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13 Best Compact SUV

last updated May 27, 2019

13 Best Compact SUV

Nothing beats a weekend getaway or road trip with your family in the right car. Some factors to consider when getting a compact SUV include the fuel consumption, storage space and the power capabilities of the engine. We used all these factors to analyze different SUV’s and came up with a list of the 13 best compact SUV available in the market. They include;

13 Best Compact SUV

13 Best Compact SUV

·Nissan Rogue

Nissan Rogue tops our list of the best compact SUV’s available in the market because it is very spacious. If you have a large family or intend to carry a lot of cargo for your road trip, Nissan Rogue is the perfect car for you. This is because you can fold the back seats to create more room or even add a third row of seats at the back. The fuel consumption of this vehicle is very minimal when compared to other brands making it a favorite for most people.

·Kia Soul

Kia Soul has a boxy design which serves to add more cargo space and legroom for the rear passengers. It runs on a turbo engine for that extra power to make the drive more thrilling. The models manufactured after 2017 boast of increased cargo space that was achieved by the elongation of the edges of the vehicles. It is definite that Kia has one of the best compact SUV’s that meet all your travel needs.

·Jeep Cherokee

Jeep Cherokee is a compact SUV by Jeep that is designed to give it user similar comfort levels as that of the Jeep Grand Cherokee. It is fully equipped for an outdoor experience, with skid plates and tow hooks to ensure that you have the most fun on your adventure with friends and family. Models manufactured after 2017 feature a cargo management system that is meant to increase the security of your cargo by enabling you to tie all your items safely.

·Ford Escape

What sets apart the Ford Escape from other small and compact SUV’s available in the market, is not its rugged exterior but its ability to achieve the unbeatable speed that is supported by its EcoBoost engine. Some models of the Ford Escape such as the 2017 SE series are turbocharged and are fit for the adventurous drivers who love driving at top speeds. The advanced technology used in developing the touchscreen for these vehicles allows one to easily navigate new places and find amenities without taking their eyes off the road.

·Subaru Cross Trek

Although the Subaru Cross Trek is based on the design of the Impreza, it has earned a spot on the 13 best compact SUVs because of the advanced technology that is integrated into the vehicle to give the user an unbeatable experience. It also features increased storage space and excellent interior finishing that makes it a number one choice for many drivers.

·Chevrolet Equinox

Chevrolet Equinox is a small family friendly vehicle with ample space for your cargo and family. It is run by a 2.4L engine that guarantees you an uninterrupted supply of power on your journey. The interior of the Chevrolet Equinox is designed to offer comfort and pleasure to the occupants of the car. The sound system of the newer models has been enhanced to ensure that you don’t get bored on your road trip. The audio system has been integrated in such a way that the driver can regulate the flow of music to different segments of the car for maximum user experience.

·Ford Explorer

The Ford Explorer is the second vehicle under the Ford Brand to be featured in our list of the 13 best compact SUV. It stands out because of its elegant design and well-finished interior. If you are looking for a car with a powerful engine and a touch of elegance, you should go for the Ford Explorer. It is very easy to operate and the comfortable leather seats make it an ultimate choice for all your adventures and road trips. It is designed to carry a large group of people and this space can be converted to a storage space if need be.

·Honda CR-V

Honda CR-V has been developed to make a very clear statement with the well-curved edges and the double exhaust pipes that are hard to miss. Although the car is big enough to accommodate seven people, it has a very low rate of fuel consumption which makes it’s pocket-friendly.

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·Nissan Kicks

The second car from Nissan to feature on our list is the Nissan Kicks. Don’t be fooled by the dull look of this vehicle model as it has very high practicability levels. It is very light and its fuel consumption is minimal despite having a powerful engine. Some other features that made it qualify to be on our list of the 13 best compact SUV include; keyless entry, collision warning system, automatic headlights and self-engaging emergency braking system. With the guarantee of all these features that are meant to enhance road safety, you can drive around on your vacation with no worries.

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·Honda HR-V

Honda HR-V doesn’t vary a lot from the CR-V that is listed above. In simpler terms, it is a redesign of the CR-V with a number of modifications that make it seem more superior. One of its unique features is the sensors that warn the driver of an impending collision with another car, pedestrian or object. The car play systems for apple and android support installed in the car ensures that no one is locked out from enjoying some good music while driving the Honda HR-V. This compact SUV is indeed offering what some of its competitors in the market can barely comprehend.

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·Mazda CX-3

Mazda CX-3 has its own fair share of attributes that make it be ranked this low in our list of the best compact SUV. These attributes include reduced legroom in the rear seat as well as the limited power provided by the existing engines. Despite all that, we can’t ignore the fact that MazdaCX-3 has a very unique finishing that gives it a classy and rich look.

·Jeep Renegade

Although many people hated the Jeep Renegade for its small size, the car went on to achieve record sales all over the US a few months after it was introduced in the market. The outstanding feature of the smallest jeep to ever be manufactured that has attracted many jeep enthusiasts is the integration of technology such as parking sensors and cruise controls into the car.

Best luxury comfort SUV

SUV’s have become a trend to reckon with in the motor vehicle industry. Luxury SUV’s differ from compact and subcompact SUVs in the materials used to make the interior of the vehicle and the quality of finishing. Some of the best luxury comfort SUV’s include;

·2019 BMW X1

BMW tops the best luxury comfort SUV list because of the superior materials used in the interior of this machine and the fixation of the steering wheel that makes it easy to control. The vehicle runs on a very powerful engine whose energy consumption is very minimal making it efficient and economical. If you are looking for a luxury vehicle that offers you comfort without affecting the cargo space, you should go for the 2019 BMW X1.

·2019 Porsche Macan

Porsche Macan differs from all the other compact SUV’s that we have reviewed in terms of the cargo space. These luxury vehicles have been designed to have more space in the car allowing the user to move freely. The sporty suspension of the steering wheel allows the car to be easily controlled especially when used together with the adaptive dampers that have been introduced in the 2019 model.

·2019 Mercedes-Benz GLC-Class

Mercedes-Benz GLC-Class has been termed as an epitome blend of class and comfort. It is designed to create ample leg space for all occupants of the vehicle without affecting the cargo space. The exquisitely curving on the edges and the vibrant interiors make this class of Mercedes Benz look more expensive than it really is.

Subcompact SUV

The automobile industry has undergone a tremendous change in the recent past. This can be attributed to people changing from medium-size cars to subcompact SUV. The change in buying habits can also be witnesses in the shift of manufacturers to the production of a wide array of compact and subcompact SUV’s.

Research has shown that once you buy your first SUV, there is no going back from there. This is because using an SUV gives you a wide range of benefits such as; efficient fuel consumption and increased storage and passenger space.

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Which Compact SUV Suits you?

When choosing a compact SUV, it is recommended that you analyze different brands and compare the unique features of each car before making a decision. The list we have compiled above of the 13 best compact SUV’s should give you a simple breakdown of what each car is well known for in the market and help you to identify the compact SUV that meets your sense of style.

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