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15 Tips for a Successful Spring Road Trip

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Spring is only days away and the warmer weather and sunnier days is the perfect time for a Spring Road trip. No matter where you are heading, mountain, beach, another state, Complete Auto Loans has 16 helpful tips to ensure you have a successful road trip this spring.


Continue reading for 15 tips to ensure the best road trip ever.

  1. Check tire thread and pressure.
  2. Check the battery.
  3. Check all belts and hoses.
  4. Replace windshield wiper blades.
  5. Check head and tail lights.

It is important for you and your passengers to be comfortable throughout the trip.

  1. Pack plenty of water and snacks.
  2. Pack caffeine to fight driver fatigue.
  3. Pack blankets and pillows for backseat naps.
  4. Have plenty of tissues, disinfectant wipes and paper towels.
  5. Sunglasses, sunscreen, and umbrellas.
  6. Be sure you have car chargers all your electronic devices.

Safety is important.

  1. No distractions – using you cell phone, eating, drinking, etc.
  2. Seat belts are a must.
  3. No drinking and driving. If you are going to drink, be sure you have a designated driver.
  4. Share the road – watch out for pedestrians, bicyclists, motorcyclists, children, and animals.

A road trip should be fun but also safe. Follow those 15 tips for a successful and fun spring road trip.