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Car Dehumidifier

Car Dehumidifier

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Owning a car has great benefits, but to keep on enjoying them, there is some maintenance that you’ll need to observe. Vehicles are not immune to having excessive moisture. The moisture can cause damage  such as the formation of mold on the items in the car. Also, water droplets on your window impair visibility while driving. To avoid such scenarios, you should have a car dehumidifier with you.

Car Dehumidifier

Can I Use A Dehumidifier in My Car?

This is a question that most car owners ask, as they wonder how it will work in a car, and what powers it. The answer is, yes, you can use a dehumidifier in your car. A dehumidifier uses high- absorption substances such as silica gel to take in excess moisture in the air. A car dehumidifier is quite different from a commercial or home electric dehumidifier. A home humidifier is usually big and uses electricity for its operation whereas a car dehumidifier is quite small, compact and doesn’t require any power source. As highlighted earlier, the car dehumidifier is filled with high absorption materials for its functioning.

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Categories of Dehumidifiers

Car dehumidifiers can be divided into various ways depending on their design and components. They include the following;


  • Category depending on the design


  • Car dehumidifier devices

These dehumidifiers don’t require electricity; they just absorb all the moisture in the air. Once they’re filled with moisture, they can be plugged in a power outlet to dry them out, enabling the silica gel to absorb more when put in use.

  • Car dehumidifier bags

These dehumidifiers are the most popularly known and most used type of dehumidifier. They are available as small pouches that are filled with silica gel or any other high absorption materials.  It also works by simply sucking in the moisture in the air. When it’s full and can’t absorb any more moisture, you can dry it in a microwave or oven.


  • Category depending on their absorption component


  • Silica gel dehumidifiers

Silica gel has a high absorption substance making it ideal for manufacturing dehumidifiers.  Aside from the high absorption rate, it’s easily cleaned and lasts for several years.

Causes of condensation inside a car

To give the dehumidifier an easy time when performing its function, we should be aware of what causes and sustains condensation . Some of these causes include;

  • Wet items in the car
  • Damp carpets and truck
  • Condensation from breathing
  • Steamy foods
  • Leakages in the vehicle giving way to water

Ways of preventing or reducing condensation in a car

  • Leave the windows  open for a while to allow for conventional and proper ventilation. You should, however, ensure that you and the passengers are safe before opening the windows.
  • Remove any damp items
  • Clean your windows thoroughly
  • Always clean the vehicle thoroughly to get rid of dust particles that can retain moisture.
  • Use the car dehumidifier to eliminate all the condensation in the car.

Considerations before purchasing a car dehumidifier


  • Should be reusable


You should always ensure that the car dehumidifier that you have chosen can be reused. As highlighted above the moisture-absorbing dehumidifiers can be recharged on an oven or a microwave. Some moisture absorbers aren’t reusable due to the use of a crystal. When the crystal absorbs the moisture to saturation, it has to be thrown away. 


  • Type of dehumidifier


We have provided the most common types of car dehumidifiers, ensure that you have understood the Pros and Cons of each. This will assist you to carefully select the one that best suits you. 


  • The price


Most of the car dehumidifiers are very affordable, you will not struggle a lot to purchase one. Nevertheless, dashboard dehumidifiers are more expensive than other dehumidifiers. You should always have a budget to avoid overspending. 


  • Brand


There are several manufacturers  to choose from. you should always ensure that you are opting for a dehumidifier from a reliable manufacturer for the best results. A crucial thing to check even as you make the selection is that they should be eco-friendly.  This way, they can be used in the confined space.

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Best Car Dehumidifiers

Below is a list of the best car dehumidifiers that you could consider to purchase:


  • Pingi LV-A300


This is a high-quality reusable car dehumidifier that is an affordable option compared to some other dehumidifiers in the market. It removes the moisture passively and is easy to recharge after its saturated.

Interestingly, Pingi doesn’t only absorb moisture but also absorbs any bad smells in the car giving you a lovely and peaceful time. Moreover, the exterior has an interesting design such that the dehumidifier doesn’t look out of place. This cover is also leak-proof for more reliability. It’s easily recharged by putting it in the microwave for about six minutes.


