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Best Leather Conditioner for Cars

Best Leather Conditioner for Cars

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A lot of focus is usually put to the cleaning and maintenance of the leather seats as they add value and appeal to your car. Technological advancement has led to the creation of leather seats that are more durable and not prone to wear and tear caused by daily usage. We have dived deeply in cleaning and condition of leather seats in this article to give you some of the best leather conditioners for cars available in the market.

Best Leather Conditioner for Cars

Meiguair’s Gold Class Rich Leather Conditioner

Meiguar products are considered one of the best leather conditioners available in the market as they can be used to give you seats a clean look while moisturizing and protecting your leather seats. This means that you don’t have to get different cleaning and moisturizing products for your leather seats as this conditioner contains all these elements. One bottle of this conditioner can last you for a really long time and it is designed to ease the application process.

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Chemical Guys Leather Conditioner

This conditioner comes with a different bottle for cleaning your leather seats. It is designed for use on both cheap and expensive leather allowing you to use it on all the cars in your garage. This brand boasts of having a controlled Ph that serves to protect and nourish your leather seats which makes it one of the best leather seats conditioners available in the market.

Lexol Leather Cleaner and Conditioner Kit

It is very likely that you have come across Lexol cleaning products in your search for a good conditioner for your leather seats. Lexol leather cleaning kits come in three bottles; cleaner, conditioner, and protectant. The cleaner has a bristle brush attached to take care of the stubborn stains. The conditioner ensures that your leather seats are moisturized all the time to avoid cracking. The protectant, on the other hand, is designed specifically to protect your seats from extreme temperatures as well the harmful UV rays.

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Chamberlain’s Leather Milk Conditioner

This leather conditioner is termed as one of the best conditioners for your leather seats as it is made up of natural products only making it gentle to the protective coating. It also serves to soften dry leather and restore the glossy new look. It can also be used on all leather types making it ideal for people with a range of vehicles.

Leather Honey Conditioner

Most car owners often worry about the pricing of the conditioners they use on their cars rather than worrying about the quality and effectiveness of the conditioner. This product is not only good for your leather seats but also pocket-friendly. The 4 oz bottle is very concentrated such that you have to dilute it so that it doesn’t breach the color on your seat. This will allow you to use the small bottle for a longer time to condition your seats. The fact that it can be used to clean other surfaces also makes it a favorite to many people.

Black Car Leather Conditioner

Cleaning and conditioning black leather car seats are a little bit different and difficult when compared to any other leather color. This is because a lot of care should be maintained when cleaning black leather or else you will end up with inconsistent color on your seats. The dirt is also not very easily seen making it hard for you to give your car seats a clean look. If your car leather seats are black, you might consider using a special leather conditioner.

For black leather seats, it is recommended that you use Stoner Trim Shine Aerosol Interior Dressing. A simple spray on your black leather car seats will return the glossy shiny appearance on your leather seats. You should use a microfiber towel to wipe off the dirt on the seats and give them a uniform clean appearance.

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Car Conditioning Tips

The automotive industry is full of misinformation ranging from spare parts, car paint as well as cleaning procedures for the car. This can be attributed to the fact that every dealer wants to get their product considered the best when compared to other products. We have created a simple list of car conditioning procedures that you can use to ensure that you maintain your car in good condition for long.


It is advisable that you vacuum your leather seats before cleaning them so as to pick up any dirt deposits that have accumulated on the car. Failure to do this might lead to the damage of your seats. This is because you will be rubbing the dirt against the protective layer on the leather seats causing it to break.

·Never clean without conditioning

Leather is absorbent in nature which makes it be dry after you have given it a nice cleaning. This leaves the leather exposed which makes it prone to cracking and becoming stiff. You should always condition your leather seats after cleaning them to make it soft and protect it from spills, dirt and the harmful UV rays of the sun that cause drying up of the leather.

·Use of brushes

I don’t know who told people that they always need to use a brush when cleaning leather seats. Brushing dirt off the leather car seats using a brush causes the protective clear coating on the seats to weaken with time.

Instead, one should use a thick microfiber towel that is soft and gentle on your leather seats. If you must use a brush to clean stubborn stains, it is recommended that you use a toothbrush that is brittle to clean the spot with the stains only.

