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10 Steps to Selling Your Car

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Follow these ten steps to selling your car.

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  1. Determine the Value

Don’t price the car too low as you need room to negotiate but don’t go high either.

  1. Make sure your car is clean

It is worth the extra time or money to make sure the car is thoroughly cleaned before showing it to potential buyers. A dirty car will leave a bad impression and could cost you the sell.

  1. Post an ad

Post an ad with all the information about the car. Be sure to upload images of the car. Use free services such as craigslist. Auto Trader, eBay, and local newspapers are also good places to advertise.

  1. Use the car

Put a clear and easy to see for sale sign in your car, then park it in a busy intersection or parking lot. Be sure to park it somewhere you won’t get a ticket or upset the property owner.

  1. Provide records

Make sure you have all the service records for the car before you show it. If you have to look records after the potential buyers asks, it may look like you are hiding something.

  1. Honesty and trust

Your buyer should be able to trust you. Be honest and kind. You are not the only one selling a car so make yours easy and pleasant to buy.

  1. Negotiate

Since you priced your car with room for negotiations, make sure you negotiate with the buyer if needed. Your buyer wants to feel like they are getting a good deal.

  1. Test Drive

Let them test drive your car, but be sure to go with them, otherwise they may not come back. Also, if they ask for a professional inspection, don’t worry, it means they are serious.

  1. Bill of Sale

Once the buyer has agreed to buy the car, make sure you print off a Bill of Sale and have it signed by the buyer.

10. Payment

Make sure that the check or money order is cleared or that you have been paid the correct amount in cash, before you sign the title over to the buyer. The title also needs to filled out clearly on the back.