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Best Ceramic Coating for Cars in 2019

Best Ceramic Coating for Cars in 2019

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Ceramic coating is the new trend in the market for many cars owners as they switch from the traditional waxing and sealants to protect the paint on their new rides. Do you want to give your vehicle a ceramic coating but not sure which product to use? Worry no more as we have listed below some of the best ceramic coating for cars in 2019.

Best Ceramic Coating for Cars in 2019

·Migliore Strata Ceramic Coating

Available in a 50 ml bottle, this brand of ceramic coating boasts of its prolonged protection of your car. It is recommended for car owners that want to get a glossy finish on their car that will protect it against extreme weather elements during the rainy or sunny season.

This product is a bit costly but you are assured to get the value for your money as you can use it on multiple services. It has also a very high rating of UV resistance in comparison to other ceramic coatings. The coating is packaged in a way that makes it simple to apply to mean that you can do it by yourself without the help of a technician.

·Adam’s Polishes Ceramic Paint Coating

Adam’s Polishes ceramic paint has been termed as the hardest ceramic available in the market. It is available in many retail outlets as the paint coating only or as a complete kit that includes the paint coating as well as application tools such as small towels, coating prep as well as a mixing solution.

This brand of ceramic coating is recommended for car owners who want to do the preparation job and application by themselves. The ceramic paint coating guarantees the user of a protection period of over 5 years if well applied.

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·Cquarts Ceramic Coating

Cquarts ceramic coating is one of the best coatings available in the market as it is developed using the advanced nanotechnology that enables it to be very durable. Some of the attributes that have made this coating a fast-seller in many retail outlets include; easy application, enhanced protection, and shiny clear finishing.

Factors to Consider When Picking Ceramic Coating

There is a wide range of ceramic coatings available in the market with each claiming to be better than the other. To help you in picking a coating that meets your needs, we have created a simple guide to identify the perfect coating.


Before applying the ceramic coating on your car, you need to do some paintwork to remove any wax and dust deposits. If you haven’t done the paintwork preparation before buying the ceramic coating then you might consider getting a full kit that comes along with preparation tools. This will save you time and money that you would have paid someone to the preparation for you.

·Hardness Rating

Different ceramic coating has different hardness rating and this determines the level of resistance to scratches and swirl marks. If a coating has a higher rating, it bonds with paint to create a thicker layer that gives your car enhanced protection.


The durability capability of the ceramic coating varies from 12 to 120 months with the expensive products have increased durability. You need to read the durability details of a coating before you buy it to ensure that you get value for your money. Some coatings offer boosters that you mix with the coating to enhance its durability capabilities.

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Is ceramic coating good for cars?

Ceramic coating is good for cars especially if you want your car to maintain that new glossy look. Many drivers are choosing ceramic coating for their cars over the traditional waxing or sealant coating and this can be attributed to the following reasons;

· Reliability

Nano-coating lasts longer than wax coating and is more resistant to scratches and peeling. This increased reliability of the coating ensures that your car maintains the brand-new look many years down the line.

·Protection from Extreme Sunlight

When you coat your car with ceramic coating, you will not be worried when you leave the car parked under direct sunlight for long as then coating has UV protection. The thick nature of the coating ensures that the sun rays can’t penetrate to the paint preventing oxidation which makes the paint to look faded.

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·Chemical Resistance

Cars are exposed every time to dirt that such as bird droppings and grease stains that have some chemical agents which can cause corrosion of the car paint. Ceramic coating is chemical resistant and therefore provides a stronger protective coating than wax.


The ceramic coating gives you an assurance that your car will maintain it’s new and shiny look for a long time when compared to waxing or sealant coating which has to be reapplied after a short time.

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·Easy Maintenance

Ceramic coating is classified as hydrophobic which makes it really easy to clean and maintain. The dust and paint molecules don’t also stick on the car allowing one to wipe it clean with a thick microfiber towel.

·Intensified Gloss

The ceramic coating serves the purpose of adding value to your car by enhancing the color of your car and giving it a glossy shine. The clear nature of the coating makes your paint color to pop and makes it more visible and attractive.

Some of the factors that should help you determine if you want to ceramic coat your car include the intended use of the car as well as how much care you want to give your car. You should, however, get a qualified professional to do the ceramic coating as the car requires to undergo a process of paint correction before the coating can be applied.

What is Ceramic Clear Coat?

The ceramic clear coat is an inorganic solid material which is made up of nonmetal atoms joined together by covalent bonds. This coating is used as a substitute for wax in the protection of the exterior of a car. The nonmetal atoms bond with the paint of the car to create a thick clear and shiny layer on your car.

