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13 Reasons to Get a Car Detail

Car detail

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What does car detailing mean?

Everyone takes a bath and wears clean and smart clothes every day. Car detailing is very similar to this. It involves tools and techniques that are beyond the usual car wash. It leads not only to a clean car but also a shiny and appealing ride that easily impresses those who see it.

Car detail

This job is often carried out on used and beat up vehicles that need to be upgraded either for sale or for a better appearance.It involves a fresh coat of paint and polishing the vehicle to ensure it looks brand new. Overall, this process is not only about the exterior of the car, but it also involves sprucing and refreshing the interiors of the car to bring them up to the standard of the exterior.

In the end,it will transform a used car into a beautiful vehicle that looks like it just got off the ramp in the brand new showroom.

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1. Freshens and beautifies the whole car

This ensures that a ride remains as beautiful in its old age as it was when it was bought. By working on its body paint and removing all scratches and giving it a shiny polish, the old vehicle will look as new as it was the day it was bought.

2. Enhances its running lifetime

An excellent job ensures that you can drive the vehicle for much longer. You don’t want to give it up while it still looks and feels new. As a result, you will drive it for longer and thus save money on upgrading.

3. Retains and restores the resale value

It ensures that your vehicle retains its value and will not sell at a loss when it’s time to sell comes.

4. Enhances comfort inside the vehicle

Once the upholstery is detailed and retouched, it gets back to its original form and is more comfortable than it was before. This process also involves a thorough cleaning of the vehicle and  removes dust and debris that may cause diseases to the occupants of the vehicle.

5. Restores almost perfectly

When your everyday ride is in use, it reacts with different weather conditions. This causes it to wear and tear on its exterior and only a good job is able to restore it from the effects of the weather.

6. Maintain the wheels in roadworthy condition

This process ensures that wheels are properly cleaned and do not have a layer of dirt and grime on them. This ensures that they remain roadworthy for longer as they do not have extra outside pressure from the layer of dirt.

7. Clear the scratches on the lights

The transparent covers of the car’s lights often get scratches that can lead to dimming the strength of your car’s lights. Detailing ensures that the scratches on the lights are eliminated enabling you to see the road clearly when using your lights.

8. It’s affordable

A good job is a bit expensive than a car wash job. Even so, for the value it provides, it is an expense that keeps on giving by restoring and protecting the value of your car.

9. Touches on every part

Car detailing is highly attentive to all aspects, nooks, and crannies to enable maintain and increase its value.

What is included in a full car detail?

It has two aspects in it that lead to the lush and shiny outlook of your car.

1. Exterior car detailing

Exteriors involves working on the external parts of the car to ensure that they are highly touched up and result in a shiny exterior. After the wash, the wheels of the car, the engine bay and every other aspect of the exterior of the car that can be improved are improved. This is done by removing all speckles of dust, all the layers of dirt and mud on the wheels and in the engine bay are thoroughly cleaned in readiness for a coat of wax and thorough polish.

The windows, wheels and external parts are then polished for a shiny exterior. The paint is then polished and waxed to maintain the newness and shine of the car.

2. Interior car detailing

It refers to vacuuming the interior of the car and ensuring that it is restored to its original state. It restores the upholstery of the vehicle restoring it to its original state of comfort. The dashboard, the mats and the new car smell are then added to complete the car detailing.

When should you detail your car?

Vehicle manufacturers recommend that you should detail your car at least twice a year. This will ensure that your car retains its newness and thus maintain its value.

1. To maintain its shine

When the weather and its vagaries have affected your car through the reactions between water and sunlight causing rust, scratches, and dents on your car body, it is important that your car undergo a good cleaning job. A coat of wax and thorough polishing will have it renewed and reinvigorated.

2. When you intend to sell it

To maintain or gain a high value on the sale of your car, a thorough cleaning is important. Doing this makes it look new and helps maintain its value. When you finally sell it, you will gain good value on your car.

3. To enhance its power

When your car seems to be losing power, thorough detailing process can help improve it. By washing the engine bay thoroughly and eliminating all the dirt and grime that affects the working of the engine. It helps to improve the working of the engine and improve fuel efficiency in the engine thus enhancing the power of the vehicle.

4. When the interior needs to freshen up

If the upholstery in your vehicle needs to be refreshed, then it is an apt time to carry out a detailing. A thorough vacuuming of your interiors eliminates dust and debris. It also retools your seats to ensure that they are as comfortable as they were when the car was new.

Car detailing supplies

1. Sponges and towels

These are basic tools useful you’ll need for this job. Sponges are super absorbent, and can, therefore, clean up all dirt in one sweep and also add foam and water to dirt to loosen it up.

Towels are essential in drying both external and internal surfaces during the wash and also during the  process.

2. Applicators and brushes

Wax and polish are the mainstays of an excellent process. Polish applicators and brushes are essential tools that are used to protect the paint jobs of the car and to ensure that they maintain their shine and their value.

3. Vacuum cleaner

A vacuum cleaner is used to ensure that the interiors of the car are completely clean without any specks of dirt or debris on the floor or on the upholstery. It takes up all the dirt leaving the interior of the car clean and fresh enhancing comfort and fresh air through the car.

4. The right cleaning products

Ensure that you have the most appropriate cleaning products to carry out your detailing task. Purchase the right polish for every paint and also buy the soaps that will clean through the dirt that is stuck on the surface of the vehicle.

Shampoos suitable for the upholstery of the particular vehicle should also be acquired. Ensure that your cleaning products do not spoil the integrity of the surfaces of the vehicle that you are detailing.

5. Polish and polisher

A survey showed that polish and a polisher were the most important tools to have. You can have all the other processes done elsewhere. Polishing ensures that the cleaning is perfected.

When polish is applied to a clean coat of paint, it ensures that the paint shines and that the shine is maintained. This helps in creating a good impression of the owner of the car and of the car itself as well maintained and of high value.

6. Wax

It is applied to the interior and external surfaces of the car that’s getting cleaned It helps maintain the shine that a thorough polish has added onto the vehicle. It is important that technicians buy the correct wax products for the best solution of long-lasting shine.

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