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Reviews of the Best Car Stereo Systems

Best Car Stereo

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The car stereo is the highlight of any vehicle audio system. Not only do they look appealing in the dashboard, but they also come with numerous essential features. The car stereo is also known as a head unit, receiver, or radio. The modern-day car stereo executes various intricate functions to maximize your driving experience. What then are these functions? The best car stereo comes with three different sections.

Best Car Stereo

Understanding Best Buy Car Stereo Sections

The car stereo sections are:

  • This is the section that allows you to select what you want to listen to. Sources can include a CD or DVD player, a basic AM/FM tuner, a satellite radio, a USB input, a smartphone or iPod.
  • This is the section where all the sound adjustments are made. It includes controls varying from balance, simple volume, fader, tone adjustments, and source selection to time correction, equalizers, and sophisticated crossovers.
  • This section improves the low voltage audio signal emanating from the preamp section into a high voltage audio signal that’s distributed to the speakers.

Simple Steps to the Best Buy Car Stereo Installation

If you want to replace your old car stereo with a new advanced one, you’ll first need to remove the old stereo. Here are steps to help you go about it.

Remove the Trim

To remove the stereo, you will need to remove the plastic trim first. To achieve this, check for any bolts or screws that could be securing the trim and remove them. Remove the metal clips that link the trim to the dashboard as well. Exercise caution while at it so you don’t end up damaging any section of your dash.

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Remove the Stereo

Once the trim is off, your stereo will be exposed. Remove the four bolts at each corner of the stereo and gently hold the face of the stereo to pull it out. You’ll see a radio antenna and a wiring harness connected at the back of the stereo. Press the clips on the harness down and remove it from the antenna and the stereo.

Stereo Harness Adapter and Dashboard Kit

Once you’ve purchased your new stereo, you’ll need to purchase a dash kit that’s compatible with your vehicle model, make, and year. You’ll also need a stereo harness adapter to facilitate the wiring up of the new stereo. You might also need an antenna adapter depending on your vehicle make and model. To install the new dash kit, you’ll need to clip the pieces together and move the stereo through the dash kit face. Screw the stereo to the sides to secure it. Set the antenna adapter and stereo harness adapter aside to save it for the next step.

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Wiring the Harness

Wire the stereo harness adapter to the harness that came with the new stereo. Remember to connect like-colored wires. If you’ll be installing subwoofers, you may want to do it then. As you connect your harness wires, consider heat shrinking and soldering to achieve the best connection. Avoid the idea of twisting your wires together or wrapping the connection with electrical tape.

Connect Your New Stereo

After wiring up the harness, secure the wires with zip ties to avoid a mess behind the stereo. If you’re installing subwoofers, plug in the RCA wires for the amp input to the back of the car stereo. Plug the radio antenna and harness in at the back of the new stereo and link the other end of the harness on the stock harness that you unplugged from the old stereo. Your stereo will now be powered and functioning well.

Reassemble the Dash

With the stereo well powered and capable of playing music, you want to test all the speakers. If all of them are working well, reassemble the dash. Screw-in your new stereo with the dash kit in the same spot as was the old stereo. Use original bolts or screws to secure the stereo back in the dashi. Finally, clip the trim back and you are good to go.

Best Android Car Stereo

The need for high technology car accessories is on the rise. Android car stereos are fast becoming popular in the market. Choosing the best car stereo can sometimes be an arduous task especially if you don’t understand the available options. Here are some of the best Android car stereos to ease your search.

Kenwood Excelon DMX905S

Kenwood Excelon DMX905S is an advanced android car stereo that comes with a 6.95-inch capacitive display touchscreen. This provides a user-friendly surface to enhance convenience. This gadget is compatible with the SiriusXM satellite radio tuner and can be connected to Apple Carplay, wireless Android Autos, and Weblink.

Pioneer AVH4200NEX

The Pioneer AVH4200NEX car stereo comes with a CD receiver and a 14 watts RMS cea-2006/50 peak x 4 channel internal amp. This gadget features an inbuilt Bluetooth function to enable hands-free calls and audio streaming. It can support the simultaneous use of two phones. This gadget comes with inbuilt Apple control adapters too to facilitate viewing of video content. The Pioneer AVH4200NEX works together with the Sirius Sxv300 tuner to support new tune mixes.

Pioneer In-Dash Double DIN 6.2″ with WVGA Display

The Pioneer in-Dash Double car stereo features a 6.2-inch touchscreen complete with a stereo receiver. It also comes with Bluetooth functionality. This gadget features a 50watts, four-channel, peak power output. It also comes with 3 sets of 4V preamp outputs from the subwoofer, rear, and the front. The rear RCA video output is used for connection to facilitate the separation of monitors and other gadgets.

Pioneer AVIC-W8400NEX

The Pioneer AVIC car stereo is an Android Auto that’s compatible with Apple CarPlay. It allows users to get map directions, hold phone conversations, and talk to Siri. this enables you to focus on driving but still be accessible and connected all through. This gadget comes with an inbuilt navigation system for easy access.

You can leverage the large database to save points of interest such as; nearby gas stations and favorite restaurants. The audio streaming and Bluetooth calling features enhance your safety on the road. With this gadget, you can use the car functions without having to focus on the gadget itself. Further, this gadget comes with lifetime technical support from the manufacturing company.

Lexxson Car Navigation

The Lexxson car navigation car stereo is constantly updated with new features and applications. It offers an easy connection between your smartphones which allows you to be connected in your social life and with normal car functionalities. This gadget features an inbuilt navigation system that allows you to download your preferred navigation map. Enjoy the offline navigation feature which you can use after downloading the maps.

Best Touch Screen Car Stereo

As technology advances, many things are changing in the automotive industry. Today, many vehicle owners are ditching the old car stereo to adopt a more advanced stereo with touchscreen capabilities.

The best touch screen head units can run all the applications from your smartphone with the help of Bluetooth and even stream music live from your USB drive. They also support hands-free calling. Here are some of the best touch screen car stereos in the market.

Boss Audio Touch Screen Car Stereo

The Boss Audio Touch Screen Car Stereo allows high accessibility to your smart gadgets. It comes with map navigation through your phone or third party application. This gadget is compatible with backup safety functions and rearview cameras. When you purchase this gadget you’ll get a three-year platinum online dealer warranty.

Jensen Multimedia Touch Screen Stereo Receiver

The Jensen Multimedia Touch Screen Stereo Receiver measures 6.2 inches and supports the use of DVD, CD, and Bluetooth connectivity. While it may not be as sophisticated as modern-day stereos, it’s reasonably priced.

Kenwood 2 Din Receiver with HD Radio

The Kenwood 2 Din Receiver with HD Radio comes with a standard AM and FM radio as well as an HD radio receiver. It also comes with inbuilt Android, iPhone, and iPod controls allowing you to sync your gadgets with ease and regulate them through the stereo. It also comes with a USB to facilitate physical synching. The port is robust enough to charge plugged in gadgets.


The ongoing technological advancements in the automotive industry allow vehicle owners to incorporate advanced gadgets in their vehicles. Are you looking to replace your old car stereo? If you are, this guide should help you choose the best car stereo that meets your needs with minimal struggle.


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