·Spot Cleaning

The idea of cleaning all the seats at once and getting the work done with is very tempting but it is not ideal for the health and cleanliness of your leather car seats. It is recommended that you practice spot cleaning on one seat before moving on to the other seat. To maintain the protective layer on your leather seats, clean only the spots with dirt on them and condition the rest of the seat.

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It is recommended that you wipe your leather car seats dry after conditioning them. This is because the moisture will make them damp unless it is dried off. You should make use of a clean dry microfiber towel to dry the seats and give them a shiny clean look. A break of not less than 30 minutes should be observed before using the leather seats to allow the protective layer to dry off and avoid premature wear and tear.

Auto leather conditioner

The best way to understand auto leather conditioning is first identifying the specific type of leather that you are dealing with. This is important so as to be able to get the specific conditioner and cleaning tools designed for that type of leather. A wide array of leather seats is available in the market but the most common types are;

·Corrected Grain Leather

As the name implies, this leather has been corrected artificially to create a clear and smooth finishing and it is the most common leather car seats in the market. The fact that it is not really natural, gives it a durable nature allowing you to use it a cover for your seats for longer. It also doesn’t require a lot of attention in terms of maintenance meaning you can give it the standard conditioning and waxing once every three months.

·Full Aniline Leather

This types of leather used on car seats are very rare as its production process is very hectic. It involves the soaking of leather in aniline dyes to give it the desired color. The end product is leather with an unprotected surface which will absorb anything that spills on it. This makes the maintenance of such leather seats very hard as you to wash them almost every day if you want to have them looking as good as new.

·Semi-Aniline Leather

Developed using the same procedure as the aniline leather, this type of leather can only be found in high-end cars. It is different from the aniline leather in that opaque pigments are added to the leather to give it a uniform and clear color. The pigments help to hide any blemishes that might be on the leather making them invisible.

The leather is then given a finishing with resin to give it a protective coating that prevents any spills from soaking in the leather. This makes its maintenance to be very easy. It also enhances the leather seat’s resistance to everyday wear and tears making it be preferred for use in luxury cars.

All car models being manufactured these years will feature a set of one of the above leather types. A clear shiny coating consisting of different resins is usually used to create a protective layer to ensure that the leather doesn’t crack and become stiff. Proper cleaning and conditioning procedures are essential to maintaining your leather seats in good condition.

How often do you need to condition leather car seats?

Many people have different ideas about how often you should condition your leather car seats and these ideas are mostly based on their personal experiences. Most of these ideas are however wrong and might lead to the creation of a breeding place for bugs if you go for more than a month without condition your car seats. They are prone to getting dirty from the pollution in the air, bird dropping, dust or the common tea spill.

If you use your car on a daily basis, you might consider conditioning your car once a week. However, if you don’t regularly use your car then once a month should be enough to keep the leather seats in perfect condition. Harsh weather conditions such as cold temperatures, extreme heat or smog might also require you to condition the leather seats regularly to protect the fragile coating of the seat.

Most people put their focus on conditioning the seats and forget that they need to be waxed so that they maintain the glossy look. Too much conditioning without waxing will eventually lead to dull seats and the leather will start peeling off. It is recommended that you wax your seat once every three months to keep them in good condition.

You can carry out the beads test to see if your leather car seats require waxing or not. The beads test is where you pour water on the seats and observe how the water behaves. If the water forms beads on the seat then you don’t need to wax it yet.

How to Soften Stiff Car Leather Seats

Leather seats are the beauty point of any car and because they are natural, they are prone to become stiff if not properly maintained. The adoption and maintenance of appropriate cleaning procedures are necessary if you want to have an extended life of your leather seats. Have your car leather seats turned stiff and cracked over time and you are wondering what you should do? The good news is that you can restore the shiny and soft touch of your car leather seats.

The biggest secret to maintaining leather seats is ensuring that you don’t expose them to extreme temperatures. This will require you to get the leather seats off the car so as to give time for the curing process of the leather.

Deep conditioning of the leather seats will definitely get rid of any dust that may have accumulated on the leather and give it a smooth clean look and feel. You should ensure that you are using the appropriate products that will not damage the leather any further.

Parting Shot

The last step of cleaning the leather seats is using a leather restorer which is meant to remove the stiffness from the leather and restore its smooth and shiny feel. You might want to use a soft cloth so that you don’t deepen the existing cracks. Letting the leather to soak in the restorer for a while will get rid of the cracks and restore your leather seats.

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