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3 Smart Reasons to Buy a Used Car with a Tax Refund

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Filing your taxes during tax season can quickly turn into a stressful and confusing process. Getting a tax refund on the other hand is immediately becomes very exciting news. With this sudden surplus of finances, there are many different places it could go. For many people, a new car is on their list of to-dos for the new year. But have you considered the benefits of buying, not a new, but a used car with your tax refund? Here are 3 smart reasons to buy a used car this tax season.

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1. Reliable Machinery

While a new car is an untested, untried piece of machinery, a used car has already proven that it can go the distance. Proper care and maintenance up to this point has enabled this sturdy vehicle to operate with power and consistency. Why should it do any less for you? While there are risks involved in any car purchase, getting a car from a trusted dealer can help to eliminate these concerns and make the best of your tax refund.


2. Affordable Price

Let’s face it. New car dealerships will charge you an arm and a leg for a vehicle that depreciates in value as soon as you drive it off the lot. Instead, used cars can offer more bang for your buck by having been road-tested and bought from a reliable dealer. Not only will your monthly payments be lower, but your insurance rates are also far lower when covering a used car.


3. Future Savings

By investing your tax return in a used car, not only do you get a reliable vehicle at an affordable price, but you set yourself up for bigger savings in the future. Instead of making gargantous monthly payments on a new car, every month you save some money on your lower payments. This gives you the opportunity to either spend that money on other things, or save up for a different, better car later on. More possibilities and opportunities appear, simply by investing your tax return in an affordable and reliable vehicle.