracker

The Spy Tec STI GL300 Real-Time Vehicle GPS Tracker is an easy to use gadget. You don’t have to be an expert to use this GPS tracker. The gadget is compact and small enough enabling you to transfer it from one vehicle to the other.

A good GPS tracker should have good battery life and this tracker has fulfilled this requirement with its prolonged battery life which can last up to two weeks before recharging. This tracker is user-friendly and relays real-time updates every 5 seconds for enhanced accuracy. You can easily set up geofencing to ensure that you receive alerts whenever your car goes beyond the geofenced area.

Trak4 Mobile GPS Tracker

The Trak4 Mobile GPS Tracker comes with a weatherproof case which allows you to mount it anywhere inside or outside your car. It also comes with a good quality battery which can last for an entire year without requiring a recharge. The Trak4 Mobile GPS Tracker comes with an easy to use tracking software and you can even use it as a laptop. You can configure alerts depending on your preferences.

Logistimatics Mobile 200 GPS Tracker with Audio Monitoring

Coming complete with an inbuilt internal battery and a battery life of approximately 2 weeks, the Logistimatics Mobile 200 GPS Tracker with Audio Monitoring is your go-to gadget. This gadget is easy to use and small enough to transfer it from one vehicle to the other. It comes with magnets which makes it easy to mount on your vehicle. You can figure it to relay alerts depending on your preferences.


Apart from helping you track down your vehicle, a good GPS tracker can give you value for money, help you save money, and protect your business from losses. Use the above guide to choose the tracker that best meets your needs.

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