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Baby Car Accessories

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Having a new baby is an exciting experience. There are a number of things you need to make life easier and for the safety of your newborn. These items include baby car accessories that are a must-have if you are planning to take your child with you for that quick drive to the grocery store or a weekend getaway to the countryside. We have compiled a list of the most necessary baby car accessories for your little bundle of joy.

Baby Car Accessories

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A baby should always occupy the back-left seat as it has been termed as the safest. You should get a sunshade for the baby’s window that will give create a protective layer against the harmful UV rays of the sun. The sunshade should be colorful to keep your child entertained. It should also be easy to remove so as to allow your him or her to get vitamin D from the sun.

iPad Headrest Mount

We all know how babies love cartoons and play songs and there is no better form of entertainment for a long drive for the kids. If you have more than one baby, they are likely to fight over who should hold the iPad and a headrest mount for the iPad helps to solve this problem. It provides an elevated positioning of the iPad ensuring that everyone gets a good view and is equally entertained during the travel.

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Snack Pouches

Babies get hungry very often requiring you to have a wide variety of snacks with you while traveling. Snack pouches that can be fastened on the back of the passenger seat make it very easy for you to access the snacks. They also allow you to keep your car tidy and create a favorable environment for the baby.

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Diaper Pad

When traveling, you don’t have a guarantee that you will get a clean bathroom where you will change your baby’s diaper. This is why it is essential for you to have a portable diaper and a changing surface with you in your car. The portable diaper changing station is sold in many online retail shops as a kit of a washable changing area and a bag for carrying diapers. With this in your car, you are assured that your baby will never run out of diapers in the middle of the journey.

Baby car seat accessories

Teething Toy

When babies start teething, they get stubborn. Doctors advise that you carry a set of clean teething toys in the vehicle. Preferably colorful and soft varieties so that they don’t hurt the gums of the baby. Having one or two teething toys will help to keep your baby busy as you focus on the long drive.

Car Seat Monitor

A number of car seat monitors are available in the market and are usually strapped behind the baby’s car seat. It’s main function of these monitors is to notify drivers if the strap of the baby’s car seat becomes loose. It also gives out an alert if a kid has been left alone in the car for a while. It has been really helpful in preventing the sudden suffocation of babies that usually happens when babies are left unattended in warm cars for a long duration of time.

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Travel Tray

The concentration span of a newborn is short and they tend to do focus on more than one thing at a time. A travel tray helps your baby to have all the toys within an easy reach and reduces the number of times the baby will cry when one of the toys rolls down. The travel trays are sold in a variety of color patterns to ensure that your baby is entertained throughout the journey.

Baby Car Seat Mirror

There is a great need for infants to have a continued sense of connection with their mothers. This is made possible while traveling by making use of a baby car seat mirror that enables the driver to see the baby comfortably while driving. This also helps the driver to constantly check on the baby for any signs of chocking that might require their immediate attention.

Protector Mat

If you own a high-end cars with expensive leather seats, you might consider getting a protector mat to place beneath your baby’s car seat and protect it  from any spillage. The protector mat has side pockets that you can use to put diapers and teething toys.

How much does an infant car seat cost?

For new mothers, there are a number of things that one has to get in preparation for the birth of the baby. You must be wondering how much an infant seat costs so as to plan your finances and ensure that you are ready and you got all you need. On average, you can get a good baby car seat for $200 but it all depends on a number of factors such as;

Age of the baby

Four years and above require larger booster seats that can withstand their weight limit. The booster seat gives your loved one heightened back and neck support and allows them to seat at an elevated position. This design allows them to use seat belts for enhanced safety. Booster seats tend to be cheaper than infant seats and can cost you up to $50 to get a quality model.

Infant car seats, on the other hand, tend to be more expensive because of the full travel system, which has to be fixed on your car to support the baby seat. This allows a  parent to easily carry the baby into the car and attach them to the fasteners that are pre-installed. It also enables a baby car seat to be fixed on a stroller without disturbing the baby. Quality infant seats usually cost between $200-$300 and might include a baby stroller depending on the brand that you go for.


The flexibility of a baby car seat in terms of functionality determines prices. There are baby car seats that can be converted to offer a wide range of services. You can use it for 4 years because it’s buit for this age bracket.

Wrapping it up…

As a new parent, you have a wide of things to worry about and how much a baby car seat for your baby costs shouldn’t feature on that list. You can get a car seat for any amount of money that you have because used seats are also available at a reduced price. It’s, however, recommended that you acquire a convertible baby car seat that will serve you and your baby for a long duration of time. We are hopeful that you find this article helpful in deciding which baby car seat to buy.

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