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Brilliant Ideas for 18 Cool Car Accessories for Guys

18 Cool Car Accessories for Guys

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The car industry has evolved tremendously in the last few years, with manufacturers across the globe releasing new and advanced technologies and gadgets in the market, designed to improve your driving experience.  Here are 18 car accessories every guy should have in their car.

18 Cool Car Accessories for Guys

What are the essential car accessories?

Many of these technologies, however, are only available in recent car models with a small percentage making its way in the older cars. Technology is evolving fast and if you are a car accessory fanatic with an old car model, chances are that you feel left out.

Thankfully, you can buy some of these cool gadgets and accessories for affordable prices. Do you love adventure? Do you and your friends love to go on road trips during the weekend? If you are planning for a road trip, ensure that your car has functional gadgets specially designed to help you in the event of an emergency.

1. Beatit Jump Starter

A jump starter also known as a boost is a gadget that will help you start your vehicle in the unfortunate event that your battery dies. For if to function efficiently, you need another vehicle to give you a jolt. Ordinary jump cables are less helpful if you are in an isolated area.

Technological advancements, however, have seen the introduction of self-powered jump starters such as the Beatit Jump Starter. With these, you are sure to enjoy your lone trip without any distractions.

Having modern a modern jump starter in your car comes in handy during unforeseen emergencies. The Beatit Jump Starter comes with a flashlight and USB ports for your mobile gadgets.

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2. Ztylus Stinger

Whenever you are driving, the last thought in your mind is a car accident. However, it is important to prepare for it as it gives you some assurance of security. The stinger is a small portable gadget that can come in handy in the event if an accident.

It helps you shatter your dashboard or car windows if the car doors are jammed hence enabling you to exit the car. The Ztylus Stinger comes with a sharp blade which you can use to cut through a jammed seat belt. It also comes with a USB port which you can use to charge your gadgets in the car.


Adequately inflated tires will wear evenly which enhances fuel efficiency and prolongs the life cycle of your tires. For years, motorists have relied on the handheld pressure gauge to establish whether their tires are adequately inflated. The Fobo Tire Plus system comes with various Bluetooth gauges which send alerts straight to your mobile phone when the pressure in your tires is low. It also comes with an App complete with a tutorial and this eases the installation process.


Today, technology has made it possible for you to own multiple gadgets. To guarantee efficiency, you need enough space to keep them adequately charged. The Scosche USB charger enables you to charge two gadgets at once. Of course, there are other gadgets with more ports. However, this particular one has been ranked as one of the best considering its price.

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5. Tile Mate

Every driver will attest to misplacing their car keys at one point in their life. The Tile Mate is a Bluetooth equipped gadget that can slide on a keychain with ease. With the help of a mobile synced app, you can easily track your keys. Tile is among the best Bluetooth trackers available today. What’s more, it is compatible with various infotainment systems.


A dash cam comes in handy and helps you establish any defect after an accident. The Garmin Dash Cam 65W is capable of capturing clear-cut images in a 1080p video. Apart from saving videos on impact, it records your GPS location to give you a clear picture of where and when the accident happened. Further, you can utilize this gadget to create elegant time-lapse videos especially when you drive across panoramic places.

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If you love driving along open roads, you are likely to drive over the set speed limit. This behavior will not only expose you to exorbitant fines, but it can also be life-threatening in case of an accident. Today, however, there are multiple radar detectors available in the market to keep you alert of any radar in your proximity.

The Escort Max 360 is an effective gadget that has been lauded among the most precise complete with powerful Smartphone compatibility and dual antennas. It enables you to liaise with other speedsters close to you.

8. PARK-ZONE PZ-1600

Parking can be hectic even for veteran drivers especially if you are parking in small garages. Using a parking assistant can help you maximize space while preventing you from tapping your front bumper. The Park-Zone PZ-1600 enables you to accurately figure out when you have pulled up enough.


If you love coffee, you definitely cannot imagine starting your day without drinking a cup. Sometimes, however, you will either wake up late or lack enough time to pass by your favorite coffee shop. The handpresso is specially designed for the gadget fanatics and can be customized for your car. You can either plug it directly in the 12-volt or the cigarette lighter in your car.