The clear coating has been developed using advanced technology and is applied on top of the car paint by simple hand movements. The chemicals contained in the coating are said to react with the car paint creating a layer that is thicker and shinier.

Before applying a ceramic clear coating on your car, you have to prepare the surface first. This is because oil and dust deposits may have settled on the body of the car creating layers of dirt. To prepare the car’s surface for the application of a ceramic coat, it is recommended that you do the following;

  • Polish the surface to remove any traces of oil or dust and surface oxidation.
  • Tape off areas that you don’t wish to coat.
  • Identifying the curing time from the manual and ensuring that you don’t plan to use the car before this time has elapsed.
  • Testing the coating on a small part of your car to see if you will get the desired output.
  • Removing the cured bits from the top of the bottle in case you are using an old bottle.

How to Apply Ceramic Coating

After you have done the preparation now you are ready to give your car that glossy look that you have been longing for. Different manufacturers have different application procedures which can be found on the attached manual. The general step by step application procedure that you can follow is;

  • Putting on protective clothing to ensure that you don’t come into contact with hazardous chemicals that might burn your skin.
  • Take the microfiber towel provided in the complete coating kit and wrap it around the applicator as illustrated on the manual.
  • Let a few drops of the coating fall on the microfiber towel and replace the cap on the bottle to avoid curing of the coating.
  • Use even pressure to apply the coating on the body of the car using back and for the movements. You should ensure that all the parts are well covered with the coating.
  • Allow the car to sit in the garage for the specified curing duration. You should not leave the car under direct sunlight as this will interfere with the curing process.

How much does ceramic coating cost for your car?

Do you want to buy a ceramic coating for your car, but don’t know the cost involved in the preparation and application of the coat? Read on to find out more about the coat of the ceramic coating and if it is a worthwhile investment.

The average cost of giving your car a ceramic coat ranges from 500$ – 2000$ depending on the size of the car as well as the location. Many people shy away from ceramic coating because of the relatively high cost when compared to wax or sealants. What they fail to consider is the fact that this is a one-time cost as you don’t have to repeat the process every now and then.

Have you ever wondered why ceramic coating is very expensive whereas it comes in a 50 ml bottle that can only be used on one car? This is because it is developed using the latest nanotechnology that is very expensive to acquire and maintain. It also undergoes a very critical process that makes the end product easy to apply instead of acquiring the services of a technician. All this cost is transferred to the end user which leads to an increase in the price of the coating.

Is ceramic coating permanent?

Ceramic coating can be permanent or semi-permanent depending on the chemical composition of the coating. Ceramic coating such as OptiCoat which is Silicon- Carbide based is permanent as by the end of the cure period of 14 days, it has bonded with the paint molecules to become one thick layer. Other coatings that are made up of Silicon Dioxide are semi-permanent and may require reapplication but after a relatively long time.

Before you settle on getting a ceramic coat for your car, it is important that you understand that it is not a substitute for paint protection film. It, therefore, doesn’t do the following;

·Guarantee Cleanliness of the Car

Most people think that when you apply a ceramic coat on your car, it eliminates the need to clean the car. Contrary to this belief, you will still be required to give your car a wash regularly. The ceramic coat just makes it easier for you to clean the car as the dust doesn’t stick on the car paint.

·Eliminate Water Spotting

Water spots appear on the body of a car after a wash because of the mineral deposits that are contained in the water. Although the ceramic coating is hydrophobic and tends to repel water molecules, it doesn’t prevent water spotting as some water drops may not slide off leaving behind water spots.

·Prevent Scratches

The thickness of ceramic coating doesn’t guarantee the protection of your car against deep scratches such as parking lot accidents. Improper cleaning techniques can also weaken the strength of the coating making your car vulnerable to scratches and swirl marks.

Factors to consider before deciding to buy a ceramic coat for your car.


The ceramic coating doesn’t work well on old cars as the paint of the car has thinned over the years. Applying ceramic coating on such a car may cause extensive damage as the chemical agents in the coating may corrode the material used to make the body of the car.

·Car Usage

The intended use of the car plays a big role in deciding whether to get a ceramic coating or not as it is impractical to coat a luxury car that leaves the garage once or twice in a year. Ceramic coating is more appropriate for cars that are regularly used and exposed to various weather elements.


If you live in a cold area that experiences limited durations of sunlight, then you don’t need to give your car a ceramic coating. This is because your car will not be prone to oxidation by the strong UV rays that the ceramic coat protects the car paint from.

Parting Shot

Ceramic coating is cost effective and easy to clean. Now that you’ve weighed out the pros and cons we’ve detailed, go to your favorite auto body shop and get some paint!

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