  • it has a leak-proof cover
  • it’s easy to recharge
  • it has a nice appearance


  • It doesn’t absorb all the moisture but absorbs most of it.


  • Gold-Tec Mini Air +12V Adaptor


This dehumidifier is great when you want to absorb the moisture in your car expeditiously. It, however, needs you a 12V adaptor for its operation. This adaptor is sold separately from the dehumidifier. When used in connection with this adaptor, it becomes a very useful electric dehumidifier. Its small size makes it suitable and easy to use in enclosed environments. 

Furthermore, this dehumidifier is accompanied by a 500ml water tank. This means that you won’t need to empty it frequently. An automatic cut off is there to stop water from flowing into the car when the tank is full. 

This dehumidifier is cheaper than other full-size dehumidifiers even after buying the 12V adaptor. Nevertheless, it’s worth noting that although it’s an electric dehumidifier, it’s designed to absorb the moisture in the car, but not homes.


  • It is provided with a 500ml water tank
  • It’s quick in absorbing the moisture in the car


  • Less powerful than full-size models
  • It’s only used when the car isn’t in motion


  • California Moisture absorber


This is a portable dehumidifier that can be easily placed at any point in your car. This is because it takes the shape of a bag, it’s lightweight, and has a hole on the side such that it can be hung without any special installments. 

The dehumidifier uses activated charcoal as its absorption material. This charcoal not only absorbs moisture but also absorbs any bad smells. After saturation, the charcoal is placed in sunlight and left to dry for reuse. It’s recommended to use two bags at a time for more moisture to be absorbed.

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  • Utilizes activated charcoal that absorbs both the moisture and bad smell
  • It’s durable
  • Can be easily recharged


  • It’s an expensive car dehumidifier


  • Eva-Dry Mini Renewable dehumidifier


This dehumidifier for car utilizes Silica gel. A droplet-shaped indicator found in the dehumidifier shows when the crystal changes in color to signify the need for recharge and when fully charged. Moreover, it can be easily recharged using electricity. Its recharging port is on the side and is recharged through an adaptor cable.

The crystals turn green to indicate saturation, and changes to orange to show when it’s fully charged. It needs 10 to 12 hours to be completely recharged. Once, fully charged it can last for some weeks depending on how frequently it’s being used, and the amount of moisture in the car.


  • It’s durable
  • It is reusable
  • User is provided with a 5-year warranty


  • It functions to its best when used in small-sized cars


  • Eva-dry E-500


This is an interesting model to consider for absorbing moisture in your car. You don’t have to frequently replace or empty it, it can last for up to 10 years, and is provided with a 5-year warranty. The dehumidifier has high- quality beads for absorbing the moisture. 

The beads don’t require any batteries or any other source of power for operation. the dehumidifier is placed in the environment with high moisture. The beads absorb moisture at a slow but steady rate. It may take about three and eight weeks for the beads to become saturated, this is nevertheless, dependent on the amount of moisture in the car. the beads change from color orange to green when they’re saturated. When this happens, it will need to be recharged using electricity for about 12 to 14 hours. 


  • It’s renewable
  • Has a 5-year warranty
  • Doesn’t need spills or refills


  • The electrical plug is too heavy and has to be placed on the floor with an extension cord.


  • Pro Breeze mini dehumidifier


The functionality of this model is similar to Eva-dry E-500. It’s, however, smaller and more compact. It can effectively dehumidify an area that is up to 333 cubic feet. The model may need replenishing once every two to four weeks. This also depends on the amount of moisture it’s handling. It’s easy to recharge it, and it only requires eight to ten hours. It utilizes Silica gel, thus changes color from orange to green when its saturated.  


  • Due to its area coverage, it can be used for most small or medium-sized vehicles. 
  • It’s easy to recharge and renew it 


  • It needs rejuvenation every two to four weeks depending on the amount of moisture it’s tasked to absorb.

There are so many options for car dehumidifiers to choose from. Consequently, you have to be very careful to select one that will meet your needs. You can always refer to the information provided for a careful selection.

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