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Automatic car adapter plugs can plug in the OBD-II (standard diagnostic) in many cars manufactured between 1996 and beyond. However, they do not function with electric vehicles. The Automatic Pro Car Adapter can draw data straight from your car’s onboard computer.

It comes with a paired mobile application complete with multiple convenient features such as mileage log and a vehicle locator. It can also alert emergency services in the event of an accident. The adapter collaborates with multiple third-party applications such as Nest, IFTTT, and Amazon Echo.


If you have an old model car, using a Bluetooth cassette adapter is an ideal cordless strategy to stream your favorite playlist straight from your Smartphone. ION Audio Cassette Bluetooth Adapter is among the best gadgets in the market today.

Every single charge guarantees you approximately four hours of playback, enough to enjoy all your favorite songs or even podcasts. Further, you can use it for hands-free calls which are necessary when you are driving.


As a gadget enthusiast, you are likely to purchase numerous gadgets. For these, you will require a safe place to keep them. The Backseat Car Organizer from Ride Beauty is a compact storage solution for gadget junkies.

It is specially designed with durable polyester and mesh and has a series of flexible pockets and compartments. It has an adjustable headrest strap for easy fastening on any seat back. This way, you can have all your gadgets within easy reach.

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13. AUTO VOX T1400

In today’s digital era, every guy is looking for sophisticated gadgets for their cars. The Auto Vox T1400 is among the best cameras you can use for your rear-view mirror.

Rather than sending footage to your Smartphone or a separate external screen, this gadget transmits footage from a camera located right over your rear license plate to a tiny screen incorporated within the rear-view mirror. The camera is well structured for durability and water resistance. It also has a 4.3 inch LCD monitor which display anti-glare and auto-brightness adjusting properties.

14. HUDWAY CAST Heads-Up Display

The portable cast Heads-Up Display from Hudway rests on your dashboard and reflects your Smartphone’s screen before your eyes wirelessly. You can operate various functions on your phone while using the gadget such as switching tracks, managing calls, and even sharing your location as depicted on the Hudway cast.

This gadget comes with a transparent lens that targets virtual images approximately nine feet beyond. It comes with great visibility meaning that it can be used both during the day and night.


The Hudway Vanmass Car Charger can either be used a wireless or a phone mount charger. This gadget is compatible with phones between 4 and 6.5 inches in size. It comes with a gravity sensing splint and a flexible arm to enhance adjustability. This allows you to mount your phone and position it from the windshield, air vent, or even dashboard. It also comes with a two-year warranty.

16. Ralph Lauren Fingerless Driving Gloves

The Ralph Lauren Fingerless Driving Gloves are the definition of functionality and style. Apart from keeping your fingers warm during the cold weather, they give you a great driving experience. They come in smooth leather and complex perforations to enhance breathability. They also have elasticized details and tab closures on each palm for added comfort and also to hold them in place and prevent slipping.

17. Armor All Car Vacuum Cleaner

If you are going for a long adventurous trip, your car will collect loads of dirt. Maintaining cleanliness while on a road trip can be an arduous task. The portable Armor All Car Vacuum Cleaner comes in handy to help keep your car clean. It is compact, lightweight, and easy to use. This 12-volt gadget plugs in your car’s 12V outlet and can clean both dry and wet debris. It is specially designed for your car’s interior and has an inbuilt crevice component for hard to reach areas. It also has a LED torch meaning that you can use it at night with ease.

18. TrailNest Rooftop Hammock

If you love adventure, then you want to make every adventurous trip unique and more memorable. The TrailNest Rooftop Hammock enables you to relax on top of your car. Its stand can safely connect on your vehicle’s roof bars and are compatible with all standard size hammocks.

Searching for the perfect place to relax while on an adventurous trip can be a difficult task. This, however, does not have to be the case anymore. You only need to park your vehicle in a safe place, mount your hammock on top of your car, and marvel at the skies regardless of the time of day or night.

Final Words

Unlike in the past when finding an appropriate gadget for your needs was a challenge, you can now find your favorite gadgets in various physical and online stores at affordable prices. If you choose to buy them online, you will enjoy the convenience of placing your order from the comfort of your home. These car accessories are sure to give every guy an enjoyable and memorable trip